Reviews for Balance - Salway Slut Trilogy #3

BY : Eve_Leigh

  • From ANON - Ballardfam on April 30, 2016

    I feel like Joseph's ethical center, the one he developed to survive his slavery, is being rocked. Flashes of 'Master' attitude, Eddy challenging his concept of consensual - he's really lost. it'll be interesting to see what he integrates as a free man. Enjoying Eddy's character arc. His resentment via internal monologue popping up is like a window into someone who is evolving too - "two free men restrained and willing for his amusement".

    Of course that's just my take. Regardless, thanks for the update.

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  • From hemofpellenor on April 09, 2016

    grate chapter as always cant wait for the next one. best of luck with the life issues.

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  • From ANON - Ballardfam on April 08, 2016

    I think this is my favorite of all the chapters from all the series. Something about Joseph valuing a 'normal' dinner with Jenna more than the (undoubtedly) multi layered angsty one he could have had with Troy and Denise speaks to some growth. Also Matt stepping away from Joseph's shadow.

    Always IMO and thanks.

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  • From hemofpellenor on March 17, 2016

    YES! That was Grate cant wait to see how the family reacts. thank you

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  • From hemofpellenor on March 06, 2016

    another grate chapter. i hope Joseph takes Victor it seems like they need each other. cant wait to read more about Ryan and Doug.

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  • From raymareme on February 15, 2016

    Great last chapter. I am really excited to see where this new salve/owner relationship goes for Joseph and Matt. This chapter was great seeing how far Ryan had come into his new relationship. I'm excited to see if Joseph can also make the transition into a relationship that he wants. Can't wait for more. xo

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  • From ANON - Ballardfam on February 06, 2016

    Happy to see you're back. This last chapter was very interesting. Looks like Joseph is moving forward. It was nice to see him engage in sex (and even a little emotional connection) that wasn't based overwhelmingly on sadism or masochism and find it satisfying. Even if only sometimes. I'm looking forward to seeing him navigate slave owning and how that may impact his self understanding and choices. Ryan needs to get off his spoilt entitled ass and push Eddy into education or training that will enable him to be independent and then free him. I see Eddy as being trapped in a slavery helplessness mind space and not able to ask for what he needs. But this is just Imo. Anyway, thanks for the update.

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  • From mirandamexi on January 10, 2016

    Hi, I'm just reviewing to let you know that I've never reviewed or rated any story up until now. I've been following this story sense you first started it and I'm in love with this story.! You are amazing at what you do and hope you continue on for a long time!! That being said, I've become soo emotionally invested in these characters that I'm literally in a depression after Joseph and Troy's "breakup" . I just love them together and am devastated that Troy dropped Joseph and that they can't be together. Please I needs them to be together! I know you already have your story put together but I just wanted to throw in my input! I'll fallow you and this story to the end regardless of who ends up with who, but please stop breaking my heart! Again, you're an amazing writer and please continue the great work.

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  • From TelanaMonteith on December 28, 2015

    I considered just hitting random keys on my keyboard to convey all of the emotional, ugly noises I was making during the Troy/Joseph moments during this chapter, but my better judgement wouldn't let me. Their interactions are just getting so intense and it's just building up and I'm waiting for it all to explode. I just read the last chapter/epilogue at the end of the second book and the scene with Troy and the twins and then Josephs collar made me cry. Literally cry. Great work, can't wait for the next chapters! Happy writing!!!

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  • From ANON - jit on December 14, 2015

    I hope the title is a good reflection of what is in store for Joseph and Matt, both. I think what Salway was capable of doing to his own son haunts Troy as much as it does me... and I'm undecided if I feel like his dropping Joseph over it makes him a more moral person, or a bigger ass.. but I think it was more the realization that being Salway's son was not what kept him for having a life similar to Joseph's. I just don't think that incest is that much of a biggie for him, looking at the interactions with the twins. Joseph deserves better, anyway.. Thank you for a nice start to a new chapter for Joseph. I've missed him.

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  • From raymareme on December 13, 2015


    Its a Christmas Miracle or something!

    Thank you!!! Glad to see how the character's are doing. Maybe Matt and Joseph could go to family counseling? Just an idea.
    xoxoxo Looking forward to the future! Missed you!

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