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Horrible Night

Steve had been a high school football coach until only
yesterday. Now he drove like a madman through the
hard driving rain with his cringing girlfriend Alice
beside him in the front seat.

"Please, for God's sake Steve! Slow down or you're
going to get us killed."

The tall handsome man shook his head adamantly,
"I'm afraid that I simply can't Alice, there just isn't
time. The aliens will soon kill or enslave us all if I
can't find Professor Delaney at once. The sooner we
reach his place the better. They're watching all the
roads, even the back roads like this!"

Alice trembled in near disbelief of it all. The sudden
attack from the alien race had completely surprised
them all. Everyone still alive had been thrown into
a state of utter shock. "But Steve, who is this
Professor and what can one man do when all our
military might has failed so miserably?"

"Everyone thought the Professor was mad, totally
off his rocker," Steve attempted to explain. "Some
time ago he found out about the aliens and what
they were up to. He claimed they were already here
among us but no one would listen. They cloned
people, like the generals. The military was helpless
with all the top brass having been replaced by alien
clones. That made it much easier for them you see.
The Professor tried to tell us all about it years ago
but all it got him was a room in an insane asylum.
But now he's out and he claims to have created a
mighty weapon that will destroy those bastards. He
needs someone like me to help him operate his great
invention. He says it takes at least two people to
make it work properly."

"But how is it you know so much about this fellow,
was he your professor at the university?"

"My teacher and my uncle," Steve replied.

"Look out!" Alice screamed.

The warning did little good. A deer had darted in
front of the speeding car and Steve instinctively
swerved, running the automobile into a ditch. Try
as he might to free the vehicle, it soon became
painfully apparent that they were stuck.

"Damn the luck!" Steve barked in frustration before
killing the engine. "I need to think." Then he noticed
the headlights looming in the distance behind them.

"That's probably them...we've got to find a place to
hide and do it damned quick!" The couple leapt
from the stalled car and raced to a nearby thicket.
They lay on their stomachs and watched anxiously
as a strange looking truck paused by their vehicle.
They observed in horrified silence as huge metallic
beings, android foot soldiers, disembarked from the
truck and inspected the car. After a few seconds
they returned to the truck and it sped away.

"We got lucky this time, they probably think we
struck out on foot and that they'll nab us a bit further
down the road. I believe the Professor's place is
close enough that we can make it walking but we'd
better stick to the woods. I'll get the flashlight out
of the car and we'll get the hell out of here before
those monsters return. At least it stopped raining."

After more than a hour of difficult treking through
underbrush and forest the weary couple arrived at
a broken down old farmhouse far off the main road.

"He lives here?" Alice asked doubtfully.

"Relax sweetheart, it's only a front," Steve assured
his nervous girl. "The Professor has quite a nice
little underground bunker beneath the house. He
used to be quite wealthy you know." Hand in hand
the couple entered the foreboding old ruin.

Once inside Steve found an old table leg and used
it to pound on the floor for several seconds. Then
they waited patiently until a mysterious figure slowly
stepped from the shadows.

"Steve, thank God you're alive. I was praying that
somehow you'd manage to reach me. I assume that
the lovely young woman beside you is the Alice that
I've heard you speak of so often?"

The younger man introduced the elderly Professor
to his girlfriend. Alice found the oldster very charming
and his eyes seemed so gentle beneath a tousled
head of unkempt gray hair. After exchanging a few
pleasantries with the girl, the old man turned to his
nephew and spoke with an urgent voice.

"The weapon will be fully functional in two more
days. I can certainly use your help to get it finished.
But now follow me to my hidden elevator and we'll
proceed to the bunker."

It was very late and the young couple were plainly
exhausted from their perilous escape. The Professor
led them to a very comfortable bedroom. "Just try
to relax until morning. I'll bring you some hot soup
and extra gets a bit chilly down here
some nights. I pride myself on this bunker but I'm
afraid the heating system has nearly gotten the best
of my handyman skills."

"We'll be fine here," Steve said. "But wake me first
thing in the morning so we can get started."

"Absolutely," the older man replied. "Now the best
thing you can do is get some rest."

The two men shook hands before the Professor
took his leave. He soon returned with the soup and
sandwiches. The young couple devoured the meal
and immediately went to bed. Steve was fast asleep
when Alice woke him. "I know you're tired but I
truly need you to make love to me," the girl pleaded.
"I'm sorry but I'm afraid I could really use a bit of
comforting. I think it would help me get my mind off
this horrible nightmare we are living."

Steve smiled and took the woman in his arms. Their
embrace soon resulted in some surprisingly very
passionate and satisfying sex. Completely sated,
Steve soon drifted into a very deep sleep.

Sometime just before dawn the former football coach
was wakened by a very loud noise. "My God, Alice?"
Beside him the bed was empty. Where could she
have possibly gone? Steve jumped out of bed and
hastily donned his trousers. Still in his bare feet he
went into the hallway outside their room to find a
light coming from the direction of the Professor's lab.

Steve raced for the lab and was startled to find his
uncle lying on the floor in a pool of blood! Someone
had put a bullet in his head.

"Don't move," a commanding voice said. "Now
turn around slowly."

Steve was shocked to find Alice standing there with
a small but deadly looking pistol in her little hand.

"You did this Alice...why?" The young man found
his own voice oddly distant and strange sounding
there in the underground bunker.

"I'm not your Alice. She's dead I'm afraid. Your Alice
was replaced several days ago by me, a clone.
Professor Delaney was the only man on this entire
planet that we truly feared and now I have eliminated
that threat. The Earth is ours; we knew you could
lead us to him. If we can't use the weapon technology
that he developed we shall destroy it. And now..."

Steve was stunned. "But just last night we made
love and it was truly incredible. My mind is simply
unable to accept that you're not my own sweet Alice.
Somehow they've fiendishly brainwashed you darling.
No one but my Alice could have possibly fucked me
like you did last night. Now put that gun down, we
can make sense out of all this somehow."

The clone shrugged, "I am actually sorry about this
belive it or not. As for last night, well, you reminded
me of Captain Kirk." Then she pulled the trigger.

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