Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

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I had to get this original out before it freaking exploded in my head.

I have this thing for Michael Ealy….I swear that fool is going to my future baby daddy!

I base the looks of my leading male in this story off of him. Hmm…Delicious!

Enjoy some romance, plot and juicy lemons!




“Who is that?”

Isabelle’s brown eyes followed the man that walked into the room. Her breath caught and her heart started to pounding at the smiling face, blue eyes glowing as he greeted the Groom. Dressed in jeans, a clean blue button down and a black blazer, he was absolutely death defying sexy. He wasn’t as tall as the usual man she would pant after but he had a something. Maybe it was the blinding white smile with those awfully sexy full lips.

Hell, she usually didn’t go after black men, but he had about the same coloring of her just a bit darker, he could be mixed with black and white like Isabelle, his hair was a cut low in a messy afro-dreads and he had his facial hair cut in straight line from his side to his chin were he was rocking the goatee and mustache.

Absolutely gorgeous.  

Donna smiled at her, “That’s Darren Matthews; he was Derek’s roommate when they were still collage and they moved out of the dorms together and got apartment. I could say that he’s actually Derek’s best friend,” Donna answered, smiling brightly.

“I met all of Derek’s friends. Why in the hell I haven’t met that yet?” Isabelle flushed and looked at the Bride, and her best friend.

Donna chuckled, “After collage, Darren started at an IT company; he worked himself up pretty fast and has been travelling the world. Derek would have made him his best man if Darren knew exactly when he could come back, I guess he got lucky was able to take an early flight home,” Donna stood up as Darren spotted her, and moved towards her.

Isabella had to calm herself down, the man practically oozed sex as he strutted towards them. Isabelle flushed and looked away as he took Donna into his arms to congratulate her. Her brown eyes noticed that most of the women were seemingly entranced by the man.

Isabelle sighed, she didn’t stance a chance with them all.

As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, she had quickly redressed out of her lavender color Bridesmaid dress to a suit. Isabelle wasn’t a stick figure gal that she knew that Darren would go after. She had lots of meat on her bones, her and the singer ‘Adele’, were about the same size. She had lots of curves and large chest with wide hips and thick thighs. She the colouring of a latte, brown curls to her mid back, but for the wedding the hairdresser had straighten her hair and pulled half of it up with a diamond studded beret making her hair come down in waves to her lower back. She had redressed in a black slacks with a lavender blouse with a deep plunging neckline and black blazer. She had discarded her heels for a pair of flats that made her comfortable to dance in.

“Darren this is Isabelle Forte,” Donna voice calling her name took her back to the conversation around her.

Isabelle almost wanted to sock the Bride one for introducing the hunk to her. Isabelle got up from her seat and stuck out a hand.

She smiled at Darren as he look in the sight of her, his eyes roaming from her feet upwards before stopping at her face and then he gave her a blinding smile.

“Nice to meet the Maid of Honour,” his rich smooth voice almost made Isabella weak in the knees.

“Nice to meet the almost Best Man,” Isabelle answered, giving a shy smile.

How could he make her brash blunt personality suddenly quiver and hide?

Donna smiled at her and Isabelle swallowed heavily; even his hands were strong and smooth, not like hers.

Fuck her sweaty palms!

“Donna!” Isabelle had to hide the eye roll as Carla walked up to them. The Hooker’s hips swinging from left to right, trying to entice the man with them. The blond beauty has obviously set her slights on Darren.


Darren let go of her hand and turned his attention the new woman and Isabelle new that she had became invisible to him. She didn’t excuse herself as she left them three as she walked over to the buffet to grab something to snack on. She moved to the bar and ordered a glass of Champagne before heading back to her empty table.

No date for her.

There never was.

Isabelle ate silently and drank her drink; she smiled at Derek as he caught her line of sight as she looked around the reception hall, he was standing in one corner with his Groomsmen. He said something to his buddies before moving towards her.

“You little lady look bored, and as my duty as the Groom to be the entertainer for the night, you are gonna dance with me” Derek smiled at her at the stopped to stand in front of her.

Isabelle looked at him as she sipped her drink, “You can handle my dance moves, sugar” she rolled her neck.

Derek laughed and gripped her free hand; Isabelle followed his lead and got up. Derek had become one of her closes friend over the years of him dating her best friend. The brown skin man was absolutely wonderful and funny, he been there for her when Donna couldn’t. She had absolutely blessed his proposal to Donna, even with the hackle of all his friends for taking a white woman.

Isabelle, herself, came from a multiracial home so in her eyes her best friends were the ideal couple.

DJ started to play a slow song when they got to the dance floor so Derek pulled her close and started to sway with her. Nothing sensual or erotic about the dance she was having with Derek, he was a gentleman and slowly swayed with her. With all the ugly looks she was getting one look at smiling Donna as she watched them dance with each other allowed Isabelle to release her negative thoughts.

“You take care of her, Derek, alright,” Isabelle murmured softly looking up at his deep brown eyes.

Derek looked at her and then over his shoulder to Donna, “You know I will, Isa. I love that woman with all my heart and soul. Heaven came down on me the moment the woman introduced herself to me,” he spoke.

Isabelle smiled brightly at Derek, “I’m so glad that it finally it came to this, Derek. I never cried so much in my damn life and it wasn’t even my own damn wedding,” she sniffled slightly.

“That’s because you’re a passionate woman, Isabelle. You cry at a damn commercial with playing puppies,” Derek laughed and grunted as Isabelle hit the man in the chest.

As song ended and another love song started to play they were cut off by a, “Can I cut in?” Darren’s smooth voice interrupted their conversation.

Derek smiled at his best friend and handed Isabelle hand over to the sexy light skinned man, “She’s all yours” he winked at him and leaned over to kiss Isabelle’s forehead.

“I thought it would be alright for the Maid of Honour and the almost Best Man to share a dance,” Darren pulled her close and wrapped a arm around her waist his hand resting in the small of her back.

Isabelle noticed then that she and Darren are the same height; she could look straight into those into those clear blue eyes that were rare for a black man.

“I thought Carla had already taken your dances for the night,” she said, a little accusing. She cursed herself. She sounded jealous for a man that she would never have.

Darren stared at her for a moment before answering, “She ain’t my type.”

Isabelle looked away as she starring became intense.

She missed the lick of his lips as blue eyes ran down her neck.

“Donna was telling me that you are a Doctor?” Darren asked her pulling her eyes back to his own.

She nodded, “Paediatrician,” she clarified.

“You like kids?”

“Love them.”

Darren nodded like he approved. “I gotta tell you that you look beautiful, Isabelle”. The way her name rolled from his lips made her light up like a supernova.

Isabelle looked at him shocked before narrowing her brown eyes, she wasn’t going to let Mr. Fine led her around by the nose.

“You think that since you called me beautiful that you gonna get some. I don’t think so, baby boy,” she moved to pull away, but Darren’s hold around her waist held her tightened up and he pushed himself again her harder.

“I wasn’t evening thinking about that, Isabelle. I was just telling you what I think, baby girl. I’m just saying that you are probably the most beautiful thing I laid my eyes on in years. I can almost punch myself that I didn’t let Derek introduce us earlier,” he defended himself, blue eyes were shinning honesty.

Isabelle looked at him, stilling dancing, trying to figure out if he was playing her. She had her heart stomped on plenty of times before, and she didn’t need Mr. Handsome completely ruining it.

“Yeah… Sure,” she drawled out looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not blind. I saw the way you were eyeing up Carla early. It was obvious you were imagining how many positions you could get her in,” Isabelle snapped at him. Her feistiness was the only thing from keeping this man away from her heart and soul.

“I was eyeing her up because I was trying to compare her to you, Isabelle. She didn’t stand a chance against you,” Darren looked at her and licked his luscious lips, his eyes going to her own.

Isabelle flushed and looked away.

“Can I take you out on a date sometime?” Darren asked, startling her attention back to him.

Thinking for a moment, Isabella nodded, one date couldn’t hurt. Right…

Maybe his true colours would shine through before she could get attached to Mr. Fine.

“I sniffed out your number from Donna already. I’ll call you tomorrow, baby girl,” Darren smiled cheekily.

Isabelle laughed, charming, the sexy man was charming.

She was going to lose at what ever game they were playing.

They ended up dancing and talking for another hour. Isabelle knew that Derek has probably told the DJ to keep the slow songs coming; the man was sneaky like that. For an hour, the world just revolved around them, Darren had made her laugh so much. Isabelle actually felt herself falling for a guy that would probably only take her out once on a date to get her cookie.

Isabelle had been taken by complete surprise when he leaned over, kissed her lips, catching her off guard when she had been in her thoughts.

She gasped and pulled back, blinking with wild eyes.

Intense blue eyes looked at her as the hand around her waist moved up wards and gripped the back of her neck, pulling in her again. Closing her eyes she went in willing for the kiss, Isabelle felt his lips on hers and sighed. Darren moved his lips against her; teasing a bit before parting her lips with his tongue and dove in for the kill. Isabelle moaned; the black man was making love to her damn mouth.

“Damn, you taste good,” he murmured as he pulled away before he went in for a second serving.

They were lost in the kiss when a ringing cell phone interrupted them.

Isabelle took a moment to realize that it was hers. She scrambled to pull her Android from her pants and hit the answer button before it stopped ringing or her mailbox came on.  

“Work,” she mouthed at Darren and he nodded, fully understanding.

Isabelle listened as a Nurse told her something about one of her patients, one of the leukaemia patients.

“I’ll be there tomorrow, Louise. Go find Dr. Gianni and tell him to prep him for surgery. It doesn’t make sense to keep him hurting; I need to get his spleen out. Tell Gianni that I’ll meet him in the OR tomorrow at nine he needs to assist,” Isabelle nodded her head with a stern voice before hanging up. When it came to her job she was a leader, she needed to make her orders clear and her voice needed to put fear into someone that if her orders weren’t followed that they were dire consequences .

Isabelle was just about to make an excuse but Darren shook his head and beat her to the punch, “Don’t gotta explain anything to me, Isabelle. I know work like yours comes first. I gotta say though, baby girl, if you talk like that at work I love to be your patient, you got a sexy commanding voice. I’ll bare my ass anytime for you to give me shot,” he lifted his finger and traced her lips. Darren leaned again for a sensual kiss and Isabelle melted.

Hesitantly she pulled back, “I need to go” she bit her lip.

Darren’s hand that had been on cheek, stroked her cheek bone before nodding. “I’ll call you,” he murmured before turning and walking off.

Isabelle blinked and then gathered her stuff. She found Donna and Derek ready about to leave for their honeymoon.

“I’m heading out. Got a call from work, I need to be OR in the morning,” Isabelle explained.

Donna nodded understanding; she pulled her into a tight hug, “Thank you for coming, Isa. I love you.”

Derek hugged her too and kissed her cheek.

Isabelle looked over her shoulder as she walked to the door trying to find Darren before she left. She found him talking to one of Derek’s friends; he looked at her and smiled at her.

Isabelle smiled back and walked off.

Dear God please let this man be Mr. Right.


Isabelle sat in the locker room bench at work. She was so tired; she only had a few hours of sleep after leaving the reception before going into a 20 hour shift. She was completely worn but looking at the cell in her hand made her jittery. There was a number that she didn’t know that had called her.

Sucking him her wits, she hit the button and called back hoping that it wasn’t a Telemarketer.   

“Damn lady, you are hard to reach,” Darren’s smooth voice came from the other end.

Isabelle chuckled, “I’m sorry. I thought I was going to in and get out early but I sort got caught off guard with a few other patients.”

Darren stayed quiet for a moment before speaking, “Are you tired? I would really love to see you,” he murmured. “Just to talk, baby girl, before you get any other ideas,” he added quickly.

Isabelle smiled slightly, “I wasn’t gonna say anything.”

“I could hear by your breathing that you were about to tell me off thinking that I was asking for a damn booty call,” he answered her.

“Okay, true, I was about go off on you,” she chuckled.

Darren’s laugh filled her hears and she found it damn soothing after a long shift, “Do you want to meet up somewhere?” he asked.

Isabelle looked over her attire and cursed that she didn’t have any extra clothes packed. She was wearing her scrubs with Hello Kitty prints all over in bright pink. “Nothing fancy, please.  I live a half hour out and around this time it would take me an hour to get home, shower and change and then an hour to get back into the City. I don’t feel like putting my ass through that,” she said.

“You wearing your scrubs,” he asked, Isabelle hummed as a yes.

“Sexy,” he purred.

“They’re Hello Kitty scrubs, buddy, nothing sexy about that,” Isabelle chuckled.

“Still sexy,” Darren purred and then cleared his throat, “How about a change of plan, only if you’re up to it, you come to my place and I can cook for you. You don’t have to worry about traffic since I’m a block down the street from your work so can actually keep your car down your work. I promise to be a gentleman to you,” he spoke like he honestly meant it.

Isabelle thought for a moment.

What did she have to lose?

“As long no funny business, I’ll be over in fifteen.” She answered him, as she started to pack her things into her bag.

“Great!” Darren told her directions to his upscale apartment.

She had showered in the lockers room showers before she answered his phone call. She ditched her scrubs for a pair of grey loose sweats that she always kept as a back up in her locker and wore the white long sleeved V-Cut sweater that she came in with. She slipped into her running shoes, and put a little make up on to have a little color in her face. The shower from before had turned her straightened hair into tight curls again, she left it open so it could air dry on her walk over to Darren.

Isabella left the hospital and walked to the tallest building she saw to her left. She felt under dress just to walk into the high-end apartment building complete with valet and a door man. She thanked the man as he opened the door for her and walked to the elevator. She punched in the number code that Darren had told her that she needed to use to get to his apartment; the elevator came down and opened its doors for her to step in. She waited for a couple of seconds before the door chimed and opened again to let her out.


His smooth voice called her name.

“Yeah it’s me” she spoke as she stepped out of the elevator.

She took in the slight of the open loft; big wide windows from her left to her front showed the city in a whole different view at night. The loft was huge; in one corner by the windows was a large kind size bed with two night stands on each side a few feet away from the bed on its right was living room set up with L form couch to separate the ‘bedroom’ from the ‘living room’ and a entertainment system to rival all entertainment systems. On the side of the loft was a door that she assumed that led to the closet or bathroom since she couldn’t see anymore doors. Next to that door was the open kitchen, modern with silver appliances and trimming with dark brown cabinets.

Behind the Island that held the sink, stove and a bar was the man that made her shiver with lust.

Darren smiled brightly at her; he picked up a towel and wiped his hands before walking over to her. Darren reached for her, wrapping a hand around her waist and around the back of her neck, and kissed her.

Making her weak in the knees.

As they pulled away, “I thought no funny business” Isabelle murmured.

Darren smiled at her, “I didn’t say anything about not kissing those beautiful lips of yours.”

He turned taking her hand and walked to the kitchen. The smells that surrounded her made her stomach growled and she acutely became aware that she didn’t eat since she was able to stuff a muffin into her mouth during a five minute breather early into her shift.

“I like that sound,” Darren laughed at the sound of her growling stomach.

Isabelle blushed brightly, “I’m sorry. This smells good,” she looked at the food that man had cooked for her.

“It’s something that I whipped up real quick” he waved his hand like it was nothing. “Don’t apologize because you’re hungry. I like the thought of you coming here to eat and I’m able to feed you,” Darren spoke to her.

Feed her just he did. He had set up so that they could eat on the couch, when Isabelle reached for her fork, the man took it away from her hand and started to feed her the food he had cooked for her.

After her stomach was full a real meal and Darren started to feed her dessert nothing special a plain yogurt that he had cut fresh fruits into.

“You know…You’re laying it on thick,” Isabelle spoke after swallowing down a spoonful from the delicious treat.

Darren laughed, bringing a smile on her own face, “Ain’t I” he admitted. “But it’s something about you, Isabelle that makes me wanna go all out. I wanna feed you, bath you, and cater to all your needs,” Darren murmured setting the bowl down and leaning back into the couch.

“You barely even know me,” Isabelle was taken back.

Darren nodded, and rubbed the back of his neck, “That’s the thing about this all that startles me. Isabelle, back in the days I admit that I was a bang them and send them home kind of man. I maybe had about two serious relationships before I met you. And damn skippy I’d never looked at a woman over a size two.”

Isabelle suddenly felt like she needed to go, she uncurled her legs from her body readying herself to leave, but Darren stopped her as he leaned forward and put a hand on her thigh.

“Hear me out, baby girl” he murmured, rubbing her thigh.

“I admit that I saw you before. It had been in Derek’s office; he has that picture of when you and Donna went to Costa Rica. You are in that beautiful yellow summer dress with the white hat on standing on the beach the sun high behind you and you were glowing like it. God, you look so beautiful right there and then.”

Isabelle remembered that vacation; it had been last summer’s vacation before Derek’s proposal.

“I’ve been hackling Derek since I saw the picture to introduce us. I wanted to get to know so damn bad and when I found out that you were going to the Maid of Honour and I had to be in China. Man, I got pissed; I wanted to be at the wedding so damn bad just to meet you in person. As soon as I finished the meeting, I took a red-eye out of China straight to here. Man, I was so damn happy when Donna introduced us. Fuck, you looked smoking yesterday but now, you look gorgeous,” he murmured, looking over her.

Isabelle choked, “I look like a bum.”

“You look comfortable, baby girl. You looked satisfied, happy and warm,” he murmured.

“I gotta say I love your hair. I had been a little disappointed to see it straight, but now, with you rocking these natural curls…” Darren trailed off as he raised his hand to her brown curls and bit his lips.

Isabelle swallowed, looking at Darren’s face trying to finding any deceit.

God, he was serious. The hunk of her dreams was fucking real and was completely fascinated by her.

Isabelle didn’t know what came over her, but she knew that she lost whatever game they were playing.

She gave up so easily and wantonly.  

Isabelle moved so fast that it almost startled herself as she found herself straddling his lap, pulling his face to hers and kissing him with so much passion that she never had before. Darren didn’t hesitate to precipitate; he reacted once she was in his lap. His strong hand’s came up to grip her ass cheeks, he groaned into the kiss they shared.

It was hot.


And desperate.

And Isabelle was damn sure desperate to make love to this man; a man that swept her off her feet even before their first proper date.

Darren’s taste was so addicting that she didn’t want to stop kissing him; he had spicy, woodsy taste mixed with the food that he had cooked for her.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, and Darren bit at her lower lip before sucking on it and then kissing her again, his tongue coming in for a taste. The hands on her ass gripped hard as Darren moved standing up taking her with him.

Isabelle squirmed to get out. She was no light weight. She did not want for him to throw out his back by picking up a heavyweight like her. Darren shook his head and Isabelle held on for dear life as he started to walk. They made it to the bed in a few short steps, and Isabelle was lowered to the gently to bed, almost like she would break if he had thrown her on it.

Before he came to lie down above her, joining her on the bed, he pulled up his shirt and tossed it over his shoulder. Isabelle panted; the man had a body under his shirt. Well formed arms, nice shoulders, tight pecs and sculpted abs. She wanted to trace the outline of them with her tongue. She gasped as he gripped his jeans and pushed them down. He had gone without underwear for the night.

“You were planning…” she started stopping as he shook his head as he explained.

“At home, I don’t wear underwear, hell, I barely wear clothes in my four walls” he smiled at her.

Trailing her eyes down, she eyed his cock it wasn’t even at full mass yet but already big. Damn sure bigger than she ever had. His strong thighs and legs were just as wonderful.

For a guy her height, he was pure perfection.

Isabelle bit her lip; she felt self consciences now at her own body.

Darren sensing her discomfort kneeled on the bad and captured her lips, kissing her mind blank again. She felt his hands at the hem of her sweater; she pulled away and lifted her arms as he pulled it off. He looked down at her bra that her held her heavy full breast and stared, “Beautiful” he leaned down and peppered kisses against her shoulders and cleavage. She could curse herself that she didn’t wear anything sexy.

Her bra was plain white. She had worn it since it was comfortable to wear at long periods of time; her panties were blue of the boxer kind. How she wished that wore that sexy lacy stuff she always wore on dates, and be hoping to get laid that night. 

His hands came around her and unclasped her bra; she wanted to sigh in relief as the thing fell from her body freeing her breast from the damn contraption.

“Damn, woman, these are….Fuck,” Darren groaned; his strong hands cupping her heavy chest, palming and squeezing them.  His thumbs rubbed over her harden nipples and she arched to the touch, Isabelle panted, it’s been a long time since someone other than herself touched her sensitive nipples.

“I’ll get there soon, baby girl, I want to get this off of you,” he pulled at the elastic of her sweat pants telling her want he wanted.

She had toed off her toes before they had sat down to eat, so all she had to do was raise her hips and with one quick tug, her underwear and sweats came off and was thrown hastily to the side. She kept her legs closed went she brought them back down. She wanted to be modest since he was kneeling down below her. She had shaved for the Wedding, but knew that she had stubble.

Hand stroked up her shins before resting on her knees. Those blue eyes of Darren stared at her, “Come on, love. Show me what I want,” his voice was guttural.

Taking a deep breath, Isabelle spread her legs slowly. Darren’s eyes slowly swept down her body and stopped at her centre. He licked his lips like he was hungry making those full lips glisten.

“You good look, baby girl,” he leaned down to kiss her stomach, then her navel and rubbed his cheek against her pubic mound.

“You smell like pure sex,” he rumbled out, like a Harley Davison motor.

Isabelle leaned up to rest on her elbows and blinked as he settled down between her legs. She wanted to see what he was planning to do; she wanted to see it with her own damn eyes. Blue eyes glittered at her as a pink tongue came out and swiped at her swollen lips of her sex.

She let out a tiny moan, her sex wetting even more in excitement.

“That’s it, Isabelle, give yourself up to me.” He kissed her wet lips again before spreading her with his tongue and pulled her clit into his mouth and began to suck.

“Ah! Darren!” she cried out, her legs spreading wider wanting to give him better excess and her hips moving to their own accord, rotating and jerking at the wonderful suction on her swollen nub.

Darren tasted, teased and pleasured her with that wonderful mouth of his. As she started to jerk and thrash as his treatment to her sex with his mouth became too good, too wonderful way to fast; Darren’s arms curled around her legs and his hands held her still as he continued his assault.

A burning sensation spread through her sex, the tight snot in her lower stomach started to loosen the signs of that she was the verge of coming.

“Darren! I’m gonna…gonna,” she tried to warn him, but he did something nasty with his tongue and she lost her ability to speak.

Knowing what was happening to the woman he was feasting on; Darren dipped his tongue into her wet clenching hole, and used his thumb to push down on her clit and wiggle it the swollen sensitive nub.

Isabelle lost it!

She fell over the cliff and cried out, no, screamed his name as he made her come so perfectly.

It had taken her a moment but a soft “Darren” came from her as she came down from her high. She felt his weight settle over her and she opened her eyes glazed brown eyes. Darren was over her now; his hard cock was at her entrance probing there, testing her. She moaned his name again, stretching her legs even wider.

“I’m coming, baby, I’m coming,” Darren whispered to her leaning down to capture her lips and entered her swiftly with a good thrust of his tapered hips.

They both groaned into each other’s mouth. Darren started to retreat before coming home again. He kept up the rhythm, back and forth, back and forth slowly at first.

Isabelle, now lost all of her bearings completely lost in lust, wrapped her legs around Darren’s waist and hooked her feet around his back rested her heel into the small of his back. Her arms came up to wrap around his shoulders her nails digging into his skin urging him to go faster.

“Darren, baby, please,” she pleaded to him. He needed to go faster, and harder.

Darren pulled away from her lips, and buried his face into the crook of her neck his tongue tasting her sweat that formed there and then started to pound her in a brutal rhythm. He had lost all control and started to pound her with his long thick cock the moment she had moaned his name so sexily.

The dirty sounds of his shaft plunging into her wet core, the bed creaking at their hard pounding and their quiet moans and gasped filled the big loft.

Darren kept that hard rhythm of his for what seemed like ages before his rhythm slightly faltered.

“Isabelle, I can’t hold back anymore,” he groaned out into her neck, close to her ear.

“It’s okay, baby, I’m here with you. I’m right there with you,” Isabelle moaned, she turned her head to give a light kiss on his stubbly chin.

They were to close to each other; Darren needed space to thoroughly please this woman so that she could come around his cock. Darren then lifted himself off her. Kneeling before her between her spread thighs still inside of her honeypot, he grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her ass off the bed. At the in-stroke of his cock as he pulled out and plunged back in, he rubbed against the mass of sensitive tissue inside of her that made Isabelle screamed.

Finally proud of himself that he had found her G-Spot, Darren kept on going relentlessly rubbing that area inside of her and she screamed his name, and he knew that she was coming.

Isabelle saw fireworks, white lights and heard the angel’s singing as she came hard, harder than when he used his mouth on her.

Darren grunted and groaned as she squeezed tightly around him and he shot off inside her. Deep inside of her coating her inside with his white come, marking her as his.

As they both finally came down from their high, brown and blue eyes met. With a slow lazy smile, Darren pulled out of her exquisite sex and laid himself on top of Isabelle  so he could roll onto his back taking her with him so that she laid half on top of him.

“Incredible, Isabelle, you are incredible,” Darren murmured turning his head to her so he could kiss her temple.

Isabelle smiled, and kissed his throat in return, “You did all the work,” she wiggled into his side.

“We both did, woman, you turned me on so much that I had to please you so bad. I can still taste you on my damn tongue,” Darren groaned like he missed the taste. Isabelle’s eyes wander down between his legs and saw his erection coming to life again.

Isabelle blinked, her mouth slightly opened.

“Darren, you can’t be getting hard again. Not after what we just did.” Does this man even have an off button on him? What did she have to do to not turn him on again?   

“You make me insatiable, baby girl, I wanna taste you again,” he groaned out. Darren pulled her on all fours above him and wiggled down her body, tongue extended to taste her as he moved down her body on his back. When he stopped, Isabelle was straddling his face, and he told her to ride his face.

He made her come twice like that.

Then he fucked her hard from the back.

Then flipped her over and pounded her, with her knees by her head.

Then she sucked his cock as he ate her out again in a good old 69.

Then make love slowly again as they spooned with him holding her around the waist with one arm.

By the time they fell asleep the sun was peaking over the horizon and Isabelle was sore between her legs and satisfied to the bone.


Sunrays licked across Isabelle’s face, she squeezed her eyes shut as the world around her started to come alive. Last night came to her slowly, and she smiled stretching out to feel for Darren. When her hand came up empty with nothing but cold sheets she snapped her eyes open and sat up pulling the sheets up around her with a scowl on her face.

She blinked and looked around. Darren was gone, no trace of a man. Isabelle’s eyes caught something bottom of her line of vision, and she looked down.  

She smiled slightly at the sight of red and white rose petals on the floor by her bed side. She stretched slowly before she got up from the bed naked, leaving the sheets on the bed. She followed the trail of petals around the loft stopping at the kitchen where a platter of fruits was waiting for her and a little white note.

Written neatly in cursive was ‘Hungry?

She picked up a piece of watermelon put the sweet melon in her mouth, chewing and swallowing before following the trail to the door next to the kitchen. As she thought the room was a walking closet with a connecting bathroom. She scanned over the clothes inside it was mostly dark colors and greys, lots of blazers and suits. She didn’t find jewellery but their were drawers in the closet so she thought they must be in there, plus she rather put her valuables away before leaving them out on display so that anyone could take them. She walked through the closet and into the majestic bathroom.

The bathroom was huge about the half the size of the loft. In cream and gold, the man had taste.

On her right was long mirror with not two, but three sinks. There was narrow door that probably held the toilet. Again big windows lighten the damn room up, with the tub in a facing the window with a panorama view on its right and straight forward if you sitting with your back towards the sinks up top was also a flat screen TV, thaws already on and showing the news. Where the window stopped on her left there was a shower stall with an area to hang up your towel and robe before your showered. Damn, shower stall inside was the size of her office and even had a bench inside of it. 

The bathroom was already slightly steamed up and warm. The water was still pouring from the golden faucet that was hanging over the tub. She didn’t need to worry about having water everywhere; there were two tubs in one. The inner one was filled to the brim and losing water whiles the other once probably the drain. A trail of rose petals led up to the steps of the tub, and she could see that there was sprinkle of petals in the water.

He was a romantic. How sweet.

There was a note on the windowsill that required her to get in the tub to reach it. She turned off the water, and stepped in the hot water, she sighed as her sore muscles relaxed instantly as she settled down. The view was beautiful, it was sunny day and the City looked as beautiful during the day as the night. She didn’t need to worry about anyway seeing her since they were up, towering over all the buildings. She grabbed the note on the windowsill and read.

‘Morning, Afternoon, my baby girl. I had to run out and do a few things for work. I’ll be back soon. I ran you some bath water to work those muscles that I over used last night. Enjoy yourself. Around two, Bonnie will be there and she’ll give you a massage. I want you relaxed when I get back. Love, Darren’

“I’m in love,” Isabelle murmured with a happy sigh, sinking further into the water.

Isabelle soaked in the tub for a while before looking at the clock that was showing on the TV. It was telling her that it was close to two already. With a sigh she stood up in the TV, after turning off the TV and twisted the knob to drain the tub. Realizing she left her close by the bed, she snagged a white robe that was hanging by the shower stall. She wrapped it around her body and patted herself dry before walking out of the bathroom, into the closet and out the door. But before that she had found a extra toothbrush and scrubbed her teeth with the brand of toothpaste that Darren used.

Isabelle jumped at the slight of Bonnie, she assumed that was her, already set up and ready for her.

“Mr. Matthews told me to give you massage, Ms. Forte. Why don’t you hop up on the table and I’ll work those muscles of yours,” Bonnie patted the black massage table, which was covered in fluffy white towels, and gave her a blinding smile.

“Thank you,” Isabelle smiled softly before walking over to her and sitting down. Isabelle thought for a moment as her hand reached to untie the knot of her robe.

“Do you want to lose the robe, Ms. Forte?” Bonnie murmured seeing her turmoil, “It would much better for me to work without the robe.”

“It’s Isa not Ms. Forte, Bonnie,” Isabelle smiled, Bonnie beamed at her.

“I just don’t want to scare ya,” Isabelle blushed, feeling self conscious about her body. Bonnie had a in shape body. Isabelle was whale compared to her.

“Ohh…Please, Ms…Isa,” Bonnie corrected herself as she waved her hand, “You’re probably the hottest thing I’ll see today. I got few more clients that I’m not really happy on touching,” Bonnie shivered.

Isabelle chuckled and pulled the robe from her body.

Bonnie winked at her as she took the robe from her hands, “Yeah, I can see why Mr. Matthews has it bad for you.  He never called me for one of his hoochie mama’s before. You gotta be real special for him,” she giggled.

Isabelle blushed brightly, and laid face down on the table. Bonnie put on some relaxing music, and poured some wonderful smelling oils on her body and started with the best massage ever.

An hour later, Isabelle felt like a massive piece of goo as Bonnie started to clean up. Isabelle started to help but Bonnie shook her off. Isabelle scrambled for her purse wanting to the give the woman a tip, but Bonnie waved her hand and told her that Darren already had tipped her.

Now standing alone as the elevator took Bonnie away, Isabelle realized someone had came in and cleaned the loft. Dishes were gone, the bed was changed and made, and even the rose petals were gone. As her rumbled, Isabelle walked over to the kitchen and found the fruit platter still there. She grabbed a napkin and put a couple of pieces of fruit on it before walking over to the bed. She ate until her stomach was settled and she wasn’t as hungry anymore.

Yawning, Isabelle stretched and laid herself on the bed after getting something to drink. The bath and massage had completely relaxed her body. As soon as her head touched the fluffy pillow after she turned to sleep on her side, she was out like a light.


The sound of feet shuffling across the floor and carpet and the bed dipping woke Isabelle up. She smiled and sighed as kisses were peppered against her neck; her robe pulled from her shoulder and kissed it too.

“Isabelle,” Darren’s voice purred at her.

Rolling over onto her other side to face him, and opening her eyes Isabelle looked at the man that made love to her countless times last night.

“Hey there,” she lifted a hand and touched his cheek; the sleepiness was still evident in her eyes as the blinked sleepy and were still glazed.

“Hey there back to you, baby girl. Have a nice day?” he asked, taking her hand into his own and kissing her upturned palm.

“Wonderful,” she purred, “But I missed you” Isabelle added sitting up and kissing him as she pulled him close to her, fully awake now.

“I missed you too but my damn work kept me in the office longer that I wanted. I could have killed my secretary,” Darren grumbled as he shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Isabelle laughed; he was awfully cute as a grouch.

“All day, I kept on wanting to kiss you and make love to you again. Taste you, defiantly taste you” Darren licked his lips as his hand spilt the bottom of her robe open and gazed at her sex.

Isabelle blinked at his brashness. She was speechless, the man had licked and tasted her countless times last night, and he still wanted to even now.

With the same hand that he had opened her robe with Darren cupped her sex and a finger dipped inside of her, encircling her hardening clit. She moaned as she arched pressing herself into the man’s hand, wanting more.

Darren pulled his away, she almost wanted to groan at the lost but she was to keen on watching him as he put that wet finger into his mouth and swallowed like he was savouring the taste, “You taste so damn good” he purred.

Isabelle blinked, desire was filling her.

Just as Darren leaned over to kiss her, utterly turned on by her and the smouldering look she was given him.

Her stomach growled, loudly.

Isabelle froze wanted to hide.

Yeah, the fat lady is hungry.

Mood killer!

“Fuck, baby girl, I need to feed you” Darren murmured, getting up from the bed. His hand went to his large bugle at the zipper of his jeans and adjusted it slightly, trying to make room.

“Thank God, I stopped by Dino’s. Donna told me you like Dino’s,” Darren spoke smiling at her brightly.

The smell of Italian filled her nose and stomach growled again and her mouth watered.

Darren laughed and held out a hand for her, she gripped it and he pulled her up.

They hand in hand walked to the kitchen. He pulled out plates, forks and knives, wine glasses and a red wine before seating themselves at the bar and eating. At the end of their meal Isabelle told him that she was going to do the dishes, Darren protested but she shooed him and told him to shower or bath, which one he liked better. She had just finished putting the plates and forks away after struggling to find where everything was place and was pouring the last of the wine in the glasses when Darren walked out of the bathroom.

Isabelle’s eyes fell on him as she gazed his naked body. The man was delicious looking; her hunger for him must have shown in her eyes since he asked her question.

“You hungry again?” Darren murmured, Isabelle nodded.

But this time it wasn’t for food.

She walked towards like he was prey and kissed him, grabbing him by the back of the neck to meet her lips. She pushed him backwards towards the window. She kissed him hard as she patted the windowsill and he got the idea and sat on it, leaning against the window for support.

She dropped to her knees when he was settled. He had tasted her so much last night, and now it was her turn to use her mouth.

“Isabelle,” her name sounded like a prayer coming from his lips.

She gripped his harden cock in her hand. She stroked it once in her tight grip invoking a glisten pearl of precome from him. She looked at him as she stuck out her tongue, his blue eyes staring at her intensely, as she licked his cock like a lollipop from the bottom up, playing with the slit gathering the pearl in her mouth before swallow it down. She licked her lips before wrapping her lips around the mushroom head, keeping eye contact.  

She slid him down her throat until she had all of him in her mouth, and swallowed.

“Fuck! Baby girl!” Darren shouted tossing his head back, breaking eye contact. Isabelle then pulled back and then down on him again, bobbing her head and sucking him trying to give him the best oral she could muster up.

It wasn’t long before Darren growled his cock throbbing in her mouth, ready to shoot. She wasn’t reward with him shooting his load in her mouth; Darren gripped her shoulders and pulled her off and up from his shaft.

“I’m wan to come in you and now your pretty little mouth!” he snarled.

Darren made her which positions with him though she was facing the window and not him. He flipped the bottom of the robe that she was wearing up, gripped her hips and drove into her with one swift stroke! Isabelle cried out and her hands came up to brace herself on the window.

“You take my cock so sexily, Isabelle!” Darren started to pound her, hard like he had last night, fucking her sex with such a brutal rhythm.

Isabelle cried out and tossed her head back, her curls fluttering down her back. It felt so good!

Darren grunted and groaned, surprisingly he warned her that he was about to come. Usually it would pound her for a hour before he came, that blow job she gave him must gotten him closer to the edge that she thought.

“I’m gonna fill you up!” he punctuated each word with a slap of his hips until he stilled and shot inside of her. Isabelle groaned, she could care less that she didn’t come; it was wonderful just to have him inside of her coating her sex with his seed.

Darren pulled out with a snap of his hips and turned her over. He plundered her mouth so that she was left dizzy, before grabbing her hips and hauling her up to sit on the windowsill. Like Isabelle before he dropped to his knees, spreading her legs so wide that it almost hurt; the muscles in her inner thighs stretching to the max, and buried his face in her sex.

Isabelle rocked forward, her hands coming to grip his fro as he sucked and flicked her clit with his tongue

God! How he knew how to use his tongue!

Without warning, Isabelle came.

A silence scream left her lips as he rocked her world into new heights, and before she could fully come down from her release. Darren gripped her hips, and plunged into her back into her with his cock causing another earth shattering orgasm. He fucked her with an intensity that a man never did before. Isabelle was banging her head against the window but could care less. She came twice more before Darren hollered that he was coming. She held him as he jerked and twitched as he came inside of her again.

Darren leaned against her pressing her against the window for a few minutes, both of them trying to catch their breath.

“Damn woman, I planned on going slow with you tonight,” he murmured against her temple before stepping away from her as his soft cock slipped out of her

“That didn’t work out quiet as planned then,” Isabelle answered shakily, still out of breath.

After a moment of full recovering, Darren gripped her hand and moved her to the couch; he turned on the TV and changed it to the satellite radio. R&B music filled their ears as the got ready to settle on big sofa. He stripped off her robe and flung it somewhere; he pushed Isabelle down on the couch and lied down beside her. As the air got chilly around them, he pulled the throw blanket from the end of the couch over them and covered them. Darren arranged them so that Isabelle was laying half on top of him so that his hands could run up and down the back of her body; he loved seeing her ass in the air.

“I think I’m in love with you. Fuck that, I know that I’m in love with you,” Darren spoke sudden.

 Isabelle blinked and her head shot up to look at him.

Darren’s clear blue eyes looked into her brown ones and his hand came up to cup her cheek.

“Darren…I….It’s way to early. You just met me,” Isabelle shook her head, nearly lost for words.

“But I’ve been wanting you since end of summer last year. Baby girl, I’m not the type of man that believes in love at first slight but with you,” Darren bit his lip; Isabelle finally understood that the man was absolutely nervous and serious.

“I’m completely out of control. I want you every moment, I think about you every moment, I smell you everywhere. I never had something like this, Isabelle. I thought I was in love before with my girlfriends, but this, you smile at me and I melt inside. You could talk about physics and I’ll hang on your every word. The only explanation I have is that I fell in love the moment I saw your picture on Derek’s desk,” Darren ran a hand threw her curls.

Isabelle blink, stunned.

In all of her 32 years, no man has ever told her that he was in love with her. Isabelle opened her mouth to say something but it closed as her mind went wild.

“Aww fuck, baby girl, I didn’t mean to scare ya,” Darren put a hand over his face; you could tell he was beating himself up.

Isabelle sat up, and shook her head.

“I just don’t know what to say, Darren. I’m a little stunned,” she told him.

“Can get a few minutes? Just a minute to process this alone,” she told him, patting his naked chest. Darren nodded, she moved so that he could get up.

“I’ll go to bathroom,” he murmured and walked to his closet, closing the door behind himself giving the privacy she asked for.

He was sweet.

Isabelle shook her head to clear her thoughts and then thought for a moment before scrambling to get her cell phone.

She hit a number and hoped it went through.

“Flor…Hemmingway, I need to get use to that,” Donna’s voice came through with a giggle.

 Isabelle sighed in relief.

“Donna can you give me Derek…Please?” Isabelle pleaded.

“Isabelle? Yeah wait a minute,” Isabelle listened as the phone rustled and Derek’s deep voice answered.


“Derek! I’m so damn confuse!” Isabelle gasped out. In a rush she told him everything that happened over the last two days and what Darren had confessed to her just a moment ago.

There was a moment of silence before Derek’s laughter could be heard, “Damn, Isa, you got that fool wrapped around your finger.”

“Derek! You’re not helping me!” Isabelle shouted at him.

“Little lady,” Derek voice turned stern, “A man, my best friend, just confessed to you that he’s in love with you. Yeah, okay, the fool is coming on to strong for ya and ya flipping out but Darren’s a good man, and I’m not just saying that cause he’s my best friend. I know Darren for a few of years, and he treats his ladies like trophies, baby girl, he is the mack daddy of all mack daddies. Isa, the man cooked for you, he ran bathwater, treats you like a Queen, and Darren never treats ladies like Queens. You got him hooked and strung if he’s doing that to you, already. You don’t have to confess to him that you love him, but give the man a chance. Isa, I saw the man’s eyes when he saw your picture and asked about you. If he had been a dog, he would have wagged his tail and start humping my leg,” Derek murmured.

Isabelle sat on the couch, and her shoulders slumped.

“He’s that into me?” she murmured.

Derek sighed, “Him in love with it’s the problem isn’t it, little lady? I know what’s going through your head. The motherfucker is good looking, and you think you deserve a man like that. News flash, little lady, you are sexy.”

Isabelle blinked, “Derek” she drawled out his name.

“Fuck that, Isabelle; I’m saying this in front of my new wife. You are fucking sexy as hell. You a big girl, got some meat on you that’s for sure, but sexy as fuck. You got the light light skin, those sexy lips, that long curl hair, a ass on you that rivals all asses, Kim K don’t got shit on you,” Derek spoke to her.

Isabelle blushed brightly.

In the background she heard Donna holler, “Don’t forget her big tittes! I love to motorboat those babies myself.”

“See even my wife wanna touch you and you’re titties. So don’t tell me that you aren’t beautiful because you big, Isabelle, because you are extremely beautiful. Hell, if I didn’t think as you as my best friend, I would have tapped your ass long time ago. I would be pushing my D up in you like I wanted to get you pregnant,” Derek added.

Isabelle laughed loudly, and sighed, “Derek. I love you,” she sighed.

“I know you do, now go to your man and get freaky with him. Tell him that it might take some time, but you can see yourself falling in love with him,” he answered.

Isabelle smiled bright, “Thank you, Derek.”

“Not a problem, little lady. I love you,” he answered before hanging up.

Isabelle tossed her cell on the table before getting up. She walked over to the closet slash bathroom and opened the door. She was surprised to find Darren pacing up and down in his closet, slapping his head with his palm.

 “Stupid, stupid, stupid. Scare her off, Darren. Motherfucker you are a stupid ass nigg…” as he turned around, he startled himself still to see her leaning against the doorframe with a amused look on her face.

“Isabelle…” he took a step towards her, and Isabelle shook her head meet him were he stopped at. She pulled him close and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You are not stupid. You anything but stupid,” she kissed him.

Darren sighed and wrapped his around her naked waist.

“Darren, I’m gonna be straight up, I’m not in love with you” she felt him stiffen. “But I can see myself falling in love with you with a little time. You are a wonderful man, sexy and smart, I’ll be stupid not to fall in love with you,” she kissed the corner of his mouth as he relaxed at the end of her words.

“Yeah, you be pretty stupid,” Darren chuckled. Isabelle rolled her eyes.

“Don’t call me stupid, baby boy, I’ll knock you out,” she looked at him.

Darren was taking back. “Where is this sassiness coming from?” he smirked at her, his hand now resting on her ass.

“Boy, you don’t even know me right. I’m starting to feel comfortable around you and now my sassy is coming out,” Isabelle licked her lips and nodded her head.

“Hmm…I think I like you sassy,” Darren pulled her in for a kiss and she could feel his growing erection rubbing against her.

“I like you sassy too,” Isabelle whispered back, she reached between them and gripped his erection, stroking it to full mast.

“Yeah, I think I like it when you like me being sassy,” Darren growled capturing her lips; he grinded against her, gripping her ass tightly.

Darren pulled a little harder. Isabelle got the clue; she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him, still stroking his shaft as he walked them over to his bed.

He dropped them on his bed, and took her hand from his cock. Isabelle moaned but this wasn’t right, she had started this and she was going to finish this. With a move that she learned in her self defence class at work, she rolled him over and straddled his thighs.

Darren’s eyes looked at her shocked and then narrowed as he swept over her frame. She felt sexy in the position even if her stomach rolled together and her heavy breasts hung down. He looked at her like she was hottest thing alive.

She moved to grip his erection, line it up with her and with a swift motion of her hips; she sank down on him taking him all at once. Darren’s neck strained as he tossed his head back, gripped her hips. Isabelle didn’t waste anytime and started to ride him, moving her hips up and down and back and forth. She rotated her hips every now and then making Darren grunt and close his eyes in pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Darren he sat up wrapping an arm around her waist and moved his head take her left nipple in his hot wet mouth. Isabelle cried out as a sneaky hand came between them and played with her clit.

She was losing her control over him. Darren wanted to be the one rocking her world.

Darren shifted laying back down taking her with him so that she was on all fours above him, his cock never leaving its favorite place, her wet sex. Darren gripped her waist with both hands, she braced herself as to what was about to come and he started to thrust upwards while jerking her down.

Isabelle screamed, the man knew exactly what position to get her that made her feel so good.

He was fucking her now, and not the other way around. How Isabelle wanted to protest that she wanted control of their love making but this was just too wonderful.

Isabelle buried her face into his neck as he continued to fuck her in this position until the world flipped. He was back on top, a leg of hers thrown over his shoulder before he was dive deeply into her again.

It wasn’t long before they both came, the world shattering around them in a million pieces.

Coming down from her high, Isabelle noticed that Darren was still erect inside of her but slowly retreating in and out of her. She sighed as the made love, slowly before Darren came inside of her again with a soft grunt.

As he moved to go down on her, Isabelle stopped him.

“Baby, you didn’t come, I don’t want you leave unsatisfied,” Darren spoke to her wanting to make her come.

Isabelle shook her head, “Baby, I don’t care if I don’t come just the thought of you in me is enough to satisfy me. Let me hold you,” she answered him.

They moved so that Darren was laying his head on her chest and was wrapped around her.

“This is not going to do it for me,” Darren grumbled after a while, Isabelle was about to say something when she felt his long fingers cup her sex, and his middle finger and index finger clamped her swollen nub between them. Slowly he rotated his hand wetting her even, Isabelle sighed. Darren’s blue eyes watched her as he quickened the pace, faster and faster, more pressure on her clit feeling it harden even more before he make her come like bullet.

Isabelle cried out and pressed herself into his hand as it slowed down and then stopped all together.

“There…Now I can fall asleep,” Darren murmured into her chest, wrapping his arms around her chest and laying his head between her breasts.

Isabelle chuckled and ran a hand threw his afro looking down at him. It wasn’t long before Darren’s breath evened out as he fell asleep.

Isabelle sighed and closed her eyes.

Yeah, she could fall in love with him fast.

Real fast.   







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