Innocence Lost

BY : MadameDouleur
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Disclaimer: This is an original story written under the penname HentaiBunny/Madame Douleur. Do not use without permission. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely

Moments ran in a single line, dispelling images of a life gone by. Images of childhood and adulthood spun in circles, threatening to consume her weary soul. Footsteps, pained by her sudden flight, took on new meaning as she dashed along the paved road. Huffs of white stream poured from her open mouth, stretched into a grimace of terror.

Fresh adrenaline pumped into her veins, making her sprint from danger more daring as she skidded around a corner. Behind her she could hear the musical breath of her attacker and her heart jumped into her throat. This can’t be happening, she thought. This is not real. Wake up, wake up dammit!

A low moan sprung from her mouth and she sped up her pace. Her heart was beating hard in her chest and she was gasping for breath. She kept fighting though, unwilling to let herself be caught. If he reached her she’d be dead, she was certain of it.

She broke fast into a deserted alleyway. Water ran along the uneven pavement, remnants of broken gutters and homeless men with nowhere else to urinate. She saw the ground rushing at her before she even realized she had slipped. Darkness threatened to overtake her as she slammed into the hard ground, stars exploding behind her eyelids.

She wasn’t done though. With great effort, she pushed herself up and was running again before he could even round the corner. He charged when he saw she had slowed down. She panicked, her eyes glued to the man behind her as she ran. That was her last mistake.

She plowed into a brick wall, her breath ripped from her lungs as she tumbled to the ground. A gurgle escaped as she tried desperately to allow the oxygen back into her body. She moaned as she stirred. Feet splashed in the murky water behind her and her eyes snapped open.

Whipping her head around she saw him emerge from the shadows, a sadistic smile plastered on his face. She tried to sit up but he pounced on her, holding her down with his muscular legs. She went to scream but her voice was muffled by a soft clothe being pressed to her nose and mouth.

Something slightly acidic punctuated her senses and she struggled under his power. Her senses started to drag as her consciousness started to fade, her movements becoming more and more lethargic. As her sight faded from view, she saw the man laugh with an evil smile.

Please let this be a dream…. Please let me wake up…. Please….. Plea…



Something moved under her and she jerked back into consciousness. All she could see was darkness; her vision impended by some foreign object. She decided it was a bag as she breathed in the stale air. Suddenly her body lurched forward as the thing around her moved. A car then.

Voices murmured quietly in front of her, how far or how close she couldn’t tell. She tried to take the bag off her head but was surprised to find her wrists tied securely behind her back. She moved her feet and found the same thing had happened to her ankles. She was a prisoner.

The voices became louder as she struggled with her bonds. Rough hands whipped the bag off of her head and she blinked in the sudden light. Once her vision cleared she realized that she was in a limo, an extremely expensive looking one at that. Across from her sat a beautiful woman who was looking back at her with just as much curiosity.

She was obviously tall with soft tan skin and raven locks tumbling down her back. She wore a tight leather corset and a long black crushed velvet skirt. Her breasts heaved as the sultry woman appraised her. Cold calculating green eyes stared back into her own blue ones. She fidgeted under the intense scrutiny.

“What’s your name, Shug? “she asked, a faint southern accent hidden in her speech. She stared defiantly back until the man beside her reached out and slapped her hard in the face.

“Answer your Mistress!” he growled. Tears sprung into her eyes and threatened to gush out. She squared her jaw and looked right back at the woman, saying nothing. The man reached out and punched her jaw this time. “Answer her, you dirty whore!”

“Grace.” The word was dripping with hate but the woman merely raised her eyebrows. Her face hurt like hell but Grace didn’t pay attention, she just kept her steely gaze on the woman in front of her.

“Grace, “the woman repeated as though she was rolling the name around in her mouth. She smiled with her full blood red lips, white teeth gleaming in the artificial light. Grace suppressed a shiver at the almost maniacal look in her eye. “What an innocent look you have, as though you have never been touched by another. You may call me Mistress for now.”

Mistress reached out with her dripping red nails, caressing Grace’ bruised face. She ran her fingers in her long blond hair, twisting the strands and bringing them to her face so she could smell them. She let the hair fall, resuming her journey downward and finally, to her breasts.

Grace squirmed at bit as the strong hands grasped them. The hands ran along her nipples, making them strain against her flimsy tank top. Mistress retreated and glanced at the man. He nodded and unearthed something from his coat. Silver light bounced off the edge of the blade as it swished out from its hiding place.

Grace paled, struggling more intensely now. The man punched her mouth, making her head fly to the side and blood splattered the cushioned seat. She sat motionless as he cut her shirt and bra from her body, wrenching the fabric away and she was at last topless.

Mistress looked on appreciatively at the shapely round mounds and licked her lips. She flashed a small smile to the man and he looked humbled by the look. Two perk nipples stood hard in the cold air and she reached to twist them. Grace grunted as Mistress slowly applied pressure.

Soon Mistress was pulling and twisting so much that Grace thought she couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly the pain stopped and Grace looked up. Mistress was looking at her with satisfaction as though she had passed some sort of test. She motioned for the man to cut the rest.

Greedy hands grasped her as the knife cut through the materials of her jeans. Soon she was sitting naked, her discarded clothes thrown out the window. Frigid air reached her pussy and she shivered.

Mistress looked on with a smile and reached a finger to Grace’s slit. She ran her nail up and down, always watching the look on her face. She stuck a finger in her hole, feelings around for a moment. Satisfied, Mistress brought the finger back to her mouth and sucked on it, her eyes glowing with lust.

“Turn her over for moment, Corbin, “she instructed softly. Corbin raised Grace over his knee, her ass facing Mistress. She started to struggle frantically, anticipating what was going to happen next. Corbin yanked her head back and pressed the knife against her throat. She stopped moving.

Mistress lovingly ran her hands along Grace’s firm buttocks, kneading the soft flesh between her fingers. She pried open her cheeks and looked down on the small opening to her anus. Using the same finger as before, she pushed down on that magic button and it opened for her.

Grace cried out as Mistress stuck her whole finger deep into her asshole. She had never been penetrated there before and it hurt like hell. Tears poured down her cheek as the wretched woman started to slowly pump her finger in and out, sometimes stopping slap her ass hard. Soon the finger left her depraved hole and she was thrown back onto the seat. She landed painfully on her tied hands and she bit her lip to stop from crying out.

“I am pleased with your choice, Corbin, “Mistress said, bowing her head in his direction. He looked extremely happy, a grin almost splitting his face. “She has fire, I like that. It will take a long time, I think, to break her and I am looking forward to the task.”

Mistress threw her gaze back onto Grace who sat shivering in the cold. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach as she watched Mistress settle herself more into the seat.

“You belong to me now, Grace, “she murmured, her green eyes penetrating Grace’ own. She started to cry and Mistress almost looked disgusted.

“Corbin, I tire of her.”

It was just a simple phrase and terror settled into Grace’s being. Corbin advanced from the opposite seat, that sadistic smile back and Grace began to scream. Her voice was muffled as his knuckles made contact with her face. Red lights exploded behind her eyelids as he punched her again and again. Soon, the darkness slid its blanket around her and she succumbed to it.

This isn’t a dream….. It’s a nightmare…. Nigh….



When she awoke for the second time Grace couldn’t feel her feet. Pain was rooted deep in her jaw and she tried to flex her mouth. She discovered that a large ball gag had been shoved into her mouth and latched firmly to her head.

She realized then that her feet were barely touching the ground and that was the reason she couldn't feel them. She looked up to see her hands tied securely to a long pole that was dangling from a high ceiling by thick ropes.

Grace was still naked and she was shivering in the darkness. The room was large, filled with ropes and pullies. Mattresses were halfhazardly littered among the room but there was a giant table in the middle. It held a variety of what looked to be dildos and vibrators. The wall across from it held an array of whips and paddles.

Grace started to shake, not from the cold but from the terror that was lodging itself in her throat. She tried to scream but nothing came out but a slight gurgling. Tears streamed down her cheek as she heard a door open behind her. She panicked, struggling against the bonds but only succeeded in hurting herself more.

“Yes,  my pet, struggle for me, “Mistress whispered seductively behind her. “Welcome to my Dungeon….”

To be continued…

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