Dreams, Remade

BY : Samson
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“Your First Day.”


Dreams, Remade
Part I - "New School"
By: Jesse Racine AKA Samson
Original Date Written: July 16, 2014



Her heels stomped into the concrete with every running step, threatening to break at any moment. Panting hard, she glanced over her shoulder with wild eyes, then took a sharp turn around the street corner. She knew he was still pursuing her, she could feel his eyes on her, but never once had she actually seen him. At first, she had only seen a red jacket in the shadows. Then, out came the knife, reflecting the moonlight. She had been in such a panic to get away that she didn’t even know where she was, anymore. Every street felt as dead as the last, as if the very city, itself, was turning a blind eye to her plight. Every window was dark, every door was shut, and no matter how loudly she screamed, nobody ever so much as stuck their head outside.

Finally, one of her heels snapped under her rough use. She screamed and collapsed into the sidewalk, kneecaps practically cracking under such a hard fall. Tears began streaking her cheeks as she desperately scrambled forwards, trying to ignore the pain. Footsteps rounded the corner, behind her. She flipped herself over, jaw trembling as the man in the red jacket finally came into view. Two glittering dots of red light shone over his face in the darkness, illuminating the bloodthirsty grin just below. Kicking against the sidewalk as hard as she could, she pushed herself backwards, crying out “No...Stay back! Go away! Help! Please, somebody!!” He pulled a serrated knife from inside his jacket, and in seconds, he was upon her.

She raised a hand to stop him, but he just slashed across her palm so deep she lost sensation in her fingers. She screamed, watching spurts of red weakly gush from her hand. A moment later, he had gotten closer, whipping his knife across her throat. Her scream was instantly killed, but it took a few seconds longer for her to follow that example. Gurgling blood, she grabbed at her throat with both hands, eyes wide as pain unlike anything she had ever felt flooded her body. Her body went cool, her vision darkened, and soon, she was reduced to a limp heap.

The man wiped his knife off on her clothing, then slipped it back into his jacket. Smiling rather proudly, he took in a deep breath of the damp night air, glancing around to check if there were any witnesses. Kneeling back down beside her lifeless body, he reached back into his jacket and pulled out a purple hunk of crystal. Apparently oblivious to, or uncaring of, the blood pouring over his hands, he grabbed her by the throat, prying away her grip. Parting her fatal wound as far as he could, he jammed the mineral right into the gash with a squelching wet sound. A moment later, a faint glow began to come from the mineral, illuminating the young man’s face purple. He grinned, chuckling quietly to himself.

Ahh!!” Alex bolted up in her bed, throwing the sheets from herself in a panic. The nightmare had left her with a cold sweat, leaving an uncomfortable damp spot in the mattress beneath her. Panting a little, she brought a hand to her forehead, then let out a quiet shudder. The beads of perspiration running down her chest and back left her feeling disgusting, grimy. It was a rather safe bet that she wouldn’t be falling asleep again, not after a dream like that. The terror had been so real, it were as if she had been in the woman’s body, watching herself getting murdered.

She threw the covers from herself and got up to her feet, squinting her eyes to slits as a beam of the sunrise struck her face through a crack in her window blinds. Sighing irritably, she made for her private bathroom, stepping through the dark doorway across from her bed. When she flipped on the light, she gave a start. Shutting her eyes, her blood ran cold, and her body went rigid for several seconds. For a moment there, she could’ve sworn she had seen the man in the red jacket in her mirror, looking over her shoulder with a grin. It took some time, but once she had shaken off the feeling, she opened her eyes again and gave herself a good look in the mirror. Bare feet softly clapping against the tile floor, she put her hands on the sink counter, looking up and down with a stressed look on her face.

She had never been the type to look at herself and be unhappy with what she saw, thankfully. Looking at herself, she didn’t feel unattractive, so she must’ve had something going for herself. Alex, at the young age of fourteen, was fairly tall for a girl, standing a bit beneath six feet. Her hair was long and pure black, her bangs wild and untrimmed, her locks hanging down to her shoulder blades in a shiny, rather smooth cascade. She had a fairly normal physique for a girl her age, in shape and fit, but not particularly muscular, either. Her eyes were largely green in colour, but a faint ring of blue rounded the perimeter of her irises. Sighing quietly through her nose, she stepped off to the side, reached into her shower, and flipped the handle. Frigid water instantly spurted from the showerhead, surprising her into giving a jolt.

She’d be going to a new school, this semester. She knew very little about it, although seeing the construction site, a few months back, had certainly fuelled her imagination. It had taken the better part of a year to be built, and once it was complete, a letter from the Hegemony had abruptly shown up at her doorstep, more or less telling her that she had no choice but to transfer to the new school. Beyond the name, Dreams Academy, the letter had offered very little in the way of information, although it did promise a new, revolutionary curriculum. Of course, that was about as appealing to Alex as a conga line of people taking turns punting her between the legs. She hated school, everything about it rubbed her the wrong way. In fact, she didn’t think she had ever once had a single mildly pleasant experience in a “learning institution,” as they liked to conceitedly proclaim themselves.

It wasn’t that she performed poorly in school, quite the opposite, in fact. When she was actually interested and applied herself, her grades were stellar, but those occurrences were once in a blue moon. Alex’s experience had been that teachers were all petty bullies, other students were pretentious pricks, having her life scheduled with classes was stifling, and combined, the entire thing was simply an awful environment. If it weren’t for her brother, she’d probably end up skipping school on a regular basis.

With their father gone and their mother all but absent, the house didn’t really have any proper parental figure to keep the two siblings in line. As such, the two of them had more or less raised themselves for quite a few years, and Taylor had shouldered the responsibility of making sure Alex didn’t turn into a delinquent. No easy feat, but he had always been mature enough to handle it, and Alex could never bring herself to get angry with him over it. He did it because he cared, and because somebody had to. There really wasn’t anyone else.

Alex shut off the shower and ran her hands through her hair for a few seconds, making sure to let as much water run off of her as possible before reaching out for her towel. Wrapping it around herself, she stepped out into her room, sighing tiredly as she headed over for her dresser. She expected this first day to be as awkward as any other. She hated switching schools, but not because she’d be leaving any friends behind. She supposed it was just a matter of fearing the devil she knew was better than the devil she didn’t. Today would be no different from any other day, probably...Boring. Empty. Monotonous. She’d walk in, quietly drift from class to class like a ghost, and try to pick out which teachers were on power trips and which classmates were bullies.

Yawning, she pulled on a favourite shirt, a black one with fire patterns running up the long sleeves as well as around her mid section. A matching black pair of jeans went with it, and with a pair of socks in hand, she sluggishly wandered out of her room. Heading down the large half-spiral staircase to the main floor, she peeked into the kitchen with a little smile. There was Taylor, reading the paper while munching on some peanut butter toast, which looked just a little silly, if Alex was being honest. The odd mix of maturity and childishness was a touching, if saddening, reminder of how forced Taylor had felt to grow up.

He was a few years older than Alex, having just a month ago celebrated his sixteenth birthday. Like her, he had inherited their mother’s stark black hair, and wore it in a short, conservative style. It didn’t make Alex feel uncomfortable to admit that her brother was fairly handsome, and the protectiveness they had shared for each other guaranteed she thought he deserved nothing but the best in a girlfriend. At that hour, he was lounging around in just a pair of jeans, sitting on a leather stool next to a kitchen counter. When he noticed her, he raised an eyebrow. After swallowing a mouthful of toast, he asked “What’re you doing up at this hour? It’s, like, five in the morning, Alex. You that eager for your first day?”

Alex smiled at his sarcasm, tiredly leaning against the wall. Hanging her head down, she closed her eyes and mumbled out “God, no. I just...Had a bad dream. It was pretty intense, so...I just got up.” Taylor lowered the newspaper, and before popping the last piece of toast in his mouth, he asked “Really? What about? I know it sucks, switching schools, but it can’t have you that jittery.” Alex looked up at him, barely raising her head back up. Her smile growing into a bit of a sullen smirk, she remarked “It’s not that. Even if it was, it’s not like you have to switch, too. I...Ah...Hwaah...” Alex raised a hand to her mouth, yawning so hard that she heard her jaw give a little pop, inside her head.

Taylor briefly gestured at her. “See? Look at you, you’re still exhausted. There’s still a few hours before you have to get going. What was so bad about this dream that you couldn’t just roll over and fall back asleep?” Alex shook her head. “Nothing...Maybe you’re right, though. I’ll see if I can’t get some more sleep, I guess.” Alex walked away before he could press her any further. She headed over towards the front door, half stumbling her way into the small living room just to the side. Finding her way to the family’s small futon, she settled down, closed her eyes, and before she knew it, she had fallen back asleep.

“...Lex? Alex! C’mon, wake up, already.” A light shake on her shoulder finally pulled her back into the world of the waking. She mumbled, drowsily opening her eyes a crack. Sunlight was pouring in through the windows, quickly straining her eyes. As she sat up and started rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she heard him say “C’mon, you have to get ready. We’ve got about half an hour before we need to go...Your breakfast’s waiting for you in the kitchen. I hope you packed your bag in advance, last night.” Alex chuckled, dropping her hands to her lap. Playfully, she groaned out “Oh, c’mon, Taylor. Nobody ever does anything on a first day, it’s practically orientation day. I’ll...”

Alex trailed off when her eyes fell to the newspaper under his arm. All she could see was part of the headline, but what she saw was disturbing enough. Nodding at the newspaper, she glanced up at his eyes, asking “Hey, you done with that?” Taylor raised an eyebrow, glancing down at the bundle under his arm. “Hm? Oh, yeah, sure. Here, take it.” He handed it to her, earning an absent-minded thanks from her. Her brow twitched down in confusion. The title read “Woman slashed to death in street,” just above a picture depicting a covered stretcher being pushed into the back of an ambulance. The fact that the scene appeared to have taken place in a suburban street very much like her own made her tense. The fact that the crime coincided with her dream spooked her even further.

Taylor didn’t notice her reaction, simply walking back over into the kitchen. Feeling a little lightheaded, she got up and trudged after him, leaving the newspaper behind. He glanced over his shoulder, spotting her raise a hand to her forehead. “Well, you didn’t take long with that paper, heh. You alright? You’re a little pale, all of a sudden.” Alex quietly groaned, shutting her eyes tight. “No...I feel a little sick...” Taylor sighed, turning around and walking over to her. “This better not be some excuse, Alex...C’mon, sit down and eat your breakfast, that’ll steady you.” Alex mumbled as he led her over to a stool, easing her down into it. Alex smiled appreciatively, glancing at him before focusing on the breakfast he had made for her. She tried to push the newspaper out of her mind as she ate, but everything felt like too odd a coincidence.

She had never considered herself the superstitious type. Far from it, in fact. She had always had a hard time believing anything she couldn’t see with her own eyes. But, the dream had happened, and then this?...Were there such a thing as prophetic dreams? Alex wanted to say no, but she couldn’t just shrug off this odd feeling. When she had finished her breakfast, she went back up to her bedroom and rummaged around through her dresser, one last time. There was just one more thing she wanted before heading off for her first day at Dreams Academy: a flame-print bra, just slightly padded to accentuate the look of her breasts. It had been a gift from her mother, after Alex had voiced concerns to her about her appearance, a year before.

Alex had admitted feeling a little self-conscious about her bust size, and that she wished her chest was a little bigger. Her mother had responded with some surprisingly genuine reassurances, but offered to get Alex something to help her confidence, regardless. The next day, she had presented Alex with the bra. Alex pulled off her shirt, got the bra on, and slipped back into her shirt before looking down at herself. The effect was subtle, it had to be, otherwise other girls might try accusing her of stuffing her bra. It was an appreciable effect nonetheless, however, making her breasts look just a little fuller, a little more rounded.

Grabbing her school bag by the straps, she headed back downstairs, finding Taylor by the front door, waiting to see her off. “I’m sure your first day will be fine. The problems don’t really set in until the second week anyway, right?” Alex half-smiled, shrugging a little. After giving him a hug, she was out the door, beginning the long walk to her new school. As she passed through sleepy suburban streets and parks, she had little to occupy her mind aside from the murder in the newspaper. It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened. A rather odd spree of murders had been occurring in Kurandra, her country of origin, for several months, now. The murders were always the same, too: the victims were always isolated at the time of the murder, and some kind of knife had been used in every death thus far.

As if that weren’t enough, news had been trickling into Kurandra, lately, that similar murders were popping up in neighbouring countries, and at an alarming rate. The Human Hegemony was officially declaring the situation as a “rash of serial and copycat killers,” and vowed to put an end to the deaths. Alex’s brow twitched down in thought. Now that she thought about it, it had been shortly after that announcement that the construction of Dreams Academy had begun, hadn’t it? Odd little coincidence. She might’ve thought the two were connected, if a highschool could’ve logically had anything at all to do with serial killers. Before she knew it, the academy came into sight, and it positively took her breath away.

The building was massive, most certainly the biggest she had ever seen in her life. It sat on a plot of land big enough to contain a little forest, it was so gargantuan. The building looked a bit like an addition symbol, although with a large period for the heart; four wings stretched out for about three quarters of a kilometer in each of the cardinal directions, each meeting in the center with a large cylindrical chamber. A similarly huge crowd of people were collected by the entrance to the nearest wing, and from her position in the street, Alex could see another crowd at the entrance to the southern wing. For a moment, Alex was afraid she was supposed to go into a certain wing, that she had missed or forgotten something in the letter she had received. Then, she simply told herself that she didn’t care, and headed for the nearest crowd.

Once Alex started walking into the crowd, she quickly felt out of place. Looking around, everyone looked a little too rough to be going somewhere prestigious enough to call itself an academy, but then, who was she to judge? She didn’t exactly come from money, and she had been just as forced into going as everyone else no doubt had been. Still, seeing so many tough characters in one place made her a little uneasy. As she made her way towards the doors, she noticed a few like-minded individuals who thankfully didn’t seem anywhere near as punkish as the others.

There was a fairly cute girl who looked around Alex’s age, whose pure blonde hair was done up in a long ponytail with a pink ribbon bow. She wore a one-colour outfit of a bright red t-shirt matching a red skirt, complemented by tall red socks and black dance shoes. There was a young man, maybe two years older than Alex, wearing an all-black ensemble of a skull-patterned t-shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers. Finally, there was a second young man, a fairly handsome one, who looked a bit closer to her age. He was dressed in a gray t-shirt designed with a big eagle over his chest, matching with a pair of denim jeans. The idea of striking up a conversation with him made Alex feel a bit warm, but she was quick to dismiss the idea.

The four of them made their way through the crowd, but Alex was the first to reach the doors. She found them closed, and with several notices taped to the glass on the other side, stating that the school wouldn’t open for at least another ten minutes. Alex gave a sharp sigh, brow furrowing deep as she blurted out a few curse words. It really wasn’t that long of a wait, but that early in the morning, she was far from in a good mood. Someone gave her a pat on the shoulder, and a man close behind her playfully said “Hey, relax! I’m not eager to get in there either, so think of the wait as a reprieve.”

Alex quickly spun around, being touched by a stranger instantly putting her on her guard. Facing her was the boy in black she had spotted earlier on, regarding her with a friendly smile and a raised eyebrow. Giving him a bit of a glare, she frostily demanded “What do you want?” Her cold attitude visibly caught him off-guard. His brow twitched downwards in annoyance, and the friendly look in his eyes started to fade. Quite matter-of-factly, he answered “Well...You sounded pretty pissed, so I thought I’d calm you down. Maybe I should’ve opened with pointing out that eighty-fifty is exactly, oh...Five minutes, from now.”

He glanced at his wrist, checking his watch. Alex kept giving him a frigid look, but when he looked past her head and remarked “Hey, is that the janitor? Looks like the show’s on the road.” Alex glanced over her shoulder, then quickly turned all the way around when she spotted a figure through the glass. Without any lights on inside, however, it took several moments for the individual to become properly visible. When he came into sight, Alex doubted he was a janitor, although he was a rather unassuming man, nonetheless. He was aged, probably in his forties. Dressed in a suit without a tie, he had black thick-framed glasses to go with his dark brown, greying hair.

Nothing about the man really made him stand out, as if his very purpose had been to stand in the shadows and watch the world pass him by. As it was, Alex was certain she’d forget all about the man five minutes from then, so humble was he. As he came up to the doors, he pulled out a key from his suit jacket, using it to unlock the one directly in front of her. Alex took a step back when the man opened the door, almost bumping into the other one behind herself, prompting an awkward apology. The man with glasses pulled an unusual walkie-talkie device from inside his jacket, raised it up, and spoke in a boom similar to a megaphone. “Everyone, please make your way into the atrium. Thank you.

The crowd stirred, the din of voices beginning to pick up. The man stepped out of the way, moving back into the building to finish unlocking the rest of the doors. Alex stepped inside just as the building’s lights kicked in, nearly blinding her. Before she knew it, she had been swept up in the tide of people flowing in behind her, and somehow, she had made her way into the eastern wing’s atrium. The interior of the building almost seemed even more massive than the rest of it. The atrium was an immense opening leading all the way up to a humongous glass canopy in the rooftop, which had a metal blanket protecting it from exterior damage, already steadily withdrawing to allow in sunlight.

The open nature of the atrium exposed the five floors of the massive building, and while the first two seemed like classrooms, the top three had what looked like black curtains pulled across for privacy. A large stage obscured the no doubt lengthy view before her, which had an inviting army of chairs set before it. As the man who had ushered the new students in took the stage, Alex drifted over for a random seat, hoping that the young man from before wouldn’t try sitting next to her. As Alex took her seat, she couldn’t help but notice a peculiar scent on the air. It was a rather odd combination of some sort of sanitizer and a what must’ve been a burnt aroma, but taking a look around, she couldn’t see any likely cause. She spotted a few others visibly taking deep sniffs of the scent along with her, so it couldn’t have just been in her imagination.

Alex simply put it out of her mind and hoped that she eventually wouldn’t be able to notice it, anymore. Once all of the seats had been filled, the man on the stage tapped at his walkie-talkie, causing the loud speaker feedback to quell everyone’s talking. Slowly pacing from one side of the stage to the other, he spoke into his device, calmly introducing himself. “Settle down, everyone. You can call me mister Dalton, welcome to your first day at Dreams Academy. I’m the principal here, and I’d like to give you a bit of an introduction before you get your schedules and figure out where you need to go. Dreams Academy is very much like an ordinary highschool and has advanced curriculum with dedicated teachers...”

Dalton stopped in the middle of the stage, raising an eyebrow at the crowd. “The only exception is that there will be no religion class. It is the belief of the academy that making a class out of religion is a waste of both time and intellectual capacity. If you’re religious, you can study in the privacy of your own home. I doubt there’s anything you could learn in a classroom that you couldn’t learn on your own time, anyway. Instead, we’ll have what’s called “Defence class,” which we hope would help prepare you in the event that you’re, heaven forbid, attacked by any of the murderers who’ve been cluttering up our newspapers, the last little while. Consider it a sort of...Martial arts training, I suppose.”

Plenty of people perked up, Alex included. Agitated murmurs broke out, but Dalton was quick to silence them. Alex pulled a half-finished pack of Blue Rose gum from her pocket, popping a piece in her mouth as she continued listening. The blueberry flavour popping across her tastebuds made a brief smile cross her face, which promptly died once Dalton continued. “In that sense, Dreams Academy is hardly ordinary. The Defence classes you take will teach you skills and abilities that we expect you’ll use with only your best judgement, and to be discreet about who you show it to or talk to about it. Once you see what I’m talking about, you’ll realize your families won’t believe you, anyway. It’s the hope of this school’s administration that, should Dreams prove itself to be capable of making a difference, similar academies will be built in neighbouring countries.”

Dalton briefly raised a hand, pointing at the covered-over windows on the top three floors visible from the atrium. “Lastly, only the first two floors of the academy are open to students. Those are all classrooms, none of you should ever have any business that takes you up to another floor. Before any of you get too curious, I’ll tell you, now...The top three floors are the dormitories of the Knights of White Souls, or White Knights, if you prefer. They’re a new sort of police force exclusive to Kurandra, currently being trained by the founder of the academy, Vergil Delotacoss.”

“The Hegemony has deemed that once the White Knights are ready, they’ll begin hunting down the murderers. After at least a few months of preparation in Defence classes, you students will be offered the opportunity to join the White Knights, if you wish. It’s not compulsory, and you’re entirely free to refuse...Although, if you accept, full citizenship is guaranteed.” Alex spotted Dalton’s grin when that final note made the crowd murmur. It surprised her, the idea that so many people her age hadn’t been born citizens. The Hegemony was reluctant to hand out citizenships and the bonuses that went along with them, but all someone had to do to be born a citizen was have parents who had been citizens, themselves, for a few years.

Alex had been born a citizen, so the offer didn’t excite her in the least. In fact, the entire subject was a bit of a sore topic, with her. The very reason why her mother had been a shadow on the wall ever since her father’s disappearance was because she had more or less made her career her life, so much so that she could only afford to visit her children for a single day every other month, or so. Her career, which had helped guarantee the citizenry of her children, had consumed her life, and thoroughly estranged her from her own children. Alex didn’t much mind that her mother was so absent, but it’s not the state she had ever wanted her family to be in. As Dalton droned on, Alex remembered that her mother would probably be making another awkward visit soon, pretending as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Alex would have to pretend she didn’t loathe her mother, Taylor would have to pretend his mother didn’t feel like a stranger, and they’d both have to lavish her with unrealistic heaps of gratitude for her financial support, despite her very obligation to do so as their mother. The idea made Alex’s hands clench. She’d simply avoid her mother, if possible. She had become thoroughly sick of her mother’s attitude that her children should worship the ground she walked on, because supporting them was so difficult, and they should be so damn grateful for her sacrifices, that they were more or less a burden on her life. It had been getting increasingly difficult not to outright glare and yell, the last few visits.

As far as Alex was concerned, her mother had long ceased to be a part of the family. She was simply a stranger who showed up every now and then, expecting to have her feet kissed, a ritual she and her brother felt obligated to act out thanks to the woman’s official role as “mother.” Alex jolted out of her thoughts when everyone abruptly began standing up. She glanced around, rising to her feet as quickly as she could. Through the crowd, she could tell that numerous adults had appeared, no doubt faculty members. There was one at the end of every row of seats, each holding a stack of laminated papers in their hands, likely student class schedules. Alex followed the row to her left, eventually making her way up to the teacher.

The teacher looked quite a bit like the blonde girl she had spotted in the crowd, before the school had opened. So much so, in fact, the woman could’ve been her mother. She was wearing a blue robe, oddly enough, as if she were some kind of priestess, and like the girl Alex had spotted, this woman had pure blonde hair done up in a ponytail. Alex was so busy staring at the woman that she didn’t even realize the woman had asked her name until a couple seconds had passed.

Alex blinked, feeling rather awkward as she mumbled out “Oh, uh, Alexandra. Do you need my last name?” The woman simply smiled, slipping Alex the sheet at the top of her stack. “No, that’s fine. Not many Alexandras at Dreams, I’m afraid. Here’s your schedule, have a good first semester, okay?” Alex mumbled uncomfortably again, getting out “Um...Okay, thanks...” before walking away. Trying to get clear of the crowd, she looked at the face of the page, looking for her first class. She blinked and did a double-take as her eyes ran across the text. Had it just been her imagination, or had some of the text been faded, a second before?

No...She must’ve been mistaken, but she could’ve sworn that some of the words had been somewhat transparent, at first. If her imagination was a little more wild, she might’ve thought the schedule had filled itself in, as soon as it was in her hands. That might explain why there had been no issue with teachers having the wrong schedules for the people sitting in their respective rows, at least. Whatever the case, Alex was surprised to spot that her first scheduled class for the day was Defence, over in Room 137. Listening to the squeaks of shoes against the marble floor, Alex couldn’t help but wonder aloud. “Defence?...Already? Huh. Guess I’ll get to find out about this secret self-defence course before everyone else...”

“Sorry, did you say you had Defence, first?” Alex’s head shot up, her eyes darting around. Walking over from her side was the handsome boy she had seen in the crowd, the one with the gray shirt and jeans. He gave her a bit of an embarrassed smile, and with a rather friendly voice, he said “Sorry, I’m looking for someone with the same first class as me. This place is enormous, you could practically get lost, in here. I have Defence for my first class, too.” For some reason Alex really couldn’t explain, her usual defences completely melted away. A bit of cherry blossoming in her cheeks, she smiled a little shyly, not even questioning why she felt so comfortable around him.

“I’m not sure. Pass me your schedule, let’s see if we have it in the same room.” The young teenaged boy readily handed her his sheet, and a brief comparison was all that was necessary. Alex smiled more and handed him back his sheet. “Yeah, looks like we have the same morning class...Guess we can just find it together, huh?” He briefly grinned. “Great, yeah. Oh, eh, my name’s Wilfred, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Alex looked away, her stomach beginning to flutter. “Yeah, it’s...It’s nice to meet you, too. I’m Alexandra, but I prefer being called Alex.” Wilfred smiled warmly, then glanced around at a few nearby hallways. After a moment, he said “Uh...I think we have to go that way. C’mon, I’m dying to find out what this special Defence class is all about. What could possibly be so unusual about it that nobody would believe me if I talked about it?”

Alex shrugged. “No idea. I’d like to find out, myself.” Wilfred smiled a little more. Without another word, the two of them set off together, dodging people as they ducked and wove their way through the crowds. After a couple minutes of checking signs on classrooms, the two of them finally came to a stop before a specific one, the both of them reading the sign with raised eyebrows. The plaque with the room number was polished silver, which alone would’ve been quite unusual to see in a simple highschool, but it was made all the more bizarre by the addition of an engraved pentagramic star, flipped upside-down just below.

Wilfred gave Alex a little glance. “Well...This must be it. After you.” Before she could do anything, he had grabbed the doorknob, pulling open the way for her. Alex smiled at the chivalrous move, but once she had stepped inside, it quickly faded away. Raising her eyebrows, she glanced around at the utterly empty classroom. Nobody else was inside, not even a teacher, and while there were desks, they were all stacked up against the far wall. The white brick walls were devoid of decoration or adornment, and the classroom even lacked a chalkboard. Without a teacher’s desk or similar faculty area, the classroom practically looked like a work in progress.

Wilfred stepped in close behind her, raising an eyebrow as he glanced around. Slowly, he mumbled “Uh...Okay, this is weird. I know the school just opened, but you’d think they’d have the classrooms ready for...You know...Classes.” Alex gave him a quick look, then stepped deeper into the classroom. In a low mutter, she glanced at her schedule and said “We have the right room, right?...Yeah, this is it...Don’t even have the desks set up...Whatever, I suppose. Guess we just have to wait for more people to show up.” Wilfred gave a quick sigh. “Guess so. I’m sure it won’t be long, this place wasn’t exactly hard to find, after all.” He eased the door shut behind himself, leaving it open but a crack.

He crossed the room, heading for the desks. “C’mon, we might as well set up our own spots. You got a letter from the Hegemony too, right? I can’t believe they can just force people to go to a new school.” Alex shrugged, walking after him. “Yeah, well...What can you do? It doesn’t really bother me...Didn’t really like my old school, all that much.” Wilfred hefted a desk up from a stack, carrying it a few steps away before gently setting it down. Alex wasn’t sure if he was trying to impress her or not, but if so, she didn’t mind. Pulling a desk free, herself, she struggled with it for a moment, but finally dropped it down hard by her side. As she set her bag down on the floor, she slipped into her desk, watching him do the same.

“What school did you go to, before this one?” Wilfred asked, turning his desk a little so he could better face her. Alex put her elbows to her desk, folding her hands over each other. “Japhet’s Public Highschool, downtown. I won’t miss taking the bus, every day...The walk this morning was kind of refreshing, actually. It was peaceful.” He smiled. “Oh, you’re in walking distance, too? I live just a few streets away, myself. I used to go to United Dawn Highschool, uptown. Most of my friends have to go to Dreams too, so the change won’t be so bad, I guess.” “Lucky you.” Alex simply responded, looking away from him.

Wilfred continued to try speaking with her for a minute or two, but Alex, who already wasn’t the most extroverted person in the world, had started to question her unusual openness to him. It frightened her a little, made her doubt herself, made her wonder if she had allowed herself to get lured in like a sucker by some smooth talker. She shut herself in, limiting her responses to monosyllables, trying to act bored so he might leave her alone. Eventually, he too fell into silence, although the quiet was positively insufferable. The tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife, but Alex thought it better, that way. She didn’t need friends. She didn’t need her parents. She didn’t need school. Letting people get close to you just presented problems. Solitude wasn’t as bad as people said...

“You know...I think you’re pretty cute.”

Alex perked up, her eyes beginning to widen. What? She looked over at him. He smiled innocently, giving a little shrug. “I don’t know if I said something to bother you, so...I’m just tossing that out there.” Alex could feel her face flushing hotter by the second. She looked away from him for a moment or two, then looked back. She started to stammer, which simply made him grin. “Wh-What do you mean, “cute”? D...Don’t call me that, it pisses me off!” Wilfred’s cheeks started to go a little red. Giving her a wide smile, he casually said “You don’t really mean that. You wouldn’t be getting so red, if that was true...You’re even cuter when you blush.” Alex turned her head away from him, blurting out a denial of his assertion.

Of course, that meant that when he rose to his feet, she didn’t notice until it was too late. She only heard him when he was right beside her, turning her head just in time for him to lean over. She closed her eyes on instinct, her mumble getting muffled by the kiss. Her stomach burst into butterflies, a sensation made all the more intense when one of his hands went to the back of her head, his fingers sinking into her soft hair. She weakly parted her lips from his, mumbling out a little “No, stop...” before he had kissed her a second time. His other hand went for her chin, holding her head still as he pressed tender kiss after kiss against her. The butterflies in her stomach flushed downwards, spreading towards her groin in tingling waves. All of a sudden, she was feeling warm somewhere other than her face, and gently, she started to kiss him back.

Just as she reached out and took him by the waist, they both heard the classroom door creak. Wilfred’s hands shot away from Alex, and he stood up straight. They both looked over, spotting Dalton as he stepped into the doorway. A weary expression on his face, he raised his eyebrows, briefly gesturing at them both with a hand. “Oh, good. It’s only two, this time. Unfortunately, there was a little bit of an error in some students’ schedules. There actually aren’t supposed to be any Defence classes this morning, I’m sorry to say. I have a new pair of schedules for the both of you, with your real morning classes. I’m sure your teachers will understand you both being a tad late.” He stepped through the doorway completely, showing off the thick bundle of laminated papers held under his left arm.

Wilfred glanced at Alex, then took a step away so she could get up to her feet. Alex cleared her throat as she got up, praying her blush had faded enough for Dalton not to get suspicious. The two amorous teenagers casually walked over towards the man, and as Dalton handed Wilfred his schedule, the young man gave a little cough and a nod, quite clearly trying to hide his embarrassment. Alex smiled sheepishly as Dalton handed her her own, prompting a subtle eyebrow raise from the man. He ushered them out of the room, closing it and locking it behind himself before heading off down the long hallway. Lingering near the doorway, Alex gave her new schedule a look, and immediately groaned at what she saw.

Math? Seriously? First thing in the morning? Urgh, I fucking hate math!...” Wilfred chuckled and gave her a smile. He held up his schedule for a moment, then commented “Don’t worry, looks like we’ve still got the same first class. Math’s never been a problem, for me. I’ll help you out.” Alex smiled, a little. Giving him a glance through the corners of her eyes, she raised a hand up, finding her eyes roaming up and down him as she smoothed some hair behind an ear. He really was quite handsome, wasn’t he?...

The rest of the day passed by in a fairly lazy haze. Alex practically sleepwalked from class to class, watching the clock for the blessed moment she could finally leave. When it finally did, she grabbed her bag, shoved the doors open, and made for home, exhausted from yet another boring, tedious day in the boring, tedious life of highschool. That wonderful little encounter with Wilfred was the only redeemable moment in that entire stretch of utter purgatory. When she turned into her street, her eyes remained locked on her house, craving the peace, quiet, and security that she could only find behind closed doors.

Her house was easy to spot. While the rest were fairly ordinary suburban homes, each looking like a cookie-cutter prefabricated square, Alex’s family lived in a rather large home. The building’s attic was so big that it gave the home the illusion of a third floor, and the grander architecture gave it a more Gothic look than one normally saw in such an innocuous neighbourhood. Once she was close enough, she noticed Taylor sitting on the front porch, hanging his head down as he stared at what looked like a piece of paper. She started crossing the lawn towards him, calling out “Hey, how was school?”

Taylor raised his eyebrows, briefly looking up at her. When she noticed the glum look on his face, her developing smile prematurely died. Looking back down at the letter, he calmly commented “I should be asking you that...My day was fine, though. Thanks for asking.” Alex dropped her school bag by the foot of the porch, then sat down beside him. Holding her knees, she nodded at the paper in his hand. “What’s that? Must be serious, if it has you this bothered.” Taylor shrugged with his eyebrows. He sucked his teeth for a moment, then momentarily held up the paper. “I was called down to see the principal, today...He gave me this little notice. You’re not gonna believe what it says.”

Alex raised an eyebrow in curiosity, taking the paper when he stuck it in her direction. The letter was short, which only seemed to make the news all the more crushing. The letter, signed with the name Vergil Delotacoss, was simply informing Taylor that he was being transferred to Dreams Academy, effective immediately, and that he could pick up his schedule from Dalton. Alex raised her eyebrows, a rueful smile growing on her face. Handing him back the letter, she commented “Well...That sucks, but...At least we’ll still be going to school together, right? Maybe some of your friends will get transferred, too?” Taylor sighed, shrugging with his eyebrows once more. Wearily, he simply mumbled out “I guess...”

Alex smiled, brought a hand to his back, and gently stroked back and forth. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Dreams doesn’t seem all that bad, I guess...I mean, I met a boy, today. He seems kind of nice. What’s to say you won’t have a good time, too?” Taylor raised an eyebrow and gave her a glance. “A boy, huh? What’s his name?” Alex smiled from ear to ear, hoping beyond hope that her cheeks wouldn’t start to flush. “Wilfred. We have the same first class, together. He’s helping me out with math, thank God.” Taylor chuckled, turning his eyes back towards the letter. As he let out a sigh, he folded the paper back up, then muttered out “Well, whatever...I guess there isn’t really much I can do about it, in the end.”

As she grabbed her bag and stood up, Taylor added “I should have supper done in about an hour. I was planning on making pasta, since we haven’t had Italian in a while. Oh, and, uh...Christie called, before you got here.” Alex froze in place, her eyes briefly screwing shut. Just the very name agitated her. Taylor raised an eyebrow, looking at her from over his shoulder for a moment before he started rising to his feet. “She said she’ll be coming by, in a day or two. Just thought you should know...You know, to prepare.” Alex’s expression quickly turned grim. “Yeah, sure. I’ll stop by the supermarket and pick up some rat poison, should put some kick in her drinks.”

Taylor subtly sighed. A little chastisingly, he mumbled “Alex, c’mon...” She didn’t respond. She simply pushed open the front door, solemnly making for the sanctuary of her bedroom.


(Author's note - Hey guys, Samson here ^_^ This is an updated version of a story I did several years ago, the first in a series of four stories. Aside from the second story which was deleted thanks to Hentai Foundry's abrupt change in content policy, the entire series is already posted on HF, so if you're interested in getting more right away, feel free to check out my other gallery ^_^ There's a few more chapters before everything I've so far rewritten is up on AFF, so stay tuned for more!)




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