Learning - Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: This is a work of Fantasy, pure imagination of rather innocent childhood sexual explorations between cousins. Nothing is advocated here except enjoyment in writing and, hopefully,

LEARNING – Chapter 3

This story arrived, from a flood of childhood memories….and so, we all grow a little bit every day….some of this was true, some of course is pure Fantasy…but the difference between starting a sex education at 6 years old, hitting early puberty one year later and starting to know what pleases a woman…that made 2 years later very exciting…..

Part 1

My Dad wanted to go for Christmas holidays that year way up North, to his parents and family, so it was after I turned 8, and the next 10 days of School holidays, before I could do more than spend a day with Mum at Nana`s for special occasions – like Nan`s Birthday, when Mum and I just drove down in the morning and left in the afternoon.

All this year of growing up, but I never tried anything sexual with anybody else: it seemed so special just for my country family, that I put up with hard cocks and just learned to live with them.

Finally, Mum drove me down, but she only stayed for a cup of tea and sandwich for lunch, kissed us `bye` and she had to drive home again.
Nana hugged me at the door as Mum waved and drove off.
“I`ve missed you, Steve; look how tall you are – almost the same height as me!”
“I told you, Nana: this year I will be able to reach the cupboards; I am taller and bigger, Nana, just like you said I would!”
“I bet you are” she said with a big smile.
“Are the girls coming later” I asked, as we closed the front door and went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes.
“Actually, my bigger young man, I haven`t told them you are coming today…I thought we could have today, and tonight, well… just for us; does that sound ok to you, Stevie?”
“Nana, that sounds wonderful” and I put my arms around her; “Can I use some of your perfume soap for my bath tonight – to make me smell nice, and can I sleep in your bed, and is it hot enough for no pyjamas, Nana, and what jobs do you need me to do, Nana, ask me anything at all!”

“Whoa” Nana said, laughing, “so many questions – you are like a runaway horse I was on when I was about your age! Yes, and yes, and yes, Stevie, but no jobs today; today is just for us” and she leaned back from the sink to offer her mouth for a kiss and, because I was so much taller, this was easily done, and my hands around her slipped up to cup her boobs…
“Oh, even your hands are bigger this year” Nana moaned, as she leaned back against me, into my hands, into my mouth….before pulling away and saying “these dishes – you need to dry them, Stevie, and show me you can reach the cupboards without dropping them!”

That was easy, so Nana made herself another cup of tea, and we went in the other room to watch a little TV.
Unusually, Nana sat on the sofa and patted beside her, so I jumped on – and then jumped off; “I need to go to the toilet…back in a minute, Nana” and I ran upstairs, taking my bag with me to the bedroom I shared with my cousins, but I wanted to take my underpants off.
I stuffed them in my bag, grabbed my toothbrush, ran to the toilet and begged my cock to empty my bladder, and then cleaned my teeth quickly, and ran back downstairs, jumping n the sofa so fast Nana got scared!
We both laughed and hugged, and I felt Nana had also used my absence to remove her bra…I wondered if her panties were off too….

Part 2

Nana perched herself on the front edge of the sofa, and motioned me up behind her, pulling my arm across to hug her: across her breasts until my hand was comfortably settled over one of them.
She sighed, and watched the TV, while I snuggled behind her, and I knew when she pushed her buttocks back against my stiff cock she wanted this closeness, as did I.
Soon, I could sense Nana drifting off to sleep, but first I said “we can just sleep here, Nana, I am tired too – last night I didn`t sleep well, too excited to be coming today!”
Nana stirred because she chuckled “that`s funny, Stevie: that`s why I am tired too – I didn`t sleep very well: too excited you were coming today!”
We both laughed and I kissed her shoulders and neck, and hugged her tighter, until we drifted off to sleep.

Later I woke; Nana was up and gone, but I could hear her in the kitchen, talking actually, so I rubbed my eyes, straightened the cushions and went out to join her.
“Oh, you have woken, Stevie, good; this is Marion, a friend I used to work with at the School; Marion, this is my Grandson, almost a man now, Steve – I normally call him `Stevie`, and you remember, I have talked about him.”

“I like `Stevie` - can I call you that, too? Nice to meet you – yes, your Grandmother used to talk about you a lot!”
“Nice to meet you Ms. Marion; yes, you can call me that; it`s fine.”

Marion was a lot younger than my Nana, and she had a body much bigger – everywhere, and her tits were enormous!
I felt my cock jerking in my shorts, and remembered – now – I had no underpants on!
“Ah, I should go and wash up and clean my teeth; back in a minute ladies” and I turned and fled, feeling Marion and Nana`s eyes following me.

When I returned, a cup of tea had been poured for me, and I sat where it had been placed: beside Marion on her left side, with Nana to Marion`s right, at the end.

“Your Nana tells me you are doing very well at School, Stevie; do you like learning?”
I smiled – fleeting thoughts and memories of all the learning about sex matters I had learned since I came here 2 years ago – and so I answered truthfully and with enthusiasm “oh yes, Ms. Marion, I love learning, at School – but especially when I come here to stay with Nana, and learn about our family and the countryside!”
She laughed, delighted it seemed, and her hand was suddenly on my right leg, squeezing and rubbing, as she turned to Nana and said “and, he is so polite too!”
Turning back to face me, I smiled at her, and she seemed to consider this a `green light` and her rubbing hand moved up my thigh, slowly, gently, and incredibly sexily towards my cock – which was waiting in expectation of the inevitable, desired contact.

Talking with Nana about subjects and people unknown to me, I reached under the table with my hand, picked up hers gently, and put it on my cock, clearly standing up in my shorts, waiting to shake her hand almost, but already shaking and bobbing a greeting.
When she turned her face to me a few seconds later, I was smiling dreamily; “ more tea” I asked Nana and Marion, and made as if to get up, but Marion`s hand became firmer on my cock in my shorts and held me down forcefully.
Nana said “I can get the pot from here, Stevie” and as she turned to reach for it, Marion`s hand flew up the leg of my shorts and grasped the bare-skin cock tightly, claiming it.
When Nana poured her some more tea, and then offered some to me, I held my cup up and asked her “just half a cup, Nana please – I am full” and Marion groaned.
Nana looked at her strangely, and then I saw her looking at the absent left arm and hand of Marion, and she gave a wry smile, which I saw at least.
I shrugged my shoulders slightly to show Nana: `it wasn`t me started this`, and she nodded and smiled, just for me, and that made me feel better.

But she didn`t stop her friend, didn`t even interrupt her; instead, Nana stood and said “I am full too – I need to go up to the toilet, so if, Marion, you are ok here with Stevie, I might have a bath while I am there and be done with that job, and then come back and begin dinner for us; is that ok with you both…good.”
As soon as Nana was heard on the stairs, Marion leaned to me and her other hand took my face to hers for a kiss: no light kiss on my cheeks from this lady – she was all `go for it`, and her mouth was open and her tongue prodding into mine before our lips had barely touched.

She was sexy and beautiful, and since Nana had given me a smile, I let her have her way, even if her hand was brutishly rubbing my cock.
I took my mouth slowly away, even through her pleading moan, and said “Perhaps, Ms. Marion, we`d be more comfortable on the sofa – and with the TV turned on” and she was out of her chair, dragging me with her as soon as the idea hit her brain.

She unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra at the front – I`d never seen one of those – and her breasts spilled out, and took my breath away at the sheer size of them: I wasn`t even sure I was strong enough to hold one up!
I remembered the TV, and turned it on low volume.
“Your Nana would only tell me you like breasts, Stevie; well, these are yours. What I like is little boys to fuck – but you aren`t a `little` boy at all, are you? A wolf in sheep`s clothing more like!”
I shook my head vehemently “I am just me, Ms. Marion, the whole of me, one package; just a little different, I guess – and I do love your breasts” and I took my shorts off, and showed her that `little difference`, and not even Nana had yet seen how I had grown in just one year.

She seemed about to cry, and her mouth gaped, but she then quickly unzipped her skirt and let it fall and tore her panties down, and showed me her bare cunt slit, and my thought was `why hasn`t she got any hair – even Sally was growing a little last year?`
“I have it shaved at the salon” Marion said, “my little boys seem to like it better” and I wondered who and how many `little boys` she was referring to?

Not my business, I decided, and filed this information away under `questions not to ask women: all about their lives`.

She patted the sofa and I happily complied; she was going to be heavy, but if she wanted to do the fucking and let me at her tits, then this was my favourite position anyway.
I laid down, my cock stood straight up, and she groaned, “god,so big”, taking it gently in her hand – for about 5 seconds, while she got into position over me, and then it was a straight plunge down, her cunt dripping wet allowing my spear to ram straight up inside her.
She squealed and I pulled her face down quickly to kiss and smother her noise, lest Nana hear – even though I had heard the bath water running for some minutes and guessed she wouldn`t hear anything from down here.

When she became a little calmer, only moaning now, I released my tongue from her mouth and immediately put it to work on a nipple and my mouth to her breast – but it was so big, of course I could never swallow it, just suck at as much as I could; she moaned louder, and began to ride up and down on my cock.

She was a merciless fucker, didn`t stop, even through her orgasms, which would have been known to everyone within 100 metres if I didn`t quickly become aware and grab her mouth down to stifle the noise in her throat with my tongue, which invariably caused her to continue the orgasm, but at least it wouldn`t scare Nana or the neighbours!
I wanted milk from her breasts and sucked as hungrily as a baby; of course she didn`t have milk, but I decided this had to be on my list of `women I`d like to be with: feeding Mothers`.

I became worried about Nana, and tried to get Marion to slow down and relax…and stop!
“Marion, Nana must be finished by now; she`ll be coming downstairs; please, we have to do this again another time, when we have more time alone…please Marion, she`s my Nana!”

Finally, I just bit her nipple, and she shot up, holding it, and stopped bouncing on my cock – and I decided: sometimes, this stay-stiff cock is going to get me in big trouble!
I repeated myself, and this time Marion heard and understood, and she took her body up from my cock, staring down at it – “oh, if only every man`s cock could keep going like yours, Stevie: women would be in heaven all the time” – but I urged her to get dressed, and I squirmed my way out and off the sofa and pulled my shorts on, jumping across to Nana`s preferred chair and watching the TV while Marion put her skirt and blouse on, but left her panties and bra out and off!

Thankfully, she headed out to the kitchen – to hide her underwear in her handbag I hoped – and then came back and lounged on the sofa…and Nana came in not one minute later.
I jumped up; Marion sat up straighter.
“Nana, can I go up for a bath now; it`s been a long day since Mum and I left this morning, and I need to feel fresher.”
Nana came over to me as I stood from her chair; “Of course, my darling” hugging me, but also sniffing and I knew she could smell sex on me; “what would you like for dinner, my Stevie” and I heard an emphasis on `my Stevie` and hoped I hadn`t caused problems between friends.

“Anything easy, Nana; I am not really very hungry – I`ve been snacking a lot” and Marion sat upright ad coughed, and I looked at Nana and smiled, and she nodded in return, with a smile; I hugged her and stopped to pat Marion`s back, saying “nice to meet you, Ms. Marion, if you are gone when I am finished; hope to see you again.”
She was still coughing, and Nana said she would get her some water; I went upstairs.

Nana came in 5 minutes later.
“Marion has gone home; did you find my new soap, Stevie – I left it out for you” but my eyes were closed with shampoo in my hair at that point, so I could only say “I`ll find it when I can open my eyes Nana, thank you.”
I thought she had gone out as I lay down to rinse my hair clean, but there was a gasp and Nana said, in a strange voice, “My goodness, Stevie, are you 8 or 18y.o. – with a cock that size!”
I had known that cock was bobbing up and down in the water as I rinsed my hair, but not that Nana was watching.
I rinsed my eyes, hoped my hair was also rinsed, and grinned up at Nana; “Nana, it`s your house! Since I was 6y.o, coming here seems to have affected me, and this is just how I am, Nana…”
“Oh Stevie, I`m sorry; you are a special young man; I didn`t mean to say anything upsetting. Here`s the soap, let Nana wash you to say sorry, ok” and I smiled at her as she leaned over the bath, the front of her nightdress opening to show me her bare breasts.
“Nana” I said quietly, “can we just go to bed, and have a big breakfast in the morning – or lunch, in case we don`t wake up?”
Nana laughed uproariously, until I had to pull her mouth to mine lest the neighbours hear her!

She kissed me back and calmed down.
“Yes, Stevie, I am hungry for you too, not food, so you wash yourself and I will go and lock up downstairs, and get ready in my bed.”
“I`ll be very fast, Nana” and I began soaping up my chest and arms, and my back, even before Nana had gone out of the door….

I brushed my teeth so fast it hurt, and washed the tub very fast, and carried my pyjamas in my hand and ran very fast to Nana`s room.

Nana was already in bed, bare arms outside the covers, bare neck under them, and I knew she had no nightdress on now.
I tossed my pyjamas on the chair at the side and walked to the bed; “you are beautiful” Nana said quietly, lifting the covers for me to get in her bed.
I couldn`t wait, and I went slowly but surely on top of her, a light kiss to her lips as my cock found her slit, and a slight re-direction from Nana`s hand, and I slid all the way inside her, until I hit a wall.
She gasped, as I lay down on her, and now was ready to kiss her properly; “You also are beautiful, Nana, my lover” and I began to fuck her.

Part 3

I moved slowly for this first time with Nana in almost a year.
“God, Stevie, you are going to hit my stomach; your Grandfather wasn`t as big as this!”
I stopped moving inside her cunt; “do you want me to pull out and go to sleep, Nana?”
She threw her hands to my buttocks and pushed me in, “heavens no, don`t you dare; just fuck me, Stevie” and it was a long, slow one, so beautiful, and I put my love for my Nana into my cock and made love with her.
She began spasms under me, and her head turned from side to side as her orgasm came, and I went a bit faster and a bit harder, hoping to keep her at the top of her feelings for as long as possible.
When she calmed, I slowed again; Nana kissed me longingly and said “almost a year I have waited for the next one of those you would give me…you are such a wonderful lover now, Stevie, it is so hard to believe how this has all happened when you are so very young….”
“My teachers have been good ones, Nana” and then regretted I had said `teachers`, instead of one teacher.
She chuckled, “exactly how many teachers have you now had, lover man?”
I don`t tell lies, it just isn`t in my upbringing, so I simply said “5 Nana” and began moving inside her again, to stop further questions, but after moaning and moving her hips up towards my plunging shaft, she kept on “well, I saw Marion going like a train on you…and I thought Alice was very guilty-looking last year when I took the girls to the movies that night….so, me, and 2 more…Ann and Sally? You`ve been fucking Ann and Sally, Stevie? Well, well…my grandchildren are growing up together, aren`t you all!”

All this talk seemed to have excited Nana, and when she had figured Ann and Sally in as the last 2 teachers – though they had been my first 2 actually – she immediately hit another climax, and shuddered against me, whispering loudly “harder now, Stevie” and so I obliged, wondering what would happen when my body finally began ejaculating, and I guessed it would make my cock go tired and soft.
But that wasn`t yet, so I stayed hard for as long as Nana wanted me to fuck her.

And as long as we were alone - but that situation changed suddenly when a voice at the open door said “well, well, keeping your lover secret are you, Mum? How are you, young Stevie – we didn`t know you were even coming” and she sounded rather cross.
It was Aunty Alice of course, and who naturally had her own keys, and must have come upstairs when Nana wasn`t downstairs; oh dear!

“Hi, Aunty Alice” was all I could say, but then Nana sighed and said, “come right in, Alice; I was going to call you in the morning….go and put the kettle on, will you, and we`ll come down for a cuppa.”
I could feel Alice standing there, but then her shoes turned and she walked down the hallway.

Nana looked at me, and kissed me “don`t worry, Stevie; it is me she will blame. Besides, now I get to have a rest, and when she goes, well…we`ll think of something to do then….” And Nana jiggled her breasts under me, and shoved her hips up to me – as if I wouldn`t get the meaning of her words!

She sighed and smiled when my cock slid, slowly and big and quite long, from her, and her cunt seemed to snap back into place, waiting for my key to open her again later.

Nana put her housecoat on – no bra, no panties even, and she went down first, while I took my pyjamas to my room and put my underpants back on under my shorts, and then I went to the kitchen, sitting at the end of the table, away from Aunty Alice, and she poured me a cup of tea.
“Did you 2 have dinner – it doesn`t look like it – or just jump straight into bed! Gosh, my own Mother, a sex maniac! Who would believe it?”
She was laughing now, and even Nana chuckled “No-one would believe it, Alice, not even me – but Stevie makes it easy to become one!”
“You`re taller this year, Stevie – bigger too…everywhere bigger, I guess.”
I didn`t seem to need to answer, and Nana just kept smiling, but she also sighed; I drank my tea.

“Are you hungry, Stevie – I can make us some dinner now, if you`d like?”
“Oh, wait Mum; I just came out to buy a pizza for the girls – would you like it, and I`ll pick up another one on my way home. Just need to warm in the oven for a while; I`ll be right back” and she walked quickly out the front to her car.
I agreed with Nana when she said she hardly ever eats pizza – I am the same – but also agreed when she said it would be quick and easy, just a couple of dishes to wash, and then we had, ah, free time….

Nana told Aunty Alice to bring the girls for lunch tomorrow, and they could stay for a while.
Alice looked at her Mother and me; “you sure, Mum – they might interrupt you two…”
Nana was being positively open tonight: “it will be fine, they are welcome; a night with Stevie, I am the one who will need a holiday, believe me!”
I was blushing and felt like crawling under the table, but Aunty Alice came and hugged me, “oh Mum, you have made Stevie embarrassed! It`s alright, young man, Nana was complimenting you, I know. Here now, you haven`t even given me a greetings kiss, and I am going, so give me a big kiss for the 2 of them.”
I gave her 2 kisses, on her cheeks – but that wasn`t enough for her and, as Nana was busy with the pizza and the oven, Alice – as she had told me to call her after we had fucked together – took my face in one hand and turned my mouth to hers, and shoved her tongue in, groaning when her other hand felt down for my cock, and found it, indeed, bigger this year.
When she pulled away, it was her face which was flushed, and she was breathless – I worried she was sick or something!
She just grabbed her handbag, leaned down to kiss her Mother`s cheeks and said “got to go; bye, see you tomorrow” and she trotted out.

Part 4

Our `free time` began on the sofa soon afterwards.
Nana turned on the TV News, took off her housecoat, took off my pyjamas and underpants, and then got on the sofa on her hands and knees, motioning me up behind me, staring at her bottom, and under to her hairs and bottom of her cunt slit.
“I have always wanted to try this, but your Grandfather wouldn`t: he said it was like animals mating! Your cock is way big enough, Stevie, so I want you to put it in my cunt from behind me, ok with you” and so began my newest lesson of tonight: `women might like to be fucked from behind`.

How amazing!

My knees brought me up against Nana`s bottom, and my hand pushed my cock down her crack where it naturally bobbed up and Nana had one hand down from the front and she tugged it into place, and I just gave a small shove and slid right in her slit`s hole!
A re-shuffle of knees, pressing tighter against Nana`s bottom, and another shove and I was well inside her cunt, and began a slow in and out fuck.
She moaned happily, “oh, I knew this would feel wonderful!”
I also found I was tall enough to lie along her back and be able to kiss her skin, right up to her neck.
I also found my arms were now long enough that, even here, I could reach under and play with her tits hanging down.

Information note: `I love fucking from behind`!

When Nana pushed her bottom back against me, it became even better, and we found the rhythm which kept me hitting her insides to the fullest, and I was feeling so excited and proud doing this, my cock even felt like it was getting fatter in her, spreading the walls of the cave which was her love tunnel – and how I wished I could see inside there, see the mysteries of a woman`s cunt!

I taught myself the next lesson of tonight, when I decided I should not do the same stroke every time – in, out, in, out…
I changed the rhythm, so Nana – and I actually – never knew what was coming.
Sometimes, by pulling to her entrance and holding there for just a second, half a second, 3 seconds, and then I might ram my whole length in hard, or just do a short stroke a little way in, or do lots of little strokes, and sometimes I would ram myself in her very fast, once or ten times, or very slow, once or ten times, or 4, or 6…it was endlessly variable and a whole lot of new fun!

Sometimes Nana`s moans and groans, or her bottom`s shakes and waggles suggested to me what she wanted, or had just liked, and sometimes I responded as I thought for her, and sometimes not.

I could have continued for quite a long time, but Nana had been climaxing and again, and finally she began to sink her chest down to the sofa.
When she began stretching her legs down, it made my cock slip out, but Nana put a hand back and whispered “wait”.
She motioned my left leg to outside hers, sliding hers inside, and then the same with our right legs.
When she raised her bottom a little, I got the picture, and my cock was quickly back, and inside her cunt, and I was lying along her on top.

It wasn`t easy to fuck, but Nana was so wet, as was my cock, that sliding was easy, and took little effort, and Nana`s tits were now splayed out to the sides, so I could still play with them, and her nipples hadn`t gone down since we started.
I could also gently scratch her back and even her bottom, or massage it all, or just make circles and lines and play games for myself.
Nana made little noises all the time, but after a while I thought `oh, Nana`s snoring` and I whispered in her ear, “Nana” but she was asleep, so I stopped moving, and found my body was very comfortable lying here, so gently kissed her and whispered “good night Nana; I love you”, and I closed my eyes and joined her in a land of dreams, and my cock stayed where it was comfortable and had no need of any dreams.

The light of dawn woke me, the sun just beginning to shine through the curtains on the front windows.
We hadn`t moved, but my cock wanted to, as it twitched, so I thought this wou be a nice way to say “good morning Nana” and I began to gently fuck her again, not really trying to wake her up: it just felt so beautiful in her, I wanted to keep doing it, and it was only the climbing of the sun which showed me Time was even moving on.

But every little boy`s bladder needs emptying in the mornings, and soon I knew I had to pull out and run upstairs to the bathroom, my bouncing cock leading the way.
I knew I had to go, but it was taking so long, so I cleaned my teeth while standing over the toilet, trying to relax, and finally it did, enough to dribble pee out anyway – but at such a slow rate it seemed to take another 5 minutes!

I ran fast, but as quietly as possible, back to Nana.
She was still asleep, but had rolled on to her back, her legs open, and her arms at her sides.
My cock was no longer relaxed one little bit, and stood straight out, waving at Nana: she didn`t respond, but my body did, as I slipped up on the sofa between her legs again, kneeled to get myself in position and held my cock as I sank down and in, pushing to the very bottom of the world inside her this time.
I gave her 3 very slow, but very full pushes inside, hitting something every time – like a wall I guessed – and then she stirred with a groan, and hands coming to my back.

She didn`t open her eyes, however, and I smiled, and concentrated on giving her the nicest “good morning” fuck I could.
I was enchanted by this barrier my cock kept hitting, so I kept fucking her with long, deep strokes, my cock`s head hitting it every time, until one time I must have battered it down, because it felt like my cock had entered a vacuum cleaner, sucking me further.
I pulled back to her entrance, in shock and misunderstanding/without any understanding, and, but that Nana still seemed to be in her dream world, I would have worried I had hurt her.

Scared to do any more, I gently got off her and went to the kitchen – but that was silly, as I had no clothes on!
Not wanting to go back in the lounge to get my pyjamas, I went up the stairs to my room and put clean clothes on and then back to the kitchen to set the kettle to boil.
It was 07.45 on the kitchen clock, so actually we had had a good`s night sleep, and I felt refreshed – just hoped Nana didn`t wake up needing a Doctor or something!

Part 5

It was another hour before Nana appeared, smiling, in her housecoat.
I smiled, but first waited for signs of anger or pain….when none appeared to be coming, I said “good morning, Nana; I had a great sleep, hope you did the same” and I went across to her for a hug; “are you feeling well, Nana; I didn`t hurt you, did I?”

“Whoa, whoa, Stevie; you sound scared as if you might have hurt me….let me tell you, my lover man: as big as that cock is, a woman`s body can stretch and take most, well, anything reasonable, inside. Me – I am feeling wonderful, and yes, very stretched, but oh so very wonderful, my darling young man, my Grandson!”
She hugged me tightly and kissed me once, but pulled away to say:”you`ve cleaned up and brushed your teeth; I need to go and do the same. Be a sweetie and boil the kettle again for Nana, please; a cuppa and then we`ll do breakfast properly.”

I was so happy I didn`t want to let her go, and my hand was rubbing her tits, and my cock was throbbing against her as I hugged her tightly.
“Oh, you keep doing that and I will never get upstairs, Stevie – you make me feel more than I ever have!”

I kept doing it, one hand on her breasts, the other to push my shorts and underpants over my hips so they could just fall off.
I lifted Nana`s nightdress and let my cock pulse at her cunt, but Nana needed to hold on to something, so I turned her around, and she put both her hands on the bench top under the kitchen window, and spread her legs for me to come inside, and my cock followed from behind – like on the sofa, but different, and I was thankful I was tall enough, so when I pushed my cock up in her, it was, well, all the way in her again.

The window had curtains, but they were opened, as was the window itself – because I had opened the back door and window earlier - and I had a moment`s thought of someone walking past who`d be able to see straight in through the fly screen, but ignored that, in favour of using 2 hands now, either on Nana`s breasts and nipples, or using her hips as handles while I fucked her strongly.

Of course, anybody even nearby might have heard Nana`s wailing and squealing, but nobody came bashing on the doors, so I pounded her hard this time, certain whatever I had hit before hadn`t hurt her, so assumed I could hit it again…and again….
When Nana had an orgasm, her juices leaked down my legs, and she slumped then, and for the first time, asked me to `stop, please Stevie`.
“Did I hurt you, Nana” I asked again, worriedly.
“No Stevie, you didn`t hurt; just a case of `too much of a good thing` and I will want it forever!”
I beamed a smile and kissed her back as I stood away, my cock trailing her juice out.
Nana said “this time, I am going straight upstairs – please stay here, Stevie, or we might start all over again…no, don`t you dare, not now, lover!”
Nana tried to rush out, but it was a stumbling walk, and she was laughing, so I did too, and then turned to the sink to rinse off my legs, used the tea towel to daub them dry, and dressed again, feeling very contented.

When Nana came down, dressed, it was already 10.30, as she made us eggs and bacon and tomato, and we weren`t finished when Alice and Sally came in.
I coughed, choking on my food, when I saw a year-older Sally: she was beautiful and sexy, and her tits were standing out proudly – in a bra – in her t-shirt.
“Wow, aren`t you grown, Stevie” she said to me, and I nodded, drinking some tea, before hoarsely replying “So are you Sal”, and putting my eyes and my cock down to/under the table, and I ate my food.

Alice explained “Sorry Mum, but Ann only told me this morning she was, and has, gone away with a friend`s family for a few days, and we had to rush and get her packed and drive her near here, so Sally asked if she could be dropped off here now too – see her cousin!”
Nana kept eating, but nodded `ok` - well, I think that`s what she meant, but her face wasn`t smiling too much…maybe the food, I hoped.
Alice ignored that and said “but now I have to run and do some errands; give me a kiss, Stevie, and you too Sally, and I`ll be gone.”
I quickly swallowed some bacon, stood and equally quickly turned sideways to them all and shuffled around the table to hide my tell-tale cock, but Alice found it anyway, hugging me to her as I kissed her cheek.
“Hope you and Nana weren`t bored last night, and had a good night`s sleep; Sally will entertain you, but she has become a night owl, so lord knows what time she will settle to sleep – you have my permission to spank her, Mum, or promise to punish her or something, if she is too noisy!”
But she was smiling as she said all this, and Sally said “I promise to go to bed and sleep when you tell me, Nana.”
She kissed her Mother and sat at the table as I sat back down too.

We finished and Sally and I washed the dishes, just talking about School and stuff, while Nana went upstairs to gather the washing and came down ready to put it in the washing machine.
Nana looked tired, I thought, so I said we would do he washing, and Nana could sit and have a cuppa and relax.

I took the load from Nana, and we went out back, where Sally loaded them from my arms into the machine.
She sniffed a few times, and then turned to me, “these all smell like sex!”
Her hand grabbed for my crotch and she felt the hardness and the length; “Is this really the same cock you had last year, Stevie?”
I moved away, but smiled, “Well, I don`t think the Doctor cut my old one off and replaced it…so, yes, Sal, it is the same one. You did say I had grown…”
“I didn`t say: `you have become a monster`!”

I felt, perhaps looked, pained as I shook my head “I am the same boy, Sally, I promise” and before I had finished she was hugging me, cooing and shushing me; “I`m sorry, Steve – that was unkind of me, but I was joking” and, in response, I felt her breasts and asked “are these the same tits you had last year, Sally?”
And so we were back to laughing and being happy together.

Nana wanted to go to the Butcher`s, where her son, our Uncle worked; it was quite hot out, but Nana said a walk would do us good – yes, but it`s about 1km there!
But Sally and I walked with her, all chatting away, and we were soon there; Uncle served us chops, sausages, other meat Nana wanted, but he told Nana to take us for a milk shake, then it would be his lunch-time and he would drive us and the heavy meat home.
Sally and I sighed in relief, and Nana laughed at her `lazy grandchildren`.

I had holiday money I had saved, so I said I would buy the 3 drinks, and Nana smiled and called me a `real gentleman` as we sat at the counter in the main street café where Sally`s Mum, Alice, worked for quite a few years, and where Nana knew everybody – the main reason I loved coming here was: country people in a fairly small town are so friendly, and older people like Nana seemed to know them all, their families, their life stories…it was a beautiful place to be.

I never understood my sisters and brother preferring to stay at home in the anonymous City, when I had this Paradise.

Of course, the City also didn`t have my Nana, Aunty, Nana`s friend, or my 2 cousins to help me study the subject of sex.

We were finished our drinks and waiting when Uncle pulled up and took us home; he had stopped and bought Sally and I a hamburger each, which was a treat, like pizza, I never ate much.
Nana said she would eat a little bit more of the pizza in the fridge, but wasn`t hungry, but was tired, and needed an afternoon sleep.
So, the meat put away, we ate our lunches, and went into the TV lounge afterwards.

Nana was asleep before the News was half-finished, so Sally and I got comfortable on the sofa and turned the volume down on a movie.
I was lying at the opposite end to Sally, our feet facing each other; I was as tired – if not more perhaps – than Nana, and the movie didn`t keep me awake, so I dozed off too.
Sally clearly didn`t need an afternoon sleep, because I woke later with her mouth and hands around my cock, pulled from my shorts.
When she saw me open my eyes, she smiled – even though her mouth was slurping up and down my very hard cock – and muttered something like `so…big` and closed her lips around it again., her finger up beside her mouth, motioning something…when her eyes flicked back over her shoulder, I guessed she meant `keep quiet and don`t wake Nana`; I nodded.
She was trying to get me all inside, it seemed to me, and I hoped she didn`t choke – and also hoped she wouldn`t bite – and I was more scared of the latter than the former!

Until her Mother walked in – we hadn`t heard her key in the door – and then I had something more to be scared of!
I saw her because I was lying down, and she appeared behind my head; of course I just gawked at her…waiting…then she whispered “Sally, don`t you think you kids should be upstairs in a bed doing this, in case Nana wakes up?”
Sally hadn`t known she was there, busy as she was trying to swallow my cock, and she froze, her tongue making a swallowing motion which I could feel sucking at me.

“Come on, get up and we`ll go upstairs – where I want a word with you two.”

Nana slept on.

In our bedroom, where Sally and I would sleep tonight, Alice – she had told me, again, to drop the `Aunty` - told us to undress and just get into bed; Sally had no idea what was coming, so did as told; I only had shorts and t-shirt on, so I was first stripped, and Alice rolled her eyes looking at my cock.
She yanked at her blouse and bra and skirt and panties, and almost jumped on the bed!
Sally shrieked “Mum, what are you doing!”
“Sally, get up over his face and he can eat your cunt. But his cock is mine this time” and she climbed over my groin and dropped her hairy bush – which I so wanted to eat and feel and find my way through – and her slit dripping wet on to my cock, which, to be honest, had been standing up straight at attention to greet her.

Sally was sitting beside me, naked, aghast at seeing her Mum like this – or perhaps intrigued, seeing a naked Mum behaving like she had never seen her behave before: and this with her nephew, a young boy, and inviting her own daughter to be part of it!

I put my hand up and touched Sally`s grown breasts, and her bigger nipple grew immediately was even bigger: maybe she had inherited Nana`s genes for big nipples.
She pulled the pillow from under my head, so I was now flat down, and she climbed up over my face with her lightly-haired cunt, and brought it down to my waiting mouth.
Her body was now facing her Mum`s, so my hands had 4 breasts within reach, and because my cock was on automatic: `hard`, and Alice was content to bounce up and down on it, and my tongue and mouth liked the taste of Sally, I just let my hands and fingers roam between those 4 beautiful things women have – gosh, I would love some milk in them though, when in my mouth!

But I had milk, of a different kind, from Sally`s cunt beginning to wet me, and Alice`s cunt was now so wet she was slurping her way up and down my rod, and she seemed to enjoy it – but I was fearful she would shriek loudly like last time, the first time, we had fucked, and I thought Nana might surely have a heart attack if she found us like this.

But I seemed to be the only one worrying.
Alice`s breasts were big and flopping in my hands whenever she leaned down a bit, but Sally`s nipples excited me more: they had grown a lot since last holidays, were more like Ann`s, and so they reminded me of Nana`s now, and I wondered if Ann`s had grown even bigger, and I groaned into Sal`s cunt and bit her clit, and she muffled a screech as she hit a climax now.
She pulled herself away from my mouth, which was good as it was a bit tired, and fell sideways behind me, her cunt nestled against the back of my head, and she trailed a hand across my cheeks and caressed my neck and shoulders and chest; it was very comforting, and very nice, and I reached one arm up behind me to caress her own naked skin.
And then her Mother put a hand to her mouth, as she began one of those wails I had heard before, as she shook and trembled and sat far down on my cock, and I could feel her cunt clenching around me, squeezing me inside her, and that was erotic (that word I had now looked up in the Dictionary), I decided: what a woman`s cunt or muscles could do to a cock inside.

Then Alice became somewhat more of a Mother/Aunty, dragging herself off my cock and standing up – god, I wanted to bury my mouth in her hairy cunt!
She was smiling as she began dressing, but she was quiet. I just watched her, my hand still up and on Sally`s thigh above my head, but unmoving, and I could feel that Sally was in the same state.

When she was dressed, she picked up her handbag – and then she spoke; “well, Sally I guess I don`t have to ask who took your virginity; you`re a lucky young woman to have a very special cousin. Now, you two should have a bath and head downstairs – Nana should be up and you can help her get dinner ready; I have to go home before your Father gets there, Sally.”
With that, she left.

Sally came down and curled beside me; “guess that means you can take my virginity again tonight, Stevie” and she laughed, fondling my cock, “let`s go and have a bath – together” and that`s what we did.

Part 6

I washed Sally`s back as she sat facing away from me, between my legs; I wanted to fuck her like Nana had taught me – but now was not the time, so we just fondled more and caressed and kissed, but no more, and when we were clean, we got out, dried, and ran back to our room and put pyjamas on, noting how late it must be as the room was getting quite dark.

Nana was in the kitchen; she had done the vegetables and was preparing chops to cook for us.
“Well, you 2 had a long rest, didn`t you; I thought I might be eating all by myself” she smiled.
“Sorry Nana, we talk too much, I guess” offered Sally, as she began setting the table and I went out for another load of wood for the stove.

After dinner, Sally washed, and I dried the dishes, while Nana went for her bath, returning smelling nice, and dressed in a nightie and housecoat.
We sat down with a cup of tea and began to play cards.
Just then Ann walked in.

“Mum dropped me off; it was boring with my friends – I wanted to be here with you guys; hi Nana, ok I stay too?”
She kissed Nana, and then me, “Hi cousin, Mum said you are bigger – she wasn`t kidding! Nice to see you,” and she gave me a hug – and that told me: yes, indeed, her breasts were bigger!

“It`s fine, Ann, but perhaps you 3 are getting a bit too old to be sharing a room…”
“Oh, but…”Ann started, and Sally and I talked at the same time, and Nana held her hands up; “ok, ok; I guess you really only see each other one good holiday a year, so I guess there are things younger people need talk about and catch up on: just not too late, ok. Now, we have 4 players, let`s get back to cards for a while….”

We played for quite a while, laughing and happy, until Sally had won the lion`s share of matchsticks, and my eyes began drooping.
“It looks like that`s enough for our youngest player, girls – oh, heavens, it is 10.00, time for bed, kids.”
Ann and Nana washed the cups as Sally and I went up to clean our teeth and go to the toilet, Sally pulling me into the bathroom with her.
“You do your teeth while I go to the toilet; then we`ll swap, Stevie; come on – we`ve seen each other more than enough to be able to share this too.”
I am not sure I`d ever seen a girl going to the toilet, though I had figured out they would get all wet if they stood up like boys, but to see Sally pull her nightie up around her waist and sit her naked bottom on the seat, and then hiss out pee loudly, was quite exciting, I thought.
She said slyly, “you aren`t cleaning your teeth, Stevie…interested in this, are you?”
I could only nod; “come here she said” beckoning, and when I moved close, she pushed my pyjama pants down, pulled me by my cock to stand between her legs, and said “now you piss down there too – but don`t get me wet” and she held my cock, aiming me down to the toilet bowl as she spread her legs wider on the seat, continuing to do her own pee – or `piss` she had said.

I`d had 2 cups of tea and several glasses of water since I last went and, but for this filling y bladder, I am not sure I could have gone with her holding my cock in her hand, but I started, she directed my aim, and I laughed: this was a new funny experience!
Sally started laughing too, but this shook her body and her hand moved, and she wet herself with my pee – just a little; she squeaked and held me tighter, and moved her bottom back further on the seat, and then moved her hand around, aiming my piss – she kept saying this – in the bowl and hearing it splash into the water.

Soon I finished the stream and began dribbling; she squeezed me and more flowed for a second or two; then she shook me and drops finally stopped, and she let me go – but not before she bent her head and kissed the end of my cock, even slurping her tongue at the slit; “there, all clean” and she released me.
She was reaching for some paper when she looked at me; “guess it would only be fair if you cleaned me, Stevie; come down here” and I got down on my knees as she slid forward on the seat, until her slit was perched out over the front edge.
Agreeing it to be only fair, I slurped my tongue up her slit; I was rather thankful she didn`t really have much piss sitting there waiting for me – being not sure about this part of the game – but she had cleaned me, and one swipe seemed to have got it all.
But Sally put her hand on the back of my head, and I knew she wanted a little more, so I swiped down and up again, and stuck my tongue in her slit for the next one.
When I hit her clitoris - `clit` she was calling it now – she groaned, and I paused there and cleaned it very well, repeatedly, until she was pulling and pushing on my hair, burying my face even deeper against her.

Now I was getting – not more piss – but the taste of her I knew better, as she began to really moan and her juices began to flow against my tongue and face, and I had to release her clit and lap her up…cleaning her again, I thought smiling, as she climaxed.
“Oh god, Stevie, you do that so well…” but now my cock was throbbing and it seemed to give me its own idea, and I stopped with my mouth, pulled Sally up by her arms, closed the lid and flushed, even as I turned her around to lean her hands on the water tank behind the toilet.

I bent her over, spread her legs as she asked “what are…” and I now showed her what I had learned from Nana, as I speared my cock up her cunt from behind.

Holding her hips and pulling her back against my inward thrusts, it took but a minute to have my cock slippery wet as she poured more juice out, and groaned ever louder.
I was pumping now, feeling ever so strong, and I kept pulling her harder, and pushing my cock in deeper…


….and that`s when it happened.
My stomach was churning, and I felt my balls aching, and my cock seemed to grow thicker inside Sal, who was gasping now, and then I felt light-headed, like I might faint, and my body got hot, like a fever, and my legs shook, and then my balls exploded – I thought they had fallen off – and I couldn`t do anything except hold myself inside Sally`s cunt, and I groaned and groaned as I thought I was pissing again inside Sally, as my cock began – I didn`t know what, but pumping, I guess, and my whole body shook, but my stomach and my hips were, like, pushing me into Sally, and my cock was pumping again, and my balls were shuddering, and my mind was full of stars and colours and a rainbow of light….

….and I fell backwards out of Sally, lucky not to hurt myself, and lay on the floor, gasping myself.
Until I began smiling and grinning, with understanding – after I had put a finger down to check my body wasn`t blown apart and I smeared my finger from the slit of my cock and brought it to my face, smelling, and tasting myself….
….I had cum; for the very first time; inside Sally.

(End of Chapter 3….)

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