Nymph Of Nature.

BY : NecroFusion
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Disclaimer: There is no money being made off this fiction, no one is named, and all situations, places, people are pretend any similarities are coincidental.

Erica drifted away from the hidden and so far solo campsite. Making her way to the bluffs, a lake stretched away from the jagged rocks of the shore, beneath the waves lay broken shells and rocks slick with algae, partly why her walk to the bluffs was a barefoot one, the high thick grass brushing against her ankles and the small stones biting her soles. It felt good to be young and alive!


She found a grassy patch near the edge of the bluffs, the lake waves rolling below and water birds swooping overhead. She folded herself in a cross-legged position and undid the tight braid her dark auburn hair had been in all day, the locks now position caused ringlets of curls about her shoulders, back and breast, squinting at the sky as warmth seeped over her. Her toes curled in the earth and she released a happy, soft sigh, feeling refreshed, maybe others were here - maybe not - the sixteen year old was not worried, she shifts her body, reclining on the grass stretching her arms overhead and pointed her toes with a moan of contentment, lengthening her body and creating space for more good feelings and growth. The sun, usually the bane of people with white skin like herself, felt SO good on her skin. She tangled her fingers together behind her head and steepled her knees, letting them drift from side to side, open and closed, brief tastes of heat on her soft, toned inner thighs. She felt reckless and free and gorgeous, and by the looks of it, alone...


The youth felt the warm breeze rush by, over her walk warmed form, making her both sleepy and horny.

In that moment she felt the stillness and yet non stillness of the world about her in togetherness amplified her current solitude, which wasn't really so bad, but left nothing to distract from the desire and craving to fulfill it, dizzying, creating a full-body throb that was as pleasurable as it was painful. It was intoxicating to want something that bad!

Erica blushed realizing, the throb was undeniable, and to be honest by now pshe found it pointless to ignore. Here, she was home, totally free to be herself and respond to her most primitive, natural of needs. After a glance around to confirm her privacy and the sudden realization she didn't care about said privacy after all, she lifted her hips and peeled her blue denim shorts and bikini bottoms down and off her legs, kicking them off in a delicate elegant little flick. A rush of wind slipped between her thighs, a gusty kiss against the wetness pooling there.

Erica let loose a breathy groan and with a shimmy rid herself of her blue Tye-dye shirt, her blue bikini top following it, both landing on the shorts and matching bottoms. Another firm breeze, another breathless moan. Her knees dropped wide open. Her own naked body made stunning by and against the endless beauty of the bluffs. The sun beat down on her, against her 'flower' warming the dew glistened lips, and it was easy to imagine the rays of sunlight slipping inside and sliding into her very being.

Naked, the teenager felt as if the very wind itself now played over her, cooling where sweat had gathered in deliciously teasing fashion, brushing over nipples that hardened and peeked as if the tendrils of gusts of breeze and the tiny particles of water droplets and sand where an experienced lovers hands, she did not need to touch herself, immersed in the feel of the hot sun on her skin, the 'flower' parting glistening 'petals' within now tantalized by the suns heat, the breezes' chill.

Hair in a dark brownish red cushion beneath her head which lolled back, breasts lifted toward the sky with her labored breath, as this time the wind swept to the north, and the high grass surrounding her flickered against her, here, there! and deliciously again her clit like sharp but gentle tongues.

It wouldn't take much more!

She was so raw and exposed, like an offering.

And Erica could not restrain the natural noises she made, musical, natural, primitive, growing in frequency as like an answer to a prayer that was for no deity and she had not in fact realized she uttered, the wind rushed by, steady and firm, and the grass drummed a perfect rhythm on her skin, again her hot little bud.

At last!!

The pull was too strong, the quivering of her form non stop, her warm earth brown eyes closed, for this moment lost to her enjoyment, her experience. Toes dug deep, the steady thrum of pressure violently won and like a catapult threw her cresting, arching body upwards once more the surroundings filled with the lyrical pleasured out burst and then she was falling, pure bliss rolling mimicking the lakes waves soft crashing. And then finally, toes uncurled, as she collapsed heavy into the grass, a twist of languid limbs that trembled with aftershocks and a thrum of satisfaction humming through her - leaving her lips in a blissful melodious tuneless note.

Sleepy and in no particularly hurry, she lifted her chin toward the canopy of sky overhead. A red diamond, ribbons streaming, put a hiccup in the blue.

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