Libertine Hotel

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resembelance to any persons, real or fake, is purely coincidental. I am making no monies off this story, and reserve all rights. These characters

AN: I know, I know. LBK, you said you weren't gonna do a new book until EOTS was done. I know. I am probably going to finish that one, but I need a break from it, and I need to do something else. I am sorry. But, at least I am pumping something -else- out! Please be aware, though, that I have done as many tags as I could possibly think I could need, but I might miss some, or have tagged some unnecessarily - please forgive me if this is the case. I will try to remember to update them, but like with EOTS, there's likely gonna be loads missing - but not quite as bad, cause I honestly cannot be bothered to go through it and write down all the stuff that I need to in order to do all the Also, I'm kinda having a baby in July, so posts might drag in frequency for a while......So, Here goes, fans; enjoy!


Jade Annabel Hopkins; 17, unemployed, and just free of school for the rest of her life - absolutely free, and totally unsure of what she was going to do with her life. She was not an academic superstar by any stretch, and hadn't bothered with more than the bare minimum graduation requirements, and so anything post-secondary outside of pottery class or violin-for-beginners was absolutely out of the question. Not that she particularly cared - her father was a successful defense lawyer, and her mother was a nurse. Neither were home often, and being an only child of well-off parents left her in charge of their large home. While they weren't particularly "loaded" persay, they were well enough off to have all the modern conveniences, and some extra money plus savings in the bank. Jade even had her own car; a wow-you-really-passed graduation gift from dear daddy; a cherry red Honda S2000. Not the newest vehicle, but well taken care of - not that Jade cared, because OH-MY-GOSH it was a CAR! A CONVERIBLE! AAAH! She still hadn't gotten over the excitement of it yet, even though it was approaching late August, and had clocked at least 15,000 miles on to it from road trips and just bombing around town. Needless to say, the thrill might still be there, but there were only so many tourist destinations one could visit all by themselves. Oh, Jade most definitely had friends; most of them were working now, going to college, or having kids way too early for her own liking, and none of them had time for her anymore. It was the curse of free time; Jade had everything to do, all the time and money to do it with, and no one to enjoy it with.

Jade sighed as she pulled herself out of her large, plush bed that begged to be stayed in as she pushed aside her thick duvet. The summer heat was still abound, and this time of year, she slept in black boy shorts, and a white tank top - both of which were a little too small and a little too thin for her mother's liking, but at least no one but immediate family had seen her in it. Jade wasn't the kind of girl to chase boys, comment on their level of honess, or drool over magazine cut outs of half naked starlets. She absolutely did notice attractive boys, but she had better things to do with her time - like chat with her bestie, shop all day, or watching movies. Why bother with immature, only-after-the-pussy guys that she tended to attract? But, now that all her "friends" had moved on with life, they'd also moved on from her - and left her behind in her loneliness, and she couldn't help wondering if, somewhere out there, was a guy who had just as much free time as she had..

Jade flipped her mid-back length chestnut colored hair over her shoulders, even though it wouldn't stay there longer than twenty minutes. She shut her brilliant, shimmering eyes which matched her namesake as she pulled her tank top over her C cup chest; likely the reason she only tended to attract horn-dogs. Off came her boy shorts, down her average-but-healthy long legs, leaving the young girl standing in her room with nothing on her cream colored skin. She was a standard size 12, but was fairly slim, and curvy - healthy, and not one of those skinny girls you see that could fall down a drainpipe. She plucked a random outfit from her drawers; a dark, forest green plain tee, and jean shorts, as it was going to be a hot one today. She didn't really take her time putting her clothing on, with exception to the matching black satin undergarments that she favored. With a bored sigh, she slipped out of her bedroom door, and down the stairs of her massive-but-empty home.

"What to do today?", she thought, stalking into the kitchen to push on the coffee pot. How dull life had become. Nothing at all to do with her life. She had no ambitions, no real worldly talent, no real hobbies outside of shopping; nothing at all to suggest where she might start pursuing some form meager entertainment. She could go to the mall, but she'd done that every day this week and it was getting dull, just looking at the same local crap every day. She flopped herself onto a bar stool as she waited for her coffee to brew. Her green eyes roamed the room briefly before falling on a newspaper in front of her on the island. The Weekly Globe, it read - the only one her father bothered to order. She rolled her eyes and slid it over; you know you're bored when you're 17 and reading your dad's newspaper from three days ago. As she unfolded it's massive pages, she was greeted with stereotypical older-menn type business and international news - nothing she was interested in. She hoped, flipping the next page, that something would at least catch her interest - a new fair, some park event - something; ANYTHING! Then, her eyes fell on an ad - a full one-page spread for "Libertine Hotel" and its Grand Opening - which was yesterday. She sighed; not that a grand opening for a hotel was interesting, but at least it would have been something new. She was about to flip the page, when she noticed in big, bold letters, "Now Hiring All Positions!" Underneath it, in smaller letters, she read "No experience necessary; full training provided. Industry-leading wages and benefits packages with full job security and contracts. Drop by in person any time and ask for Mr Joe Seymour. No resume required."

For a moment, she was tempted. She didn't need the money, but it would keep her busy, and maybe one day she'd own a hotel of her own. The thought that she was willing to get a menial job like everyone else?.... Jade flipped the paper shut as she curled her lip up in self-disgust. A regular nine-to-five like everyone else? She had no desire. But, she was desperate for something to do - and the ability to spend her own money instead of daddy's money was, well, quite tempting. With an irritated groan to herself, she opened the paper again, found the ad, and wrote the address in - one city over, a 45 minute drive. She shrugged, pocketting her phone, and filling up her waiting travel mug full of coffee. What did she really have to lose? Either they would laugh at her skill set and send her away and she'd burned an afternoon, or she'd have a job and something to do until she got bored of that, too. As much as she hated it, this was a perfect time for "YOLO". Jade locked the front door behind her, and carried herself with new energy to her little red convertible. She slid into the pleather seat, and turned on the engine. She was instantly greeted with the radio blaring ads at her. In about an hour, traffic depending, she'd be parked at Libertine Hotel, seeking her first real job ever.


"Hi there! Welcome to Libertine Hotel! How may I serve you?" asked the seriously too-perky blonde and skinny receptionist at the oddly small-looking building - for a hotel in the middle of a city, anyway. It looked extremely high class and secretive from the inside; the lobby was small, and the only way to tell that there was anything actually behind reception was the solid metal door to her right, with a large, muscular, angry looking bouncer whom looked about 300 pounds and six feet of solid steroid.

"Yeah! I am looking for Mr Joe Seymour - I was hoping to find some work. Just finished school, so I need something to do..." Jade replied, flipping her hair behind her shoulder again.

"Absolutely! You look like the type he'd be interested in - let me give him a call!" the cheery receptionist said, picking up her phone to dial an internal extention.

"Just his type, huh?" Jade thought to herself, perking a brow. "How could she possibly know that at first glance?" she shrugged, casting a polite, gentle smile to the bouncer, whom was standing before the door, beefy arms crossed, all black uniform, dark sunglasses over his face - probably to cover where he was looking, in case he needed to do so discreetly. Her smile was totally ignored. He didn't even look over at her. Or, well, turn his head to recognize her - she had no clue if he even saw her smile. She blinked and looked back, frowning slightly. Maybe he was asleep, she thought, inwardly laughing. The receptionist put down the phone reciever, and jotted down a few notes. Beside her note pad was a massive binder, about the size of two telephone books in thickness, complete with plastic-wrapped pages. Whatever that was, there was hundreds of pages of information in it. She opened her mouth to ask about it, but the train of thought was derailed.

"Oh, don't worry about Bruce over there - he is trained to ignore everyone who comes here, in case they are guests. Mr Seymour can see you right away; you just caught him coming back from a coffee break! You'll go past the brick house over there, hang a left, and use this key-" the receptionist held out a silver, ordinary looking key, which she tentatively took, "-And use it in the leftmost elevator. Flick it ONCE to the right, and it will take you all the way to the third floor penthouse."

Jade nodded, looking at the key in confusion. "Did I seriously just get an on-the-spot interview? Me?" she thought, then shook her head free of it. Maybe they were deseperate. "Well, here goes nothing," she thought, stepping towards the hulk-like bouncer - who, to her surprise, already had the door wide open, using his own body as a door stop.

"Go directly to the elevator. Do not sight-see untill you have been given permission." his deep, rumbling voice berated her, just in sheer depth and volume. She should have expected as much. Meekly, she slipped past him, nodding in compliance. He made her feel small, and squishable; like a tube of toothpaste, or a cockroach. She fought back a shiver of intimidation as she walked a little too quickly towards the elevator she'd been told to get to. It automatically opened at her presence, and a light flicked on in the darkness. Automatic doors -and- lights; that was not cheap to install in an elevator. Mildly impressed, she stepped inside the brushed metal and mirror style cab, and glanced around for buttons - the only one there was an emergency stop, a help button, and the open/close door buttons. However, just below the grouping of four buttons was the keyhole she sought; there was one spot marked on the right for "penthouse", and three on the left; one marked "Staff Room", but the other two had placemarkers. The one at the very top, where the key would be once she shoved it in, read "Lobby". In went the key, and she flicked it one to the right as she was told - but nothing at all happened. She waited a handful of seconds, but nothing at all changed. Jade sighed, turned it back to "Lobby", and removed it - that was when the elevator dinged once, the doors shut, and the cab started to lift. A failsafe, she noted; that way, people wouldn't leave their key behind. Smart.

As the door opened again, once it stopped, she was greeted by another reception desk - only this one was simple, and had only a computer, phone, and a light - along with some house plants for decoration. This receptionist was a redhead, and was busy filing her nails. She didn't even glance up at Jade, when she spoke with a thick New York accent.

"Door at the hall on the left. He's waitin' for ya." Jade nodded a thanks, and banked off to the large, frosted glass door, set in even more frosted glass walls. It gave the deception of both privacy and openness, and yet delivering neither. "Wow," Jade thought. "No wonder they have the redhead up here instead of out front..." she mused. She pushed gently on the metal doorhandle, and peeked her head into the room - which resembled a very stereotypical office, with leather chairs, large desk, and some meaningless but fun to look at nicknacks and file folder cabinets neatly placed around the room. Her eyes fell upon a man in an expensive suit, jet black slicked hair, in his 40s. He was sitting at the large leather recliner, staring at some paperwork on his desk, reclined comfortably in his chair. His eyes flicked up and warmed when he set eyes on her.

"Hello, miss! Have a seat. I am Mr Seymour, but you may call me Joe. What brings you here today?" he asked, casting a hand at the chair opposite his desk. Jade took it, crossing her legs, and smiled back.

"My name is Jade Annabel Hopkins, but most people just call me Jade. I saw your ad in the paper, and was hoping to find a job. It mentioned that you don't need experience, and sadly, I don't actually have any - but I learn pretty quickly, and I can learn as I go, too..." she said, quietly. She honestly had no manners whatsoever to speak of in regards to interviews. Thankfully, Joe didn't seem phased by it, and gave her a grand smile, slyly giving her a quick once-over.


"I see. What exactly brings you to Libertine Hotel, Jade? What do you know about what we do, here?" Jade blinked twice. What WAS there to know about a hotel? Why the emphasis on the name?

"Well, honestly, not a lot. I know you just built here, and are seeking employees. You're offering a great package, so I thought I would come give it a shot. I never really thought much about post-secondary anything, so I did what I could to get by..." she trailed off.

"And now you've got all this free time and nothing to do?" Joe filled in, his ice blue eyes glittering at her, pleased.

"Exactly! You offered training, so--"

"And, what kind of work are you seeking?" Joe interrupted her, placing his palm on a stack of papers on his desk.

"Anything - I could do reception, or cooking, or whatever, as long as you train me, I suppose..." she said, suddely feeling less hopeful.

"Anything?" he repeated. Jade wasn't sure if she liked his tone, but maybe she was just being paranoid - nerves will do that to someone.

"I guess so. I mean, I'll try my best wherever you think I'd be best. I guess you guys have some kind of proficiency screening?" she asked, tipping her head to the side. Joe picked up a smaller stack of papers stapled together from the larger one he'd placed his hand on, and held it out to her.

"I suppose you could call it that. Here is our employment contract; it ensures job placement, and that you cannot simply be 'fired'...among other things." he smiled again. Jade took it, and instantly her eyes glazed over. She flipped to the final page, and grabbed a pen from her purse. Daddy could read this and understand it for her; break it, if need be. She wasn't worried. It was a hotel job, after all - it wasn't like they were going to want her firsborn and a pint of blood every week, or something. She penned her name on the line, and pushed it back. Joe's grin grew a titch creepy, but it washed away quickly.

"Excellent. You're hired; can you start training immediately?" Jade's eyes lit up. She had a real job; just wait until everyone heard about this!

"Yeah I can! Could I get a copy of that contract to take home, later? I'll read it later." she grinned, totally missing the dark thread in Joe's glistening eyes, due to her excitement.

"I will get right on that. If you go down to the lobby again, I will let Bruce know you're going straight to training; he will meet you off the elevator..." Jade bounced up out of the chair, nodding rapidly, and scurried out of the office. As soon as the door slid shut, Joe placed the contract down, and sat back in his chair, looking down at his lap. "I love the idiot ones that don't bother to read that contract...Don't you, Sasha?" he grinned, his cold, emotionless eyes falling to a slim, small, naked blonde, whom was curled up under his desk, silently and skillfully sliding her pert mouth along the hard shaft of her boss, whose pants were collected on the floor around his feet. He groaned as she increased her efforts, able to now make sounds again. She slurped and bobbed quickly upon his cock, moaning herself in pleasure from the act as she noddeed in agreement. "Soon enough, this will be you, Miss Hopkins."


Jade skittered quickly to the elevator, a bounce in her step. A job, she could not believe it. A euphoric excitement washed over her as she stepped into the elevator once again. She hadn't been this excited since grad. She clicked the key into its slot, and the elevator instantly started moving again - but shortly thereafter, she begun feeling weak-kneed, and her eyes started to blur. A gentle hissing noise overhead caught her attention, and she glanced up in time to see a fine mist being pumped into the cab - as her vision itself blurred. Jade lost consciousness, and fell helplessly onto the floor of the elevator.

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