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Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons living or dead is coincidental. The author holds the exclusive rights to this work and all characters depi

After taking a break from writing, I'm back with a little collage romance.

I started this work of art nearly a year ago. I had been very sick and stuck at home for a couple of weeks with nothing to do when my head was clear enough from the medication.

So far I'm 23 Chapters in, and still on going, making this my longest work of fiction ever. I'll try to update this story weekly, but I'm a little forgetful dork it could happen that I skip over a week.

These characters personalities are influence by my variety of wonderful friends and me. It's just a wonderful mix, and I sort of the reason fell in love with all of them.  

Before I drabble on and on, lets get to this lovely story.

Have fun





I had never been the one for believing in 'Love at first Sight'. I just had way to many friends fall in love and out love so fast claiming it to be 'Love at first Sight.'

Seriously, after guy number three you still claim that he's the one.

But what about the one before that, and before that, and before that and so on.

I'm not cynical about Love, but I wasn't believing it without it happening it to me.

My Mother had always told me that I jinxed myself by having that hard-headed view about love. I always had shrugged it off or rolled my eyes. I, God honestly, thought it would never happened to me, I was way to much of a realist.

I spent much of my high school life single, I didn't find the attraction to men (Correction) boys that still giggled about the word 'Boobs' in the twelfth grade. I had boyfriend, and he ended being gay. Which didn't really bother me at matter of fact, he's actually now my best friend.

Though, when Eddy did come out right after our mutual 'Break Up', I was stamped off the gay maker. It had been big 'Don't' to date me since I made men go gay.

I had some freaky super powers.

The Gaynator! She makes men leap to the other side with flash of her tits.

Back to the point, before I completely veer of track, I was realist on love until the first day of Collage.

I had been trudging my super packed duffle bag behind me, knowing that I had about three more bags and two boxes in my car, trying for fucking sakes to find my Goddamn room. Honestly, I thought people were suppose to help you with this shit, I was going nearly half hour before I finally figured out how they numbered their dorms. For an all new Dormitory, they did shitty job on placing numbers on doors.

I was getting frustrated and hungry which was not a good combination for me.

And honestly, I was nervous about my roommate. I wanted to find out who would I be sharing a room for the next year. Before the semester started, I had been sent a letter from the University if I wanted to take part of a social experiment, in which one of the newer dorms would be unisex and also the rooms would be unisex. I hadn't really cared about the whole male and female in one room thing at that moment, since all I understood was new dorms.

I had seen my Brother's old dorm, Oh Hell no, I was not living those raggedy ass buildings.

My Father had thrown a fit that I signed up. He thought that I could have my chastity somehow compromised, but my Mother had calmed him down. My Mother was cool like that, she knew that she could trust me and also knew that I could defend myself if someone got grabby.

So when I finally found my room, I got a bit nervous, now curiosity was tickling me. I turned the doorknob, I found it unlock, which meant someone was either already in there or had been there was coming back soon. I opened the door and walked in, taking in the noise first.

Calvin Harris was blaring from a laptop.

Okay, cool points, good taste in music.

Like I said, I hadn't been the one to believe in love at first sight but then I saw him. My roommate, my breath hitched and I felt my cheeks get hot.

There he was. Sitting on the his bed with the laptop in his lap his long strong legs dangling off the side of the bed, waiting assuming for me, his head bobbing to the music as he clicked away.

Dear Jesus! I've seen lots of smoking hot men, but this guy takes the cake!

His had wonderful brown hair cut short on the sides and back, longer on the top , a square forehead, fitting nose and wonderful full pink lips for a man, the top thinner that lower one. His ears were small and stood out a bit, but they were so cute and it fit him. He was fit that was for, he didn't have to tell me that he was on a sports team. I already knew at the sight of his body, either wrestling or Football. As he looked up as he finally realized that he wasn't alone, I saw those pretty green eyes. I stopped myself as I nearly swooned, and then he stood up.

Holy Shit!

Football, definitely, Football. I wasn't a small gal, I was average height with my five 'seven but he was a head and a half taller than me. Don't swoon like a bitch, Devin. Be normal, quick he's about to talk, concentrate.

"Hey, you must be Devin; I'm Jonathan, Johnny for short," he spoke to me with a bright smile on his face, he stuck out his hand, it was bigger than mine. He had a voice that lull me to sleep, so masculine, deep yet soft.

What stunned me that he knew my name?

"Yeah that's me, how in the hell do you know my name?" I took his hand and shook it, his grip was tight and his hand nearly enveloped mine.

He laughed, "I saw it on the Dorm list, you didn't see my name on it right next to yours?"

I looked at him like he said that pigs could fly, "Come on! It was on that damn list the whole time. I could have saved myself an ulcer if I had looked long enough," I slapped myself on my forehead.

Johnny laughed, loudly, "To be honest, I only saw it after the third time plus I really didn't know if was I getting a Devin with a dick or Devin with a vagina."

Awe shit, he even speaks my damn language.

I gave him wink, "Well, you got the vagina."

"I always wished that I had a vagina. You guys can do some great stuff with that thing."

"Dicks aren't so bad, I always wanted to pee standing up or write my name in the snow."

Our dorm room was huge, there was a full size bed for each of us, (I hoped that it would have at least have a Queen but I guess as I have to downsize for the moment), two desks, one two-seater, two large closets and large neat white bathroom with two hanging medicine cabinets , one for him and one for me.

"You want the right or the left?" Johnny asked me, pointing to the beds.

I looked at the bed on the left where Johnny had been sitting on, "I bet you already farted on that one, so I'll take the right." Johnny laughed.

"I like you already."

I smiled and winked at him, I went over set my handbag on the bed and place my duffle in front of my closet. Taking a look out of the window, I had a great view of the campus, we were up on the fifth floor so we towered over most of the place.

"I can't wait until it snows, it's look beautiful," I murmured. "Though, it's going to be a bitch to carry all my shit across campus. Why are the dorms so faraway from the parking lot?" I groaned, thinking about all that crap I had in my car.

"I'll help you out, Devin."

I turned to look at him like he was knight, he laughed, "Thank you, I'll even buy you lunch if we can fine a place to eat."

We managed to haul the rest of my stuff in one run, with Johnny being a beast and carrying two full packed duffels and my two boxes. While I carried the lightest duffle and my book bag, a few other light things like my Orchids from my Mom.

We talked on the way to my car and back. As I thought, Johnny was here to play Football, position Tight End. He was also in second year of pre-law ( So he was a Sophomore to my Freshmen, interesting mix. I guess it had to do with the 'Social Experiment), so if the NFL career that he dreamed of didn't work out that he could take over his Father's law firm in years to come.

We liked the same type of music, though he admitted that he tend to listen to a lot of R&B which was no problem with me.

Then he also added that he was not single.

Of course he wasn't.

That hunk of male couldn't be single.

His girlfriend also was going to school here too, but wasn't coming until next week when school started. I already pictured her blond, blue eyed and stuck up.

I already knew the moment I first saw him, that I had no damn chance in the world with guy like Johnny. I admit it, I was overweight by a good 50 pounds. Those damn 50 pounds clung my thighs like bees to sugar water. I also had a pouch stomach, and it was so not attractive when I sat and it rolled to together making me look like I was smuggling a load of bread. I had large thighs and not so small ass, I had jiggle arms and large breasts. I was a size 16 gal, but I stood proud to it. Sure I could work on my stomach and arms but why should I?

Shouldn't the guy that falls for me take me as I am?

I was also mixed, so I had the skin colour caramel and dark down hair, it was thick and wavy when I didn't have it in my usual bun. I was one of the few fortunate girls that got 'good white hair' as how my Grandmother calls it. I also had full dark pink lips, high cheek bones and my Mother's hazel eyes of green and brown.

We made it made back to the room and decided before did anything else, that we were both hungry.

"My Brother talks about this place called Barnes that is just off campus on the west side. He raves that they had the best burgers ever. Wanna check it out?" I suggested to Johnny.

"Damn Skippy I wanna check it out, I lived off of Barnes' Triple Beef Burger last year."  

As we walked, I noticed the star struck looks that Johnny was getting. Girls were drooling openly about him, and then staring at me with hate. I like could do anything about this hunk being my roommate.

"Dude, turn off the charm or make yourself look ugly cause I think we're being trailed by a squad of ladies."

Johnny laughed and looked over my shoulder," Don't be mad at me since I look so fresh and so clean, clean."

I looked at him, "You just did not say that."

"I did, Devin, the white boy did quote Outkast," Johnny struck a pose and kept on walking.

Fuck, I just fell more in love with him.

We did find Barnes in the west, and yes they had some awesome burgers. We talked a bit as we ate. Johnny asking me what I'm studying, and the way he looked at me when I told him that I'm studying Astrophysics made me laugh.

"I know, I don't look like nerd."

"Ohh no, yes you do," Johnny grinned at my outcry of "Hey!"

"But I thought that you were more of artsy nerd."

I laughed, "Artsy nerd? Yeah, no, that's just to depressive for me. The only artsy thing I would do," I made quote signs as I said 'Artsy', "Is dancing."

"Dancing?" Johnny grinned, "What type of dancing?"

"Just dancing," I winked at him.

After a talking a bit more, we decided to head back after I paid. Though Johnny insisted that he at least pay for the drinks, he didn't want to look bad by letting a lady pay for his meal. 

We were in the middle of campus when I felt something looming behind me. I went to turn around but I was too late.

A hand connected with my right ass cheek so hard that it gave off a loud crack, and I hollered like I was shot. Johnny wheeled around, ready to jump the asshole that smacked my ass.

"Had to smack that fat ass one more time!"

I turned around to find my best friend, Eddy grinning at me like a mad man. My six 'four, 280 pounds of dark chocolate thunder best friend was a sight to see.

"Eddy!" I jumped on the man, pulling him close into a hug. He swung me around, holding me close as I peppered him with kisses. I haven't seen him since he went to the South East coast to start training camp with the Gators.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as he put me down.

He smiled at me," I transferred, baby, I couldn't leave you here all alone. In this big campus knowing my boo was here by herself."

I grabbed him again and kissed him, "I can't believe it."

Johnny coughed, and I turned to introduce them, "Johnny, this is my best friend Eddy Moore. I guess, I could say that he's your new Right Tackle."

Johnny looked surprised and held out his hand, "Hey, you're the man that coach wanted so bad on the team, but left to go with Florida right."

Eddy shook the man's hand, "Yeah, but I didn't like it down there. To damn hot and humid, I missed my favourite girl," he kissed my temple, I glowed at that, "And not enough hot men."

Johnny's jaw dropped at that statement, "You're gay?"

Eddy's face got serious, "Yeah, got a problem with that." Eddy was a big dude, I guess you could call him a big black bear if you were into stereotypes. Looking at him you would never have thought that he was gay, but he was and honestly he never had anybody say anything homophobic in his face since they were all fucking scared of him.

Johnny shook his head, "Nope, my oldest brother is gay himself. Ma and Dad always accepted it, they taught us four kids to judge a person by his character and not on who he sleeps with."

Dammit, the man is just making me fall more and more for him.

"I like your parents and is your Brother single, if he looks like you."

Johnny laughed, "Sorry, Bro, Stephan has been happily married for the last three years."

Eddy sucked at his teeth, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Coach know about you?" Johnny asked, Eddy nodded.

I looked at Eddy too, curious myself, "Sure does, came out of the closet in Junior year of high school and I'm not going back in. I told the Coach, that if he wanted me for the team than he had to take me as I am. The man was cool about that even told me if I got heat from the rest of the players, all I had to do is tell him and he'll fix that problem."

"See that's why I decided to go to this school, Coach Evans is the man," Johnny nodded his head and Eddy nodded his head too.

"Come on, I want to show you our dorm," I tugged at the big man's wrist.

Eddy looked startled, "You're rooming with that hot stuff," he pointed a thumb over to Johnny, who laughed and I groaned.

"I told you that I decided to try the Unisex rooms."

"Good God, I give you guys three months and you both are going to be banging the heads off of each other," Eddy spoke.

"Eddy!" I smacked the man's upper arms, making him laugh and Johnny was laughing too.

"Sorry man, your girl's chastity is safe with me, I got a girl."

"Ohh lord, that means Devin is going to be using that vibrator a whole lot more."

My jaw dropped and I flushed with embarrassment, and Johnny was laughing so hard that he was turning red.


"Yeah, I forgot, you're still a virgin so you only put the vibrator against clit your to get yourself off."



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