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Jen faced the class and pointed to the whiteboard where she had written out her name. “Good morning,” she smiled cheerily at the students who stared back with drooping eyelids, some of them placing their heads on their desks. “I’ll be your substitute while Mrs. Gardener is on maternity leave.” She sighed internally at the lack of response, but she wasn’t very surprised. Still, she hoped that she could find a way to get them interested. She had been given the syllabus for the two different classes, one being the 9th and the other the 12th grade health class.

The 9th grade classes were dull. The students were quiet for the most part and not really paying attention. Jen tried not to notice but there were a lot of attractive guys in the senior classes and she found her gaze drifting every once in a while. The 12th grade class was completing a section on sex education, and the teacher left a note to do a question box when the unit was over. Students could submit questions anonymously to be answered in front of the class. She collected all the questions that day so that she could answer them next class.

After the students left to go to lunch she heard a knock on the classroom door. A man stood in the doorway, tall and dirty blond with blue eyes. She guessed he was probably about 6’1” and he was well built, which made sense when she found out who he was. He reached out and shook her hand. “Hey. I’m Evan. If you need anything over the next few weeks let me know. I teach gym right down the hall so if there’s a problem you know where to find me.” He smiled at her warmly.

            “Thank you. I hope I don’t have to.” She paused for a moment and then stuttered “Not that I wouldn’t want to see you, I just…”

            He chuckled, “I understand. Alright well I’ll let you go. For now.” Smirking, he turned around and walked off down the hallway. Jen blushed and stepped away from the door. She grabbed her things and checked to make sure he was gone before leaving the classroom and heading out. She felt so embarrassed, wishing she had been a little smoother. He made her nervous and her mind went blank as soon as she’d needed to come up with something to say.

            She sat in bed that night reading until she started to get tired. Jen remembered how Evan had looked at her earlier that day, letting her mind wander and thinking about what he would look like with his shirt off, his defined chest and abs. Here in her bed he’d straddle her right over her crotch, grinding down against her as he leaned in to kiss her deeply. She moaned just thinking about it and reached into her pants, starting to tease herself through her panties. She could feel herself getting wet through them as she imagined him undressing and ripping her clothes off. Putting her hand inside her panties she started to run a finger up and down her slit, teasing herself and moaning loudly. She bucked up into it, running her finger close to her entrance and slipping it inside just a little before running it back up to tease her clit. After she had herself squirming with need she thrust two fingers inside herself, using her other hand to continue playing with her throbbing clit. She came imagining him fucking her from behind, grabbing her tits roughly as he pounded her tight cunt.

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