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Disclaimer: this is a fictional story and all characters are my own and are not based on any one.

When I woke up I had killer headache, like what I would imagine a hangover to be like. When I looked around where I was it didn’t take long to figure out that I had been kidnapped for I was in what looked like a basement or cellar that was empty except for a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling and the old mattress that I was laying on, and when I moved I heard a rattle and looked down to see that my leg was shackled to the wall that the mattress was up against by a chain that looked long enough to reach any part of the room but mot up the stairs. 

As I sat there trying to think around the throbbing in my head I started to remember what had happen. I had just gotten home from a night out with friends and it was late so the house was dark when I pulled in to the driveway. As I got in to the house before I could turn on the lights someone grabbed me from behind and held a cloth over my mouth and nose and it didn’t take long before I was wasn’t long after I remembered what happened that I heard the door at the top of the stairs open and close and someone come down the stairs. The person that appeared was a man in his late twenties, average hight and build, with standard looks, light brown hair and forest green eyes. He wasn’t the type that you would think would snatch someone from their home. He was also holding a knife. He just stood there looking at me so I stayed where I was and looked back.

“Got any painkillers?” I asked after a few minutes of staring.

He just kept staring for another minute or two before he left. When he came back he had a glass of water and a bottle of Aleve and no knife. He gave me the pill bottle and water and after I took four I gave them back with my thanks. Then it was back to the staring.

Suddenly he started walking over to me in a slow gate that I think was supposed to intimidate me so I just sat there and watch him come, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing my fear. When he got to me but before he could reach out and grab me I asked “Are you going to kill me?” He stopped mid-reach and smiled a smile that you would see on a kid as he burns ants with a magnifying glass. It sent a shiver down my spine right before a gasped in pain as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet and slammed me into the wall, but I was not going to give up yet so when I got my breath back I asked “Why, why me?”

“Because it was ease to get into your house and the chances of the cops catching me are reduced because we don’t know each other” I had to give him point for thinking that one through for I would do the same thing if I ever committed a crime, but I didn’t have long to think on that thought because as he was talking he had managed to strip me half naked while still holding me against the wall. Quickly I thought of an idea and asked “Can I say something real fast before you do anything?” At first I thought he was just going to ignore me because he continued to take the rest of my clothes off but when I was completely naked in front of him he let me go.

“Talk” was all he said.

I took a deep breath and pushed my embarrassment down and started to explain my proposition to him hoping with all I had the he would say yes to it. “If you don’t kill me and let me call my mom I won’t fight you, Oh and can you go easy the first time im still a virgin and I don’t want the first time to be too painful after that” and I just shrugged “like I said I won’t fight no point in making it more painful than it has to be or getting myself killed and can you use a condom I don’t want to get pregnant yet.” When I was done I held my breath for what he would do next. 

First he just looked at me like I was stupid then he said “You have a lot a demands for someone who is chained wall and powerless, aren’t you scared?”

“Shitless and there not demands more of a second option and though I am scared I’m also smart enough to figure out that if I fight I will die in a slow painful way and if I don’t I’ll live a little longer but I know full well that the choice is your if you choose to say no I’ll fight tooth and nail and I will die, no doubt, but not before I leave as many visible marks on you as I can, so no fun for ether of us in my opinion.”

I stood there and watched him for any sudden movements as he thought about what I said and I started to get worried that he might say no anyway so I started to prepare myself for a fight, but then he surprised me when he suddenly said “Fine, you got yourself a deal I’ll go fined your phone so you can call your mother.” As he walked away I let out the breath that I didn’t know that I was holding as I sagged against the wall and slid back down to the old mattress that I had woken up in this crazy place on.

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