Balance - Salway Slut Trilogy #3

BY : Eve_Leigh
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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, all the characters are my own and any resemblance to actual living people is purely coincidental.


“Are you still seeing Victor most nights?” Gina asked patiently when Joseph was reluctant to talk. This was only the second time Gina had seen him in months, and the last time Matt had to schedule the appointment. To be honest, Gina had been surprised Joseph had even shown up that time.

Joseph shrugged, “Only two or three times a week.”

Gina’s lips pursed, “How often are you seeing Heath?”

“Just Saturdays,” Joseph said defensively.

Sitting back, Gina asked, “And whose been looking after Matt?”

“Matt’s made it pretty clear he’s happy looking after himself,” Joseph snapped.

Sighing, Gina leaned forward, elbows on her knees, she pointed out calmly, “It’s his first months of school, Joseph, real school, and you’re just going to let him flounder?”

“Matt’s got his own fucking therapist, can we focus on me? Are you just going to interrogate me for an hour?” Joseph said testily crossing his arms and glaring at her.

Unfazed, Gina smiled, “You actually want to talk about you? That’s a nice change, Joseph. I was asking questions because you weren’t saying anything, but I am here to listen, Joseph. Whatever you need to say.”

Joseph gave a small groan, he had trapped himself. Sighing he leaned back, his head going over the top of the chair. “Matt asked…he asked if I was kicking him out. That was the first thing he had to say when I found out I was free. Then the second thing was whether or not I had called you.”

Sitting up surprised, Gina paused and asked, “What did you want him to say, Joseph?”

“Not that! It’s been over a year, we’ve been through a lot. Does he still think he needs to please me? I’m not going to kick him out. It hurt, what he said. Does he not want to live with me? Does he feel stuck with me? And he still throws himself at me. I don’t think he even notices it…it’s his body language. But I don’t know if he actually wants me, or if he just thinks he should.” Joseph closed his eyes as he kept talking, “He knew how messed up I was, thinking about whether or not I wanted to buy out my contract. Something reassuring would have been nice.” Shaking his head he whispered, “I never should have opened the fucking thing. Diana and James are dead. What’s it matter if they loved me? I had Troy. I could have had him now.” Sitting back up his tone got angry, “But no, I’m seeing Victor, and I don’t even know how long until he starts feeling resentment. Troy’s not happy about me seeing Victor and the Cross Bar is practically advertising that the Web’s head trainer is fucking one of their whores, which makes Denise not happy about it.” Joseph sighed, elbows on his knees he was looking down and didn’t even see that Gina was going to say something before he went on, “Nikki won’t see me anymore either. It’s not right, as she put it. Eddy’s fed up with my sleeping around since this happened, he hardly looks at me.” Joseph pressed his head into his hands, “Everyone wants me to deal with it, I don’t know which ‘it’ they’re talking about. I don’t even know where to start.”

“You’re here, Joseph. Here is a good place,” Gina said taking his hand from his face and just held it.

Joseph stared down at their hands. They had never touched before. Her hand was soft, smooth. And it took him a few moments to realize that his first instinct was not to kiss her fingers. His fingers laced with hers, he held her hand tightly, “Thanks, Gina.”

Still, the next night Joseph found himself at Victor’s. Wearing only linen pants his wrists were cuffed to Victor’s headboard. After putting the key on his nightstand, Victor knelt comfortably between Joseph’s spread legs. Victor was looking at him with a pleasant smile, “I never thought I would see you cuffed to my bed again, Joseph.”

Joseph lightly pulled at the handcuffs as he glanced up at them, scoffing slightly, he said, “Neither did I.”

Leaning forward, Victor rubbed his hands up Joseph’s chest, smiling widely he said, “Neither of us are cold, starving, in pain. You’re not afraid of me.”

“I was never afraid of you, Victor.” Joseph said, though he could see Victor didn’t believe him, he didn’t bother to say anything more.

The room fell silent as Victor leaned forward, teasing Joseph’s lips with his before kissing him deeply. Victor felt Joseph rising up, pressing up against him. Bearing his weight down against Joseph their bare chests pressed hard into each other. The thin linen of their pants slid easily as they rubbed together. Joseph was moaning softly, eyes closed, his mouth dropped open, searching for Victor’s lips and finding nothing.

“As much as I love this,” Victor sighed as he rocked back to kneel, “Why are you here, Joseph? We both know this is hurting the Web.”

Joseph’s eyes opened narrowly, “And you had to wait ‘til I was cuffed to ask.”

Victor adjusted to sit cross legged on his bed, “You’re not getting out of this until you tell me. I might still be a slave, but I never thought you of all people would use me like this.”

“Can’t I be selfish for once?” Joseph snapped at Victor.

Victor flinched, “Is that what you thought back at the Den? That I was being selfish? You were the Masters favorite. Do you have any idea how much I had to protect you from? From the other kids? From Salway himself?”

Joseph felt the hair on his neck stand up, he absently pulled at the cuffs, he was making Victor upset. “Let me go, Victor, I swear, I won’t run from this conversation.”

“I know that Joseph.” Victor said coolly, staying exactly where he was.

Joseph looked away, “Why do you care, Victor? I’m sure this has been gravy for you.”

Joseph grunted as Victor backhanded him, “Fuck you Joseph. If I didn’t care about you, do you think I would have kept this private every time? Invited you up here? Instead of just fucking you in the club. You know what Mistress Heba wants? Has been pressuring me to convince you to do?”

“I can imagine,” Joseph said softly, “My ass free game for you on stage.”

“Exactly. So talk to me Joseph, you owe me this much,” Victor said softly. When Joseph had nothing to say, Victor offered, “If you’re done being angry, I’ll release your wrists.” Joseph nodded and once Victor had freed his wrists, he simply sat up with his back to the headboard.

“I miss him, so much,” Joseph said, drawing up his knees, resting his forehead on them. “It hurts. It feels like I can’t breathe. And it’s pathetic, because he was my Master, and I really don’t know how much he cared about me. He called me pet names, was affectionate, but I don’t know what it really meant.”

“Does he know how much this is hurting you?” Victor asked, concern clouding his face, he didn’t know Troy that well, just by reputation, and Troy was considered a decent guy.

Joseph nodded, “Yeah.” He shook his head angry with himself, “I fucking told him I loved him.”

Victor blinked in surprise, “You fell in love with your owner?”

Joseph sank his head lower, “I did.”

“That’s not part of the reason he dropped you, is it?” Victor asked going tense.

Joseph looked up with confusion a Victor, “What? No, I told him last winter.”

“So, this is all because you share a father?” Victor asked slowly, letting his anger go.

Joseph’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah. Thanks for reminding me that the monster who terrorized us half our lives is my fucking dad.”

Half our lives?” Victor snorted, “I still have nightmares with Salway in them.”

Giving a weak smile Joseph said, “I’m still on sleeping pills.”

Reaching forward, Victor rubbed Joseph’s arm, “You’re not going to get over Troy by staying in my bed.”

Unable to breathe, Joseph just stared at Victor a few seconds before he asked, “Are you dropping me?”

Sighing, Victor said, “No, just giving you advice, Joseph.”

Joseph pulled Victor to him and kissed him hard, his hands pulling off Victor’s pants. “I just, need you right now, please, Victor.”

“I know,” Victor said sadly, getting more comfortable under Joseph, “Still, it would be nice to see you when you just wanted me.”

Joseph sucked hungrily on Victor’s chest making him moan, “I promise you will, Victor. Just, help me through this.”

Victor fisted Joseph’s hair and shoved him down, “Suck on me, boy.”

“Yes sir,” Joseph said, shoulders relaxing.

Getting home, guilt flooded through him, whatever it was Matt had cooked had burned. Matt had fallen asleep on the couch, the game controller still in his hand, the tv looping on the game home screen. Matt stirred awake as Joseph shut off the tv and console, pulled the controller free from Matt’s grasp.

“You’re home,” Matt said tiredly.

“Yeah,” Joseph said lamely, unsure of what else to say.

“Can I have a grilled cheese?” Matt asked hesitantly as Joseph was helping him up.

“Of course,” Joseph said quickly, it didn’t matter that it was three AM. As Matt followed him into the kitchen, he said, “I’ll be home more, I promise. I’ll get my shit together. Today was just rough. I had a meeting with Denise about how things were going with the training position. It’ll be done in November, she and Troy wanted to make sure I would be okay to handle the next one on my own.”

“The meeting was just with Denise?” Matt asked to Joseph’s back as Joseph turned on the stove.

Joseph nodded slowly, “I don’t know if that made it harder or not. Troy should have been there.” They didn’t say anything else as Joseph cooked.

“Thanks,” Matt said softly as he looked down and picked up the sandwich.

“You’re welcome, Matt,” Joseph said, just as unsure. As he watched Matt eat, Joseph spoke haltingly, “Matt…you…want to be here, right?”

“Of course I do!” Matt sad whipping his head up.

“It’s not just ‘cause there’s…no one else?” Joseph asked, eyes on the table.

“Is this why you haven’t been home? Cause you think I don’t wanna be here?” Matt whispered, drawing his knees up on the chair and resting his chin on them, leaving his sandwich on the table.

“No,” Joseph said sharply. He sighed, and his gaze went to Matt, “Look, it just…it hurt when you asked if I was kicking you out. We need each other, right?”

“Yeah,” Matt whispered, “I just thought…’cause I know how much you had wanted to be with Troy or Heath. Since…you didn’t have to look after me anymore…”

“I wanted – want you, Matt. Here, with me.” When Matt flushed but said nothing, Joseph gave a small smile, “It’s gonna get cold.”

As Matt picked up the sandwich and started to eat again he asked, “Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Yeah, Matt,” Joseph said gently. Once Matt had finished eating Joseph put his plate in the dishwasher as Matt left to change. Joseph was also changed into a different t-shirt and lounge pants by the time Matt came in, wearing mesh sport shorts and a loose t-shirt.

Settling into bed, Joseph was turned on his side, holding Matt around his waist. “Stop it, Matt,” Joseph whispered, his tone strained as Matt continued to press back against him, ass rubbing against his groin.

Eyes popping open, Matt froze before scrambling to put space between them. “Sorry,” he muttered.

“It’s ok,” Joseph murmured and kissed the top of Matt’s head, “We’ll get through this.”

In the morning, Joseph actually had to wake Matt up. As soon as he touched Matt’s shoulder, Matt’s eyes popped open, his body tensed for a moment before he relaxed, slipped off Joseph’s bed and went to get ready. Joseph had been a little surprised by Matt’s silence through it all, but then he realized he hadn’t said anything either. He let out a heavy breath and dropped his head back on the pillow, staring up at the ceiling a few moments before also dragging himself to the shower. As the hot water pounded his back he wondered, for all he had said to Gina, how much progress had they really made in a year?

As Joseph drove Matt to school he worked harder to listen as Matt spoke, instead of just letting it wash over him for him to consider later.

“Thirty trainees, the Web, the Red Room. Seriously, you can’t find someone here to sleep with?” Denise’s tone once again reminded Joseph why it was Troy who was the face of the Web. He was sure she was more annoyed than angry with him.

Sighing Joseph said, “Fine, I’ll stop going to the Cross Bar.”

“That’s not…” Denise groaned and sat in Wes’ chair, “Troy thinks you’re being personal. Since he banned Victor.”

Joseph blinked at her, “He said that?”

Denise scoffed, “Of course not, but he’s easy to read.” She searched Joseph’s face but got nothing, softly she said, “I get it, no one’s going to help you out like him. But, just ease up, please? Put Victor in your roster, don’t have him be your only partner.”

Joseph cocked his head, “And you’d like to stop getting calls from Heba?”

Denise pursed her lips, “Okay, yes that would be nice. But, that’s not my concern.” Joseph’s eyebrow raised patronizingly. Coloring pink Denise said, “That’s not my main concern.”

“It’s fine anyway,” Joseph said dismissively, “I need to spend more time at home.”

Nodding Denise asked, “How is Matt liking school?”

Swallowing uncomfortably Joseph bluffed, “He likes it, it’s going pretty good.”

“Right, that’s great,” Denise said, trying to not make Joseph feel worse as she got up to leave.

Joseph didn’t let himself dwell on it too much, he had to a session to teach.

Some of the trainees thought Joseph was hokey, or that he just liked to hear himself talk. He started most training sessions with a small lecture. Catching the eye rolls this morning he lined up the two offenders and delivered a quick hit to each of them with his paddle. This was a small group of five. “I don’t care if you like me. Unless you epically fail here, you’re probably staying until your contract expires at the least. What you do have to do is obey me. So the least you can do is look like you’re paying attention now and then bitch about me tonight in your bunk.” Kevin laughed nervously, and Joseph saw the rest of the group relax slightly when they saw he didn’t react to the laughter. Some humor was always good.

The obnoxiousness had ended anyway, it always did after he hauled up the first few people for a spanking. “Neutrality is one of the most important aspects of being here. The Spiders Web and Red Room are businesses: they want their clients to come back. You will have clients you don’t like, but they’re paying for your time, eventually for your freedom, so give them a modicum of respect.” He closed his eyes a second as memories flooded him, “Especially with their fetishes, they are paying for you to not judge them. And trust me, you will make the money to buy yourself out.”

“Really?” It was Jon who spoke, he turned red and already stood and braced himself for speaking out of turn.

“Yes, really.” Joseph said striking Jon as he spoke. He smirked at them, “Honestly, it’ll come down to whether or not you want to leave. Once you fulfill your contract, you’re offered another, and so on. You get to move out of the dorms and into some decent apartments, you can save money, and retire, like Master Wes is doing. Now let’s begin.”

The task at hand was control training. For each trainee there was a staff member. Joseph just supervised at first. One guy in particular was having difficulties. “Rory,” he whispered in his ear, as his trainer Myra pumped his cock to life once again, “This is control training. You have sold yourself to someone. There is nothing left of yourself to own, except for your willpower. Have some goddamn dignity, don’t just lose it like some hormonal thirteen year old.”

“It’s impossible.” Rory whined at him.

Joseph dismissed Myra, kneeling down he took Rory’s cock in his hand. “So you’re just going to let me have my fun with you, and you won’t have any say in it?” Rory’s eyes narrowed, suspicious of him. “I like that look you have,” Joseph whispered and he leaned forward, with his free hand he rubbed Rory’s nipple making him moan. “Because my fun, today, is exhausting you by denying you.” Joseph let his hot breath caress Rory’s skin, Joseph saw the little hairs on his neck stand up, he licked Rory’s neck, the salty sweat and he exhaled deeply making Rory shiver. He quickly brought Rory to the edge of his orgasm and then abruptly stopped. Rory whined pitifully and Joseph spoke, “What most of us want to do is one up the client. We may not have a choice in being here, but we have a choice in our experience here. We give the client have what they want, not their way with us. Now tell me how to one up a client like me.”

“By not needing to come, letting myself come, Master Joseph.” Rory said staring straight at him.

“Good.” Joseph smiled. His hands never stopped and after a few minutes he could tell Rory was on the edge once more but he’d already given into it, his eyes had closed and he was ready to ride out the wave of pleasure, “Rory!” Joseph barked at him, squeezing tighter so that Rory opened his eyes, “Rory, so help me god, if you don’t at least try, I will beat your ass into next week.” Rory’s face got red as he tried to stave off his orgasm, “Talk to me Rory, tell me everything you hate.” Rory seemed confused and Joseph barked at him again, “TALK!”

“My mother having sex with my brother.” He cried out finally, “Cops looking the other way. Landlords who evict you when you lose your job. FUUUUCK!” He yelled as he came over Joseph’s hand. He sat back panting, shaking his head.

“Good job.” Joseph said making Rory look at him. “You already did better.” He held out his hand to Rory, who obediently licked Joseph’s hand, Joseph enjoyed the long tongue wrapping around his fingers, but he just kept talking, “Play it on a reel in your head, meditate, find the way you like to get control of your body.” He leaned in closer, let Rory rest his head on his shoulder, “All those people you hate, if they’re the reason you’re here, tell them fuck it by taking control now. They controlled a part of your life before, they may have backed into a corner, but own your corner now. This is your life, if you’re ashamed, you won’t survive.”

Joseph withdrew and looked at the clock. “Alright, everybody finish up. If you’re done already, head to the showers and go to lunch.” Three of them walked past him. He looked at who was left, Gina and Terence. They both had sm experience, they had been personal slaves, their control was already good.

“Hi Gina.” He smiled down at her and her trainer withdrew.

“Master Joseph.” She moaned as his finger tweaked her clit.

“You’ve done very well. Why don’t you just relax and let me please you?” He murmured temptingly at her.

She shook her head ferociously and he just laughed. “Good luck then.” He smirked as he dropped his head down to suck on her nipple. His thumb was in her pussy and he eased his index finger into her ass. Her back arched as he rubbed his fingers together through her walls. His free hand worked her other breast, squeezing it, pinching her nipple. “Ooooohhhh.” She moaned as she bucked against him after holding out another few minutes. He wiped her sweaty face and helped her sit up and he said, “You only came that once in an hour. Very good.”

“How often do you dom at the club, Master Joseph?” She asked him.

“That’s not part of my schedule right now. Why, already offering to sub for me?”

“Yes.” She purred.

“You’ll have to take a number, slut. Go take a shower.” He said and lightly pushed her in the direction of the showers. He was about to check on Terence when Terence nodded curtly to him on his way to the shower.

“Elise,” Joseph said hesitatingly, sitting next to her at lunch.

“Master,” Elise said slowly, tilting her head. Reading his hesitation she sighed, “You’re not still worried I wanted your job, right?”

Joseph shrugged and said, “I figured you would have said something by now if you didn’t want to just be my assistant.”

“Ok, so is there something you need, Master?”

“There is.” He murmured, rubbing her side, “If you’re up for it.” he leaned in closer to her, smelling her shampoo, “I’m frustrated and about to demo for the doms after lunch.”

“You? frustrated?” She teased.

“Yeah,” he growled in her ear to stop any questions. “Do you have a problem with me fucking you?” He nipped at her chin, “Because there are about a dozen people here literally begging for the chance.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there Master.” She purred at him.

He smiled and kissed her before letting her eat lunch. He knew people had just watched that little interaction, people were always watching him. He left her and walked back to the office nonchalantly. He had thought the special interest in him would die down, but this training session was almost over and he was still being scrutinized. 

After lunch he joined the circle of doms waiting for him. They were casually lounging, he didn’t mind, there were still ten minutes before they were set to start.

“Do you ignore us, Master Joseph?”

He smirked hearing the voice, “No Leann, I do not. Now get over here.” He swore half the time they spoke was just to get him to spank them, there was still time before they started but they were supposed to ask permission to speak first. She bent over the table behind him and he delivered five hard hits. She squirmed under him immediately, he did hit her a little hard than usual. “Why would you ask that Leann?” He asked as she walked back to where she’d been.

Speaking plainly she kept tight control of her voice, betraying neither anger nor annoyance, “Because it feels like you do. You walk around with an air of superiority, you think you’re the center of attention. You never ask us anything and you don’t look around to any place besides your destination. You expect us to hang onto your every word.”

He stared hard at her, speaking without moving his eyes, “We’re a clock, I’m the middle, Leann, you’re noon, Deanna is one, Perri is three, Tom is four, Jerry was five, Sandy was six, John was seven, eight is empty. Sherri is nine, Louise is ten, and Ken is eleven.” He took a quick breath and kept going, “The new subs are still having lunch behind Sherri, where Marlon is eating upright because he’s got a butt plug in for the first time and doesn’t want to sit, I’ll be addressing that after this demo. Wes is working one on one with Trish on pain tolerance behind Louise and has been since this morning, she’s about to collapse of exhaustion. Elise is walking towards us right now from behind Ken. Maria is learning to pleasure three people behind you Leann. Walt, Paul, Toya and Trisha are learning how long they can stand their cocks and pussies being assaulted before begging for mercy beyond Deanna. Selene is pouring out the leftover soup behind Perri. Sherri, your eyebrows still aren’t under control, now is not the time for that smugness. Does that answer your question, Leann?”

“Yes Master Joseph.” She squeaked.

“Good, everyone, take a seat.” They all moved in front of him, and he looked at them each, resting his eyes on Leann he smirked, “I’m a dom because I like to put people in their places, I’m good at it, and I always have options, just now I could have also asked Sherri to explain. But that would inflate her ego even more. You each need a good reason to be a dom, if it’s just because you like hurting someone,” he looked at Deanna, “Find a better reason. Your sub is trusting you with their well being, don’t take advantage of that or you will find yourself with no clients or coworkers willing to sub and then you’re screwed. Being a dom is the ultimate poker face, which is why I’m always on Sherri’s case. If your sub can read you, they own you. Take in every detail and only let the expression you want to show. Practice a default look you can slip into. My default is smug bastard.” he smiled as they chuckled at him.

He looked down at Elise kneeling at his feet, “Have any of you seen Mistress Elise sub?” They answered no and he nodded, “But it does happen. There will be times you will have to sub, and you have to be able to do it. You will have to trust someone, god forbid.” He pulled Elise up by the nape of her neck. He looked behind him at the monitors to make sure the cameras were working, the doms in training sitting in front of him would be able to see her from the chest up whether or not she was looking at them. He kissed her neck, “We’re going to vote on this. Would you all like to see me give Elise a hard time, or be easy on her?”

He watched as they looked to each other unsure, then Perri looked at him, “A hard time, Master Joseph.”

“Oh, Elise, it seems like your pupils just abandoned you.” He laughed and looked up at the group, “Can any of you tell me how Elise reacted to the barb? There were three.”

“Her nostrils flared.” Tom called out, Joseph nodded encouragingly.

“Her back tensed.” Sandra said.

Joseph smiled, “Very good, that can sometimes be hard to see, and Elise let it go immediately.”

“Her lip twitched?” Jerry said.

“She did, but you sound like you’re guessing. Either sound sure or keep quiet. Stand behind what you’re going to say.” He leaned back against the table, he sounded bored, “Elise, get me hard.”

“Yes Mas—”

He put his hand over her mouth and nose. “I didn’t give you permission to speak, slave.” He left his hand and watched as she struggled to breathe, his face was impassive. When he finally let go she gasped for breathe, coughing slightly. “Slave!” he snapped his fingers, “I gave you an order.” She dropped to her knees and rubbed her hands over his cock through his pants. He raised an eyebrow at her, stubbornly staying soft and she realized how tough he was going to be, he smirked at her, “Blame your pupils.”

She rubbed her cheek against him, nuzzling him, but he refused to stiffen. The group was looking at him amazed, he grinned at Elise, “Elise, the men behind you would kill for my control.”

Deanne snorted, “Mistress Elise would kill for you to lose control.”

Finally she turned around, pressing her ass against him, she rubbed her hands over her ass and looked at him over her shoulder, her lips parting slightly. She smiled feeling him harden.

“Tell me how slutty you think Elise looks. And why I wanted to start here.”

“Very hot.” Tom murmured.

“She’s usually very…collected.” Ken said.

Joseph looked at him sharply, “You think she isn’t collected? Elise is very aware of what she’s doing, she’s making a very calculated decision of how far she’s willing to humiliate herself for my, and your, amusement. If I didn’t get hard now, no one would be surprised to hear her call her safe word, and it would be my fault for not recognizing her effort. I’m sure you meant reserved instead of collected.”

“Yes Master Joseph, I apologize Mistress Elise.” Ken said, flushing slightly.

“The further you push your sub to start, the closer you can get to their limit during the session.” Louise said cutting off the awkwardness. “But you don’t want them to say their safe word.”

Joseph nodded to her. This entire time Elise was still bent at the waist, ass pressed to his cock, he raked a hand down her back. “Undress me.”   

Elise turned back smoothly, slipping her hands under his shirt she pressed against him. Her mouth was on his chest, hands and arms going through his shirtsleeves, she pulled up and lifted the shirt over his head while still rubbing his arms and shoulders. As soon as his shirt was off he pushed her down to her knees, not letting her linger over his body the way she liked to. As she was unbuttoning him he asked the group, “How long do you think I can push her before she stops enjoying this?” He saw blank expressions, “I know that point, but if you don’t, talk to your partner before the session, or just don’t push too hard.” He let her suck his cock as her hands pulled off his shoes. Once he was naked he pulled her up and pinned her wrists behind her and presented her to them once more. “Teasing by pain or pleasure?”

“Pleasure.” They said almost unanimously.

He let go of her wrists and slipped a hand under her bra, “I think they’re trying to get in your good graces.” He grinned at Ken, “Or maybe Ken does just want to see you lose it.” He perched onto the table behind him, kissing her shoulder and using his teeth to unclasp her bra. He lightly brushed his fingers over her shoulders pulling the straps of her bra down and it fell at their feet. He turned her to face him, and lifted her thighs so she straddled him. He ground their hips together, he lightly sucked on her nipples, drawing them in, he held her away from him as she tried to press harder against him.

He laid her down on the table, hands rubbing her breasts he tugged her panties down with his teeth, but only to her knees, before he lay on his side, he held her wrists above her as he sucked on her skin. His other hand reached down for her thigh and she shifted trying to get more contact with him. Giving a frustrated groan she started to shift her hips and he smiled back at the group as they watched her shimmy out of her panties. She tried to wrap a leg around him and he slapped her breast, she mewled and dropped her leg back down. His eyes brightened, his smirk reappearing, he settled back on the table. “Rub your hot pussy against me, slave.”

He chuckled at her pitiable moan as she obeyed, straddling him. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down so that he could lick her breasts. Her body started to tremble as he teased her, slowly creeping in then pulling out of her pussy. Before she could start to beg he slammed into her, and she cried out as he continued to thrust up at her. He lay still on his back and watched her as she continued to bounce on him. Her breathing was erratic and her hands gripped his chest. She saw his hands moving a second before it happened and screamed in frustration as he grabbed her hips keeping her hovered above him right before she came. Her scream echoed through the hall and she blushed red as everyone stared at her. He laughed, “Alright, Elise, you can come.” He gripped her wrists behind her back and watched as she writhed over him, lifting her hips up and slamming them down on him. “Yeah, slave.” He murmured, seeing her breasts bouncing. She dropped her head back and when Joseph let go of her wrists she lurched forward, her hands gripping his shoulders, her body shuddering on top of him.

Sitting up, Joseph moved Elise off of him and she knelt on the floor. “Know your subs stamina. How long it takes for them to recover after an orgasm.” He took a quick glance down at her and smiled. He fisted her hair and shoved her down his cock. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed her exquisite mouth, finally letting himself come down her contracting throat. Dismissing Elise to the showers he asked them, “Any questions?”

“Are we expected to know all this about each other?” Sandra said, frowning slightly.

“No. It takes a few sessions with each sub to get to know what they like and don’t like, same for them to get to know you. Get close with a small group of doms and subs, try to be reliable pairings before expanding who you work with. Some clients will request people they just like, and then you may be force to work with someone you’re not used to, but that’s why you always need to talk. Don’t let your pride or ego get in the way, in the locker room, we don’t use titles, we’re all on equal terms.”

John was usually quiet, but he locked eyes with Joseph, “How can you be so comfortable just working with anyone?”

“The longer you dom, the easier it is to pick up on the traits, notice the skin color changes, breathing, facial expression, muscle tightness.”

“No, I mean, you specifically, Master Joseph.” John said politely when Joseph stopped talking.

“Ah.” Joseph had wondered if this was ever going to come up, “Sherri may or may not have told you that I’m 20. What I didn’t tell her is that I had been an SM pleasure slave for 16 years. I was a Salway Slut for the first ten, I just have a lot of experience.” He saw their expressions pale, but didn’t look away. They probably thought they’d had it bad, most pleasure slave training begins at puberty, his training was done well before then.    

Leann broke the silence asking tentatively, “You said that you were the reason Salway was banned? May I ask how, Master Joseph?”

She shivered when he looked at her, his eyes had gone vacant. They were all familiar with retreating somewhere else, his voice was hollow, “Do you want to see the recording?”

“Yes.” Perri said, standing up, bracing himself. Eventually they all agreed.

They followed Joseph to a viewing room. Pulling up the file of that night he hooked up the tv to the laptop, he had never watched the recording, he didn’t think he’d be able to. They were all staring at the tv, he hadn’t started it yet, he saw himself holding Salways drink, about to put it down, he’d never seen himself so pale. “No one has to stay and watch this, if you have to leave, you have to leave, it’s fine.” He scoffed, “I may have to leave. It’s a couple hours long. I had broken fingers, cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder before the end of it. It was a month before I was healed up enough to be out on the floor working.” He saw them nod stonily and he hit play. He took a seat in the back of the room.

He wanted to vomit seeing himself that way, completely yielding, except for what he said. Hearing his screams and cries made him tense. He honestly couldn’t believe he’d endured that, his hate had done a lot to keep him from giving in. No one left the room, and it impressed him.

“You walked away from that?” Ken whispered when it was done, breaking the silence.

“I collapsed as soon as the locker room door was closed behind me, I wouldn’t let him see me weak.” Joseph answered flatly.

“What happened to the boy?” Deanna asked carefully.

“His name’s Matt. Salway didn’t want him back. He lives with me, which is why I don’t have an apartment above the Spiders Web. He’s doing well. Adjusting fine.” Joseph was just staring at the far wall, forgetting who he was talking to, “Sometimes I think I should send him to a boarding school, get him away from me, from all this.”

“That’ll make him feel abandoned,” Tom pointed out.

“True.” Joseph whispered. Standing up, he got himself together, “Any other questions?”

“No, Master Joseph.” They answered and they filed out past him, not looking at him. Joseph looked at the screen another second, him going through the locker room, Salway heading to the exit, before shutting it all off.



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