Star Rebels: Dolbourne Chronicles

BY : Desiderius_Price
Category: Fantasy & Science Fiction > General
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Disclaimer: This is a work of original fiction. Any resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental.

Summary: Series of episodes, chronicling the childhood and development of Jaimie, and his friends.

General Warnings: abortion (mentioned, not depicted), angst, bigotry, birth, exhibition (all ages), MCD, MiCD, Minor1 (mostly due to underage nudity), piss/poop, pregnancy (non-sexual), torture, violence, and voyeurism.


Historians continue to disagree to the exact cause. Some argued that expensive meddling in the Middle East, with its persistent al-Qaeda or the Islamic State, toppled the once formidable superpower. Others cite its excessive consumption and the continual political bickering about its debt led to a collapse of confidence in the decaying empire. Clergy are quick to point out the moral decadence, debauchery, corruption, vice, sins, and immorality. Russians would cite their rise back to their former glory as the cause. While many are eager to take credit, the debate for the truth continues.

What is known is that war came, and war altered the map. Gains were had by some, and losses were levied onto others. Weapons had unleashed terrible damage and the religious seized the opportunity—clergy cited a duty from their gods and did as they always did, wrapped their tendrils about the conscience of man, undoing the coup of the renaissance by proclaiming the horrors to be penance from the wrath of God. Wars continued as these holy men exercised their control, but they remained united against their common foe, curiosity. Curiosity turns intelligent minds into a threat, a threat that must be blinded before the stallions turn to the unacceptable, such as science, the seducer of the satanic, while art, literature, and technology were conscripted to serve religious ideals. Curious individuals were labeled as malcontents.

Joe Jr. Rise of the Star Republic, third edition. 57AR.

Table of Contents

Early Years

Ep 1. Wedding: Busted for conspiracy to have sexual relations outside of marriage, Alyssia & Konnor acquiesce to society and get married.  Tags for M/F, MiCD, Minor1 (withness to 18+ NonCon), NonCon (18+).

Ep 2. In Utero: Ladies discover they're pregnant, and Ernest isn't happy.  Tags for Abuse, Angst, Bigotry, Exhib, Humil, Preg, Tort, Violence.


p.s. Dates revolve around a specific plot point, BR is before, AR is after it.


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