Lust and Chastity

BY : HinderToyBL
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Though they were juniors in high school and knew most of the campus like the backs of their hands, Finian Fair and his best friend, Jack Kierny, decided to head to school early on the first day back from summer vacation. Though they weren't the only two teens from their community that walked to the campus, they saw no one ahead of them and no one behind them yet.

"Guess that everyone's procrastinating from day one, huh?" Fin mused out loud with a wry smile on his face. "Sucks that classes just had to start on my birthday, of all days."

The teenage boys waited at the corner for the light to turn green before continuing. In the far distance, Fin finally saw a group of their classmates heading towards the campus, as well. But, then, he witnessed the most eerie thing he had ever seen in his entire life. A pink-haired boy that was even shorter than him downright materialized in front of the sidewalk. "What the-? Jack, did you just see that?"

"See what?" Jack looked around, spotting his classmates ahead. "Oh jeeze, Garcia actually did shave his head! I wonder if he'll let me rub it." The seventeen-year-old grinned.

Finian's eyebrows drew together in a frown. "What? Garcia? No, I mean that pink-haired kid right over there!" He pointed straight ahead of them and tensed up when the boy smiled and began to walk towards him. "Oh shoot, he's coming our way." His voice fell to a nervous whisper.

Jack squinted at the area in front of them. He smirked and raised an eyebrow."I don't see any pink-haired kid," Jack stage-whispered. "Is he cute?"

The navy blue-eyed teen didn't put it past his best friend to joke around. So, when the boy stopped right in front of him with big, magenta eyes staring up at him, Fin began stutter. "U-uh, h-hi? Y-You new?"

"My name is Lee'en," The boy purred as he ran a hand through his pixie short hair. "And I can be anything you want me to be."

Fin took a step back and began to blush. Some of his fellow classmates had been just as forward in the past, but it still made the teenager nervous.

"J-Jack, l-let's go get our schedules." He managed to mumble. "I-It was nice m-meeting you, Lee'en!" As soon as the words left his lips, he took hold of Jack's arm and urged them faster towards the campus. "Goodness, that was so think that someone as short as him could have so much more confidence than me..." Finian snorted. "Wasn't he just a bit much?" He asked Jack.

"Buddy..." His hazel-eyed friend said as Fin pulled him along. "Are you trying to get back at me for convincing you I had Legionairre's disease last month? What disease do you have that's giving you hallucinations of pink-haired boys?"

"Very funny," Fin countered. "There's no way anyone could have missed that magenta-eyed kid. And for him to have hit on me with you standing right there? That took some guts for a newbie."

"Now he's got bright pink eyes?" Jack threw an arm around his best friend's shoulders. "Tell me another one, Finny."

A frown marred Finian's face. "Wait, are you serious? You didn't see him? Freckle-nosed kid with a pink heart tattoo on his forehead? Practically ate me with his big eyes?"

"Well, I've seen plenty of people eating you with their eyes. Chester is devouring you as we speak... jeeze don't look!" Jack laughed, turning Fin to keep moving. "I definitely didn't see any pink, freckly boys. He sounds adorable. I'm sorry I missed your imaginary friend."

A cold, dark shiver rolled down the teenager's spine. "I just knew we shouldn't have egged and T.P.'d that tree that was too close to the cemetery!" He hissed in a low voice. Could that kid have been some kind of apparition? He was just starting his junior year of high school! He didn't need this kind of supernatural phenomena added to his agenda.

However, as most teenage minds tended to do, Fin became thoroughly preoccupied with his new classes and became engrossed in mapping out his time between periods so that he could know when to hit his locker and when to use the restrooms. He had at least two classes with Jack thus far, which was always a relief. The two of them could help one another with assignments.

His English III class immediately assigned him a textbook and a side book to read. Fin had never been so relieved that they kept the same locker throughout all their four years. His was shared with Jack, but it was more than big enough for the both of them. He quickly spun the combination in and opened it up, stuffing his two books into the side and ignoring the bathing suit models of handsome men and women plastered on the inside of the door.

After he swung the locker door shut, he yelped in surprise when he was once again met with the same magenta eyes as before.

"G-goodness gracious!" He squeaked. In a brief moment of bravery, he reached out with his pointer finger to poke the boy on the shoulder and sighed in relief when it came into contact with flesh. "S-so you're not a ghost..."

"Nope. Better than that, babe." Lee'en preened, leaning closer to the slightly taller teen. "I am a full-fledged, rare Unicorn teen. And youuuu," He continued as he pressed a finger to Fin's lips. "Are a very chaste maiden. And I so got to you first."

Feeling even more freaked out from the moment that Lee'en touched him on the lips, Finian took off down the hallway and ran as soon as he rounded the corner.

The next class was P.E., but they were doing a health section which had them sitting in a small room off the weight room. They'd crammed in enough tables and chairs for all the boys in the class. The girls had a separate P.E. classes, so it was just guys in the room.

"Hey, you okay?" Jack leaned over and asked Fin. "You look like you saw a ghost."

"I sure wish it had been a ghost. Now I don't even know what he is," Fin whispered a he rubbed his arms. Usually when they had them wear only their gym shorts for the health inspection, he was a lot more self-conscious. "Am I losing my mind? But, I touched him! He's real..." 

"Wait, pinky again?" Jack asked as he slumped in his folding chair. "Holy shit, look at Devon," Jack whispered, distracted. "Damn, he's been working out or something. I can't wait until he takes his shirt off for chest measurements. Unf."

For a brief moment, Finian peered over in Devon's direction and wondered the same thing. For that matter, he even wondered what kind of other measurements Devon had.

He let out an annoyed groan at himself. Now was not the time to imagine naked classmates. "Yes, pinky-er, I mean, Lee'en? Yes Lee'en. He was at our locker and he said-" He stopped talking when someone shot a glance at them. He lowered his voice. "He told me he was no ghost, b-but something else that's even crazier to even think about!"

"There really is a pink-haired guy, isn't there?" Jack pulled his gaze away from the eye-candy in the room. "You aren't yanking my chain about this."

"Jack, at this point, I don't know if my own mind is fudging with me." Fin replied in a serious tone of voice. "H-He..." He swallowed hard as he forced himself to finish. "He called me a ch-chaste maiden."

"Well that's... probably accurate." Jack blinked at him a moment before grinning wickedly. "You should have let me practice blowjobs on you like we used to practice kissing." The brunet leaned forward. "I would have sucked your brain out through your dick."

Fin's face and neck began to practically glow pink. "Is sex all you think about?" He hissed, only to frown as he imagined his best friend actually sucking him off. "Blast it, don't answer that question." He immediately added.  "And that wasn't the only weird thing he said...he..." He leaned closer to whisper the rest into Jack's ear. "He told me he was a unicorn, of all things!"

"Well, I've heard of twinks, cubs, bears, queens, and a few other things." Jack cocked his head to the side. "I haven't heard of unicorns. That's a new one."

Fin's mouth formed into a deep frown. His best friend didn't seem to grasp the idea that the pink-haired boy truly believed himself a unicorn. What were his exact words? A full-fledged, rare Unicorn? The pale teen let out a long sigh. "Whatever he believes himself to be, I just hope that I never see his pixie pink hair ever again."

Jack didn't have a chance to say much about that since he was called up to be measured and weighed. He put a little sway in his step as he passed a couple of guys he'd fooled around with in the past. He grinned as they blushed hotly. He hadn't bothered to wear a shirt, just gym shorts like Fin. Fin could only shake his head as Jack winked at some boy in the front row while the teacher measured his chest circumference. When he was done, the brunet came back to flop next to Fin.

"You gonna take advantage of open campus with me for lunch?" Jack asked his best friend. "Or should I start hunting for someone to drag behind the bleachers?" He flinched when the cold back of the chair touched his bare skin, but his smile didn't slip. "Maybe we can get away from pinky."

"Lunch sounds great." Finian replied before he was called himself.

He felt a few people leering at him from behind, and a few others snickering at his hairless chest. By that point in his high school life, he didn't care. But, there was a time when he was teased mercilessly for his feminine looks and the fact that his body hair was so fine and pale that it was nearly invisible.

Fin heard someone hiss in pain and looked over to see Jack had leaned to the side to flick the ear of one of the boys that had been snickering. Jack's smile had turned fierce, daring the other kid to try something. The other boy held a hand over his sore ear but said nothing. It hadn't been the first time Finian's best friend had shut someone up for being cruel to Fin. The wildest had been the year before when Jack had shaved every hair from the neck down and had positively flaunted his new bare state in the locker room. Jack had decided he liked how it felt, and had kept it up ever since. When Jack had described, in detail, how it increased his sensitivity during certain rather lewd acts, Fin had thought his blush would burn his face off.

Jack's smile was back to normal when Fin sat down. "You want to eat at my house or do you want to go downtown?"

The shorter teen gave Jack one of his grateful smiles when he was finally dismissed. "Either one sounds great to me, so long as we're not on campus." He admitted. Maybe the pink-haired kid he kept seeing really was just a figment of his imagination caused by the stress of starting his junior year.

"I want one of Miss Molly's burgers." Jack rubbed his hands together eagerly as he thought of the old diner on the edge of downtown.

"Miss Molly's burgers..." Finian's eyes glazed over, as they always did, whenever anyone mentioned food. He was already practically drooling at the thought of a Swiss and mushroom burger from Miss Molly's, one of his favorites.

"Oh no!" Jack gasped. "I sent you into one of your Foodgasm Daydreams." The hazel-eyed teen clutched Fin's hand dramatically. "Come back to us, Finian!"

After a moment, Fin felt a hot blush on his cheeks. "Alright, alright." He whined, though he allowed Jack to hold his hand for as long as he wanted. "I was just thinking about what to order, is all."

"You're adorable when you drool." Jack booped Fin's nose before glancing at the clock. "As much as it seems a crime to deprive these poor souls of our bare torsos, it's time to change and grab a bite. Did I see your board in the locker?"

"Yeah, along with my textbooks. Why do third year teachers assign so much work so soon?" Fin grumbled as he started to change back into his clothes and then walked out into the hallways with Jack to retrieve his skateboard.

"Because they're determined to crush our souls." Jack smirked. 

The brunet hung back as Finian spun the combo. He leaned against the lockers next to his black and blue-haired friend. They'd been in this position a thousand times. In middle school an older boy had thought it would be fun to push Finian while he was trying to open his locker. Jack had been goofing off across the hall when it had happened.

Fin had gotten a bloody nose but the older kid earned a black eye once Jack saw what was happening. The smaller brunet had thrown himself at the bigger kid, his smile more of a snarl. Jack had never forgiven himself for not being there to watch his friend's back.

Jack straightened when Fin tossed him his skateboard. They didn't waste any time scooting out of the building and kicking off on their boards.

Burgers were calling them. They would answer the call.

At Miss Molly's, they were seated in the same spot as usual and didn't even need the menus to order what they wanted. Finian peered out the window as they waited for their food. He felt his heart leap up to his throat when he caught sight of Lee'en in the distance. It was only for a brief moment before the boy disappeared, but it was enough to make him freak out once again.

"Why do I keep seeing things? Or rather, not 'things' but that kid?" He grumbled aloud.

"Pinky again?" Jack rested his chin on his fist, elbow on the table.

"He's got to be the most persistent illusion..." Fin insisted.

A group of college girls entered the diner. Four of them, each a different type. Both Jack and Fin's gazes followed the girls as they were seated to the table next to them. Fin actually liked girls about as much as he liked guys. But, he preferred to admire them from a distance. Jack and Fin may have practiced kissing in their pre-teen years, but Fin couldn't seem to wrap his mind around dating and making out, let alone sex.

Jack, on the other hand...a small smirk formed on Fin's face when two of the girls began to openly flirt with his best friend. They weren't even out of high school yet and already Jack drew the attention of older girls. A part of him was jealous of his divided attention. But, a bigger part felt rather proud to have such a fearless best friend.

Jack flirted back shamelessly. He generally preferred guys, but was never known to turn away a pretty face or a nice ass. The only thing that would turn Jack off was a nasty personality. The outgoing teen tried to pull Fin into the playful banter with the college girls without much success. The brunet turned them down, though, when they tried to get Jack to come sit with them and leave Fin alone. Soon after that, their food came. Juicy burgers and a pile of fries held more interest for the teenaged boys than the flirty girls.

The feast that was spread before him caused a glint of desire to light up in Fin's navy blue eyes. The scents of the burger and fries were mouthwatering. Fin shot Jack a wide grin before taking his first bite and he nearly melted all the way down to his toes. The juicy meat along with the flavor of the gravy and mushrooms and the melted Swiss all blended together wonderfully on his tongue.

"Mmmm," He moaned and swallowed. "Soooo good."

"Oh, yeah, just like that." Jack grinned devilishly at his friend. "You like that hot meat in you, don't you? Love the juice running down your throat. So good you want more, you want it all inside you." The impish brunet nipped the tip of a fry. "Mmmm yessssss, foodgasm.”

Finian stuck out his tongue at Jack, but ignored his antics in favor of the delicious food. "Too good," He mumbled as he continued to only have eyes for the hamburger. "If I weren't so hungry, I'd try to save half of it for later." His tongue curled around one of the fries before he stuffed it completely into his mouth. "I'm just going to have to savor every morsel." He practically keened in bliss.

Jack laughed before biting into his own burger, a double bacon cheeseburger with chedder, barbeque sauce, and onion strings. He could understand Fin's reaction, though. Miss Molly's burgers were the best, and the fries were thick and seasoned just enough to make the flavor pop. It was worthy of a foodgasm or two.

One of the college girls trained her gaze over to the teenager with blue bangs. Could he be moaning so lasciviously on purpose?

"What is he-?" She asked in a low whisper, only for the words to get caught in her throat as the taller teen began to add to the moaning.

All four girls were now staring at the two boys with glazed over eyes. The sounds that came from their mouths were far too sinful to resist.

"I wonder if they're together…" The girl in the back whispered to the others, making the four of them squeal in delight.

The two teenagers finished enjoying their meals, oblivious of the fantasies they’d planted in the college girls’ minds, and skateboarded back to campus to finish off the rest of their classes. Fin didn't have any other incidents with the pink-haired boy, which was a relief for the pale teen. After the pair left school, they decided to study and get their homework done at Jack's house.

When they were finally finished, both complaining about the unfairness of homework on the first day of school, Jack went off to help out at his sister's auto shop and Finian headed home. The first thing Fin noted upon his arrival was that his father hadn’t even made it to the master bedroom. He’d fallen asleep draped across the couch. With a sigh, the teenager picked up the empty bottles of beer and retrieved a blanket for him. His father had already slipped off his shoes, so Fin simply tossed the blanket over him to keep from waking him up.

Afterwards, Fin dragged his feet towards his room and took a quick shower. He was grateful to have a restroom in his own room. He wouldn't have wanted the noise to have carried over to the living room, after all. The blue-eyed teen dried himself off and quickly slipped into his pajamas. He barely remembered to set the alarm on his phone before dropping into a heavy sleep.

Though Finian never so much a masturbated in his life, his dreams were where all his repressed teenage hormones seemed to manifest. That night's 'feature dream' involved a naked Jack surrounded by the college girls from the diner. Though he had never truly witnessed his friend's frolicking he knew that Jack was rather skilled. So, as Dream Jack began to have his wicked way with the ladies, Fin simply watched the show.

The teen suddenly felt a presence beside him.

"Interesting." The voice was deep and smooth. "Is this what you prefer? More of a voyeur than an active participant?"

Fin tried to turn his head to see who had spoken but couldn't, his eyes stuck on his friend cavorting with the women.

"And who are you looking at?" The voice wondered. "The man or the women?"

The teenager was curious about the voice, but since it was a dream, he found no reason not to respond. "Both, actually." He replied honestly. "I'm just not ready for those kinds of activities. Not yet, in any case."

"So you really are a chaste maiden," the voice said with wonder. "I sensed it but could hardly believe it. They're so rare nowadays, especially one so filled with lustful energy." The man's voice almost seemed to physically touch Fin, licking against his skin. "Your lust was like a beacon. I'm glad I decided to satisfy my curiosity."

"C-Curiosity?" Fin wondered aloud. He rarely stuttered in his dreams, but the voice was making him feel strange. "What do you mean? Who are you?"

Finian finally found himself able to turn his head. When he did he was startled by what he saw. He had to look up, the man was at least half a foot taller than him. His eyes were the first thing that caught the teen. They were like cobalt jewels. The way they shimmered was unnatural but beautiful. Ebony waves streaked with deep blues and indigos framed a face both masculine and lovely. His skin was a smooth olive, his cheekbones were high, and his nose was straight and regal. In the middle of his forehead was a cobalt blue fleur de lis, set in his skin like an odd tattoo.

"I'm Alistair." Soft lips spread in a genuine smile. "I'm a Nightmare."

"A-Alistair? Nightmare?" Fin asked in response. "I don't understand..." He admitted. "You certainly are beautiful, though, aren't you?"

"Thank you." Alistair's jewel-like eyes raked over Finian. "I would certainly say the same for you. You are as lovely as your mind is wicked and your body is pure. What a delicious combination."

Finian flushed, wondering just how repressed his hormones must be for his mind to conjure up such a specimen. "My name is Finian. Friends call me Fin."

"I'd love to be much more than your friend, Fin." Alistair's long-fingered hand stroked across the teen's cheek and down his throat to linger in the hollow between his collar bones. "You can do much more than just watch, if you would like."

Fin leaned into the touch, liking the warmth. He only ever allowed Jack to touch him in such familiar ways. "You want more than a friend?" He asked, confused. The teenager took a moment to think about it. "I’m not sure if I can be more than a friend to you." His gaze drifted to the orgy that Dream Jack was having. "Like I said, I'm just...I'm not quite ready yet." Not even if it was a dream, he thought to himself.

"I can wait." Alistair smiled softly, gently tugging a black lock of Finian's soft hair. "I'll wait as long as you need. Until you're ready." The larger man spun Fin so the teen's back was pressed to Alistair's front. They faced Fin's dream. "Until then, I'd like to see what you like in this dream of yours."

Finian had never dreamed up anyone like Alistair before. He let out a soft gasp when he was tugged against the self-proclaimed Nightmare. He tried to focus his attention back to the orgy in front of him, but it was a bit difficult with the warmth of the man behind him. This was his strangest dream yet.

"To be honest, Jack has done things like this in real life..." He confessed, feeling no reason to lie or deny things in his own dream. "He's quite experienced for being just a year older than me. And he's so confident about it...I couldn't ever be that confident."

Long arms wrapped around Finian. "Why not?"

A blush formed on Fin's face. "Well, for starters, I have a feminine form. My hair's not even black and blue, I dyed it to try to look more menacing and tough." He kicked at the ground with one of his feet. "It's really all platinum...everywhere. So light, it doesn't even look like it's there. The guys always teased me about it at gym, ever since they started growing chest hairs."

"I think you are perfect. Your form fits your frame perfectly." Alistair's fingers traced down Finian's sides, making him shiver. "Your skin and fine hair compliment you. Your hair, black or blond, is soft and frames your face so appealingly." The Nightmare's hands drew upward, running through satiny black and blue colored locks. "Those boys were fools. They were either jealous or blind." An inhuman growl rumbled through Alistair's chest against Fin's back. "I'd like to punish them for planting this false insecurity in you."

Stranger and stranger. Fin felt heat rise beneath his skin wherever Alistair touched him. "I could be as bulky as any one of them, but I'm just so short. If I were only taller, they wouldn't have thought twice about leaving me alone. Though, today I saw someone even shorter than me for was a weird, pink-haired boy that said he was a unicorn, of all things." Fin frowned as he recalled Lee'en.

"A Unicorn?" Alistair's deep smoky voice was intense with alarm. "Did he touch you? Did he try to force you to do anything?" He asked worriedly. "Bunch of shallow, pastel, cherry-chasers." Alistair muttered under his breath.

Another frown formed on Fin's face. Why was his dream worried about his reality? "He did press his finger to my lips and I think he was trying to hit on me a couple of times, but otherwise, no..."

"I don't like that one of them touched you." Alistair held Finian close. "They only want one thing from you... Me, I want everything, but only when you're ready."

Fin tilted his head back to look into those luminous cobalt eyes. How was it that this one figment of his imagination was so informative about unicorns? "What, exactly, do you mean by 'everything?'" He asked after a moment of hesitation.

"I can see your thoughts and desires when you dream." The Nightmare nuzzled between Finian's shoulder and neck to whisper in the teen's ear. "I fell in love with everything I see in you." A gentle kiss feathered against Fin's cheek. "I want all of you. I want your heart, body, and soul. I want to be responsible for your happiness, protect you from anything that hurts you, and bring you pleasure like you've never imagined before. I want everything that you are able to give me." Alistair's breath was warm against Finian's smooth skin. "And I will give you everything I am or will be. I will devote myself to you with all that I have."

Finian felt shivers rolling down his spine. Fear and lust rose simultaneously within him with every word and movement of the Nightmare. Eventually, he managed to stamp down some of the lust with his fear. " aren't someone I just dreamed up, after all!" He gasped. "How did you get into my dream?"

"Like I said, I'm a Nightmare," Alistair reminded Fin gently. "Have you not heard of us?"

The teenager shook his head. "The only nightmares I know are bad dreams."

"No, no, no," Alistair shook his head with a soft huff. "That's just terrible press, probably from those ridiculous Unicorns." The Nightmare sighed. "We're... I guess you'd call us magic. We live in a separate sliver of this dimension. We have varied abilities. All of us can see into dreams. We tend to be an amorous lot." Alistair admitted. "Nightmares believe in the value of our true selves. We especially value lustful hearts... like yours." His voice roughened with arousal. "For some reason that scholars are still arguing about, only the chaste that are over sixteen can see Nightmares or Unicorns when we’re in your world." Alistair sighed. "Unicorns value chastity above all else. It's like a trophy for them." The nightmare scowled.

Finian absorbed all of that information like a sponge. "So let me get this straight..." He mused out loud. "Unicorns are hot for virgins and Nightmares are hot for anyone whose mind is frequently in the gutter?"

Alistair's laugh was rich and full. "Something like that. Nightmares are like anyone, though, we all have our particular preferences." He turned Finian in his arms, looking down at him with eyes like blue jewels. "My preference is you."

Fin's gaze flickered once more towards the orgy and was surprised to see that the foursome was already done and sated. When had he missed their climaxing? Was his attention drawn entirely to Alistair? A pout formed on his face. "You owe me a sultry dream."

Alistair's smile was brilliant. "I'd be honored." The Nightmare waved a hand and a soft blue cloud appeared under them, sweeping the pair off their feet. It held them semi-reclined in pillowy comfort as Alistair pulled Finian close. "What would bring you the most pleasure?" The Nightmare waved his hand again and the pile of bodies with Jack in the middle disappeared. "Would you like to see your friend again? Does he arouse you?"

A part of him was still quite wary of the man beside him, but when asked such personal questions, he began to fiddle with his fingers in nervousness. "It's not so much Jack as his wild stories and actions...though I told him to tone down his descriptions, he always goes overboard, and I end up stuck with the images in my mind all day until I go to sleep."

"Do you like how they make you feel, just a bit?" Alistair asked softly. "Do they make you feel all hot and tight down low in your belly?" And arm snuck around Finian, pressing a palm under the teen's belly-button. "Leaving you hard and wanting?" Alistair flicked his hand in the air. Two men and a woman appeared in front of them. They writhed on a soft bed with sapphire sheets. The woman was straddling one of the men. Her soft curves undulating as she rode his cock and moaned in pleasure. The other man was pressing the swollen tip of his own dick against the first man's lips.

The teenager gasped at the scene. Almost immediately, Alistair's hand felt too hot and he squirmed against it. Fin bit his lower lip and exhaled just as the second man's length began to disappear into the other man's mouth. The sound of the woman's throaty moans mixed with the breathy grunts of the man being sucked off.

"Wow...I think that's at least a level or two beyond my own imagination." Fin confessed.

"Thank you." Alistair preened. "You like it? I can show you anything you desire." His lips curved in a wicked smile. "An image of yourself could star in your dreams, or me, or both of us..."

"Both of us? You could do that?" Fin challenged as he peered up at the Nightmare through his downcast eyelashes. "I can never imagine a clone of myself in my dreams..."

Alistair dropped a wink and waved a hand. The scene on the bed changed. A double of Alistair lay naked on the bed, bronze-skinned body stretched beneath another man. Alistair's double's tan flesh contrasting with skin like flawless alabaster. The young man above him impaled himself on the double's hard length, undulating in wicked bliss. Dainty hands pressed to the Nightmare double's strong chest, fingers digging in as he held himself up. The young man's head was thrown back in ecstasy, showing the long smooth line of a swan-like throat. Pink nipples hardened to nubs drew the eyes down. Further below, his cock was hard and dripping precum. It was surprisingly thick and long for the young man's petite form. It slapped Alistair's double's belly as the pale man rode him with vigor, the petal-pink cockhead bobbing. Dark blue eyes peeked from heavy lids as he moaned. Black and blue locks swayed as he fucked himself on the larger man.

The beautiful young man that made Alistair's double moan and strain beneath him was a perfect replica of Finian.

Finian was in shock. What he saw was like a scene of a that, unlike him, was sexually active and fearless. He had never gotten to the point that he dripped precum like that. Was that what it would really look like on his own shaft? His stomach trembled beneath Alistair's hand as he looked on.

"That is both amazing and frightening..." He whispered.

"Frightening?" The Nightmare sounded concerned.

"It's like a version of me that acts more like Jack. I wouldn't know what any of that feels like. I've never even seen myself become like's just scares me." He replied, his voice falling to a whisper once again. "Adult relationships...I'm just not ready for them. Not even one night stands."

"I think I understand." Alistair pressed warm lips to Finian's temple. He waved a hand and the men on the bed no longer resembled them so closely. "Did you see how beautiful you were? I've never seen such handsomeness in a human."

Fin let out a soft snort. "You haven't even seen my natural hair color." He teased, and then was rather surprised at the words that came out of his mouth. Was he...flirting? He never flirted!

"I have an excellent imagination," Alistair told him with twinkling mirth in his eyes. "I think it would suit you just as well as the black." He took Finian's hand, bringing the teen's fingers up to run them over the cobalt fleur de lis on the Nightmare's forehead. "And I have a certain affinity for blue. I like it in your hair and your eyes are captivating."

A blush colored Fin's cheeks and he found himself lightly tracing the design of the marking on Alistair's forehead. "I think you are-"

He was unable to finish the sentence before he was jarred awake by his phone blazing the Beyoncé song set as his alarm.

"For crying out loud!" He groaned as he pressed the heels of both his palms to his temples. "Was it all just a dream?"


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