Young and Confused

BY : Fox_JJ
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Chapter 1: Something Discovered


Alex, a young girl of 15, the older sister of Brianna, 13, were close sisters that had a loving and outgoing family.  Alex was more of the tomboy and getting into her mid teens was something that she had heard was going to change her and with her younger sister coming up behind her already the hormones were firing off.  They used to be so close.  Playing hide and seek, sleeping with one another and telling spooky stories.  Now that they were older, Alex spent more time to herself than with Brianna.  

Brianna was more of the girly-girl.  Pink everything.  She was the princess and it drove Alex insane.  She shook her head whenever she went passed Brianna's room and heard some boy band playing or the hottest new pop idol.  Alex loved to listen to grunge and rock.  She wore black tight fitting clothes and heavy makeup, adding crazy colors to her hair.  She loved reading manga though.  She enjoyed things on the...ecchi side.  She never revealed it to her sister, seeing as she was younger and just wouldn't understand.

It was late one night when Alex had just finished showering, her young body still dripping when she looked down and noticed...actually noticed for the first time the light pubic fuzz that had grown around her peach.  'Well...pussy is what people called in them porn movies right?'  She thought to herself as she took her small pointer finger and felt the pubic hair.  It was soft and she could feel it just as if she ran her hand through her hair.  It was strange though.  She started to worry.  "What if I start growing hair like my dad on my armpits and out my ears and on my back!?" She groaned, opening the medicine cabinet pulling out a small razor.  She didn't want any hair on her body other than her head. 

She gently applied shaving cream to her pussy, careful not to get any inside as she felt like that would literally sting like hell.  She knew this because she had watched videos on how to shave yourself, seeing as a lot of girls preferred to have a shaven slit.  She then dabbed the razor in hot water and shaved every last bit of hair she could away, leaving her pussy feeling smooth.  

Feeling pleased, she went back in her room, laying in her bed naked since she knew everyone was asleep, her sister having school in the morning but she was on summer break already.  She opened up her recently purchased manga...and erotic novel, and flipped to the bookmark.  This was the part where things got good.  She had saved it for one reason and one reason only.  

She was going to masturbate.

She had tried before, in the bathroom, before school, after school, during lunch and in the locker room, but whenever she tried it just hurt and didn't feel like it should.  She had seen girls rolling around, furiously rubbing themselves and they looked so...wet and happy.  She wondered if she needed to be more wet down there.  Sexual stimulation will cause arousal and make a woman create more natural lubricant A medical journal once told her.  So she thought reading something sexy and looking at pictures of two people having sex would cause her to get..wet?  She didn't know what that meant but getting wet seemed to be the first step.

She started reading, really getting into the story as she had already connected with the characters.  Eventually, she felt a small tingle start from between her legs and travel up her body.  She watched as the two people in the story undressed and revealed their body parts to one another.  The man's penis was big!  She couldn't take her eyes off of it and would have surely made the girl in the story jealous.  It made the tingle stronger and when the man put his penis in the girl's pussy she started moving her hips against her bed sheets.  The friction sent warm tingles over and over up her spine until she rolled over on her back, her hand sliding down to investigate her pussy.

It was wet, she didn't have to spread her lips to know that.  She was hot there too, the heat coming off of her lips was strangely more arousing to her.  She started rubbing herself gently, pressing on her small but swollen clit.  It felt good, really good.  The young teen sped up, sliding her finger side to side and up and down, her pussy feeling hotter and wetter the more she played with it.  She then attempted to slide a finger into herself.  At first she couldn't, her pussy seemed to reject it and sent a shiver of pain through her.  She kept trying, not wanting to give up since everything felt so good.  

It finally went in with a wet pop. She worked it deeper into her and pressed it in, her knuckles touching her puffed folds.  Her long and slim legs opened up and her tight peach was bare and revealed to her room.  Her finger diving in and out, slick sounds traveled through the room and to her ears.  Hearing how wet she was made her go faster.  

It felt too good.  "Oh...fuck!" She moaned, her hips bucking lightly. "I'm going to pee.." She whined, fingering her self and moving her hand around her left leg, so she could get a better angle at her pussy.  

The fingering continued for some time but she would stop at the point where she felt like she actually was going to pee.  She didn't understand.  She didn't want to pee, she wanted to keep going.  It felt amazing and she never wanted to stop.  She had just discovered how to please herself.  She slid the finger back into her all but messy wet hole and began again, this time determined to push passed the peeing feeling and keep going.  

She felt the pressure come again and it was stronger this time.  She fingered hard and rapidly, willing herself to continue as the pressure moved from her stomach into her navel.  She felt like she was going to burst.  Suddenly it was as if she no longer had control of her body and her hand was moving by itself.  Her body was numb and warm all over.  She closed her eyes, hoping she didn't pee when she suddenly shot them open, the pressure leaving her navel and out her pussy.  Her hips lifted in the air and her hand sporadically fingered and twitched as she came.  Juices spurting out and leaking from her plugged entrance she moaned, a little too loud as it had awoken her sister.  

She kept going.  Even while she had experienced her first orgasm she wasn't done.  She wanted to do it again.  She loved how she felt now, her entire body ravished in sweet and numbing delight.  Sadly, her hand was cramping and her pussy felt so sensitive that a single touch made her body jolt.  She sighed, looking down and seeing the long stain that she had created from her orgasm and the heavy wet spot under her ass.  She should have brought a she had to sleep in it.  

She sighed and quickly got under the covers once her body felt cool enough.  She fell asleep almost instantly.  She slept like a baby, her body waking and feeling just as aroused as she did the night before.

She masturbated again before she took her morning shower.

She rubbed herself in the shower.

She was going to do it on the couch after breakfast, and after putting her bowl of cereal on the coffee table and a hand into her panties she suddenly felt like she wasn't alone.

She looked up and noticed Brianna standing in her pajamas looking at Alex, hand in her panties, cheeks flushed red.

"Oh crap.." Alex stuttered, frozen in fear.


To be continued...


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