Young and Confused

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Chapter 2: A Bond Grows Stronger.


A million different thoughts all racing around the neural pathways like pistons firing at full speed.  A face burning hot with red cheeks of embarrassment and strange arousal.  A hand clamped onto a still moist slit, juices leaking out and coating the hand that shielded it.  Eyes wide and pupils dilated.  Her free arm gripping a small developing breast as she clenched it as if she was gripping her own heart.  Nipples perked and pressed against of the light fabric of her thin bra.  Alex was in trouble, or at least, she thought she was.

"Oh...crap..." She whimpered, quickly removing her hand from her panties, a stain already evident, she wouldn't be able to talk her way out of this one.  

Brianna stood there, eyes fixated on her older sister with surprise and curiosity.  She had never seen this before and wondered what she was doing touching her private areas like that.  She slowly moved and took her place next to Alex, both sitting close by one another but still, both unwilling to speak to each other.  Alex had her legs closed tight and her palms between them, staring at the ground in pure resentment for her actions.  Just when things were getting good too.  She sighed and poked her head up, looking to the side at Brianna.

"S-so..g...good m-morning," She squeaked out, offering Brianna a small smile.

Brianna was slight before jolting and chuckling nervously, cheeks having an obvious blush.

"Y-yeah! S-same.." She answered, before looking at Alex, able to fully read her now.  "Y-your nipples...I can see them.." She followed, somewhat suddenly.

Alex nearly fell off the couch as she jumped back and covered her breasts with her hands.

"Bri! Wh-why are you looking at my....nipples?" She said softly, eyes glancing to the side shyly.

Brianna really didn't know why she had said that, she had just been looking and noticed that her sister's nipples looked like they were cold as hers did the same when she came out of the shower and it got cold or when she played in the snow and some of it went into her coat and touched her breasts.  She then noticed the strange moist spot on Alex's panties.  The young girl's curiosity was getting the better of her at this point and a hormonal sexual rage flowed through her.  She had many questions now.

"D-...did you pee yourself?" She asked, pointing at Alex's crotch, the stain now soaked through and the outline of her small teen folds pressed against the wet fabric.  

Alex didn't know how to respond at first.  She couldn't cover every part of her at once!  She blushed a deep red and shook her head. "N-no!" She whined, her head moving side to side furiously.  

She looked down and noticed that the pale colored flesh of her lower lips were showing against the soaked through fabric.  Mortified she stands and covers her revealed lips and looked around. "U-uhhhh I..I need to shower!" She quickly said before rushing to the bathroom and slamming the door, leaving Brianna in a state of bewilderment.  

Brianna looked down at the floor and felt a little bad.  She didn't mean to scare Alex away, she was just curious.  She sighed and looked down between her legs, thinking of her own private area, as she called it.  She took a small finger and poked at it, the fabric of her panties rubbing against it felt a little good she supposed.  Alex's hand was in her panties she did the same.  She slowly pushed her hand passed the brim of her pajama pants and into the tight pressed fabric.  She felt the small, firm virgin puffed lips of her slit and casually explored them.  The flesh underneath was hot and slick.  The more she rubbed the more it got slick and hot.  She felt her body become tingly all over.  She felt her nipples perk and harden in arousal the more she rubbed.  She let out a sigh and felt like she was going to burst.  She didn't like the feeling, it was too much pressure and she stopped.  

She looked down and removed her pajama bottoms, seeing that a stain similar to Alex's had formed where her slit was.  She knew then that was what Alex was doing and realized that it could be so embarrassing to be caught touching your private area like that.  She stood up and quickly went to the bathroom door, knocking on it lightly. "Alex...can I come in?" She asked innocently, hoping that her sister would answer her.

Alex was sitting on the toilet, with the shower running on hot, letting steam fill the room as if she was actually taking a shower.  She felt so embarrassed that Brianna had asked her if she had peed herself.  She shook her head and felt like she had dried up a little down there and safely removed her panties as she heard the knocking at the door.  She sighed and slightly cracked it, making sure that Brianna couldn't see her exposed pussy. 

"Yeah?" She asked, not hearing what Brianna had said.

"Can I come in?" Brianna asked, blushing lightly not seeing the string of Alex's panties, knowing that she didn't have them on.  She wasn't wet though, so she hadn't been in the shower.

Alex slowly nodded and let her sister in, shutting the door behind them and pressing the 'lock' button.  She turned and noticed that Brianna was not wearing her pajama bottoms any more and of course then saw the stain on her panties...just like hers.  She blushed and pointed. "W-were you...touching..yourself?" She asked, feeling strange for asking that sort of question but they were both sisters, they should be able to ask her anything.

Brianna looked down and nodded, and removed them, matching her sister now in just a bra. "Y-yeah..sorry for acting weird I just..didn't know what you were doing.  Now I do though," Brianna said with a weak smile as she looped her leg through the last hole of her panties, placing them on the sink.  

Alex smiled back and took a step closer to Brianna. "It's" She bit her lower lip. "How did it feel?" 

Brianna blushed and looked away before smiling a little bigger. "It felt really nice!" She said, giggling as she started going back to her giggly girly self.

Alex nodded with a smile and took another step closer. "S-same...did know...come?" She asked, her voice still a little weak but came back stronger.

Brianna tilted her head and unsure just shrugged and shook her head soon after. "I don't think so.  I felt really fuzzy and was hot, it felt weird so I stopped," Brianna explained, feeling a little cold without panties on and she pressed her thighs together.

Alex chuckled and put a hand on Brianna's shoulder. "You're supposed to keep going at that point, otherwise it hurts and you'll want to do it more and more," She said with a bright smile.  " you need help?"

She never thought about doing things like this with Brianna but if she didn't come her body would ache for it.  Alex knew this because she had tried and when she got to that point she stopped too, not knowing what the feeling was.  Finally she couldn't take feeling horny every day and every second anymore more and went all the way.  She wanted Brianna to feel nice and something about being alone with her in the bathroom, steam lightly swirling around them made her feel comfortable about doing this.  She grabbed Brianna's hand and lead her into the shower, taking off her bra and then her own before.  She placed Brianna against the left most wall that faced the door and lifted her leg up and let it hang against her elbow.  She smiled and took her right hand, reaching down and grabbing a hold of Brianna's pussy.  Brianna grit her teeth and sighed, "Th-that feels good,'" She said softly, cheeks red with arousal.  She was still very sensitive and as soon as Alex's hand was on her slit she was wet once more.  

Alex made small back and forth motions with her hand, slowly working her sister's small pussy.  She was already so wet, she wondered how long she'd be able to last if she did this...She slid a finger in and Brianna gripped her shoulder tightly. "Whoa!" She whined, legs shuddering. "D-did you j-just put your f-finger in me?" She asked, one eye winced as her virgin pussy had been entered for the first time. 

Alex simply nodded and kissed her neck, licking to her ear which made Brianna buckle once more.  "That feels too good!" She moaned as she wiggled her little hips side to side.

Alex fingered harder and faster, her small digit pumping in and out, Brianna's pussy leaking juices all over her hand.  Brianna had reached down and started doing the same to Alex, both seemingly working each other to an orgasm.  Alex moaned and bit down on Brianna's shoulder, causing Brianna to gasp and her pussy clenched down on Alex's finger.  She pushed Alex down and now she was on top of her, the hot water hitting her back as she and Alex fingered one another but Alex clearly was being dominated.  

"H-Hey! I'm supposed to be helping you!" She moaned out, her pussy twitching in enjoyment.  

Brianna giggled and pressed another finger in Alex, making her legs tighten then shoot open and her mouth to open in pleasure. "Bri..." She cooed, her body already feeling numb.  "I'm...going to come..." She said softly, her hair wet and matted from the water at the base of the bath tub.

"S-same! Don't stop.." Brianna whined, her fingering becoming sporadic and increasingly fast.  Alex couldn't believe how fast she was moving her fingers in her tight pussy.

Alex leaned up and planted a kiss on her sister just as she felt herself release, coating her sister's fingers as Brianna whined into the kiss, her hips bucking wildly as she spurt young juice onto the tile of the bathtub before slowly removing her fingers from Alex, wrapping her arms around her, kissing her back as the water began to run cold.

They dried, and Alex went into her room, seeing that it was lunch time now.  They had been in the shower for a long time.  Brianna had to run off to school but she poked her head into Alex's room and gave her a wink. "See ya when I get home sis!" She giggled, her bright blue eyes shining with residual enjoyment.  

"Same to you sis! Have fun at school!" Alex waved and giggled back, laying flat on her back and looking at the ceiling. 

What had just happened?  Was that normal?  Did all sisters do things like that when they were horny?  It felt really good and she felt closer to her sister than she ever had.  At the same time though...she felt a little strange since they were sisters and it felt like what they had done was for couples.  She shook it off, it was a one time thing right?  She was just helping Brianna come and Brianna had done the same.  Nothing more or less.  She rolled over and shoved her face into her pillow.  She felt so tired from her orgasm and her pussy felt a little sore from her playing with it so much today.  She groaned and pulled the covers over her head, thinking that a nap would help take away the aching feeling her slit was making her feel.  She smiled, knowing that Brianna and her were back to how they were when they were little kids.  Even if it was because of them exploring their bodies...she was glad that she could spend time with her younger sister.

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