Dragon Prince

BY : Tahn
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Disclaimer: This and all of the stories in this universe are based on a dream, and in no way are meant to resemble anyone alive or dead.

Author's Note: This is a direct sequel to Dragon King, which can be found here


It IS necessary to read it first to understand this story. There is also a side story that is running parallel to this one called Dragon Mage, which can be found here


You can read Dragon Prince first, and Dragon Mage later, or you can read them in the order that their stories coincide. The reading order will be at the bottom.

Please enjoy.


A man sitting alone on a dark throne felt the birth of the new Dragon Prince. He sneered, his white teeth flashing in the dark, at the thought of another Prince. His plans to build an army of halflings would have to be stepped up a bit. As he stepped outside of his cave into the light, he growled at the bright sun above. He'd been below far too long. Certain things had been allowed in his negligence that would have to be rectified. It was time to take back his castle. The sun reflected on blood red wings as he flew off to begin his quest.

Damien was a good child, he loved attention and pettings, and when his parents gave him a new sister he had instantly loved her. He had been there when she was born, sitting in his father's lap as his dad lay curled around an egg. When the first crack had been heard, he sat up and watched with wide eyes as a golden nose edged it's way through. He crawled over to the egg and lifted a piece of shell that was on the baby's nose. It licked his face and he giggled looking down into a pair of golden eyes just like his own. 

When she finally broke free, his new sister was a sight to behold. She was completely smooth with no scales, but she was bright, like a golden mirror. Beneath her mirrored flesh it looked as if liquid gold moved, reflecting sunlight like water. He picked her up and brought her to his parents, they all marveled at her beauty, and smiled as she tried to nibble on her father's finger.

Growing up with his nestmates had been a fun learning experience. Luther's daughter, Alexis (or Alex, as she was known to her nest mates) would always hide and try to catch the children unawares. She would pounce and wrestle them to the ground, tickling them mercilessly. Marcus's child, Iris, was quick to learn how to avoid the attacks. She had a grace that allowed her to sidestep or twist in just such a way that Alex always wound up on her face. Shade's son, Max (don't you dare call him Maxwell) was a quiet boy, while his nest sister Aliah, Lite's daughter, was a more outgoing child prone to laughter. His adopted forest siblings, Eric and Erin, were usually found outside climbing trees or playing pranks on their nest siblings, even though they always apologized if something went too far by bringing the victim flowers.

The new addition, Sara, was carried everywhere the team of dragon children went. Jaime had worried at first that the small child would get hurt with the older ones' roughhousing, but after following them for a few days and watching the care that they looked after her with (not to mention the many eyes that were on them at all times from everyone in the castle) he finally relaxed.

As the children grew, their parents taught them about their history and their powers. They were trained how to defend themselves, and to respect the lives that their father was working so hard to bring into the world. After practicing magic with their parents, the children would then practice physical fighting with each other. Alex taught them how to hit, Iris taught them how to move and avoid being hit, Aliah and Max taught them speed, and Damien taught them cleverness and resourcefulness. Sara just taught them peace. No matter how the fight was going, or who was winning, she always had a calm presence of mind and a clear head. The twins' were counter attackers, preferring to dodge an attack and use their momentum to return that attack before the opponent could regain their guard, it always looked like a dance to watch them fight.  

Eric and Erin were the first to leave home. They left to go try and help the forest rebuild where their mother had died. Even after all of these years, they had never forgotten what she had done for them, and wished to give back in some small way to the forest they had all called home.

Their father, the King, had started a military to defend his lands and people, and once old enough Alex had been the first to join. She was a giant of a female at that point, and towered over the other dragons. She made no effort to hide the iridescent rainbow scales on her arms, and all who saw her, knew she was no one to trifle with. Her power became a legend in her compound, and when she was eventually promoted to squadron leader, her no nonsense discipline did too.

Iris had joined next. The purple swirls on her skin let everyone know at a glance what she was. She was slender and moved with an ethereal grace. In practice no one could lay a hand on her, and when she began to teach a few of the cadets how to move like she did, the commanders took notice and promoted her to a training position. Her students were the most sought after in the entire military as they were a combination of everything she had learned from her nest siblings, plus they were almost impossible to injure.

Damien had wanted to enlist, but he had a unique problem. He was a combination of both of his parents magics and traits, but he took after them each in an unusual way. His dragon self was an obsidian black with a dusting of gold that glittered in the light, and just like that, he himself was a mixture, taking the power, magic, and strength of his father, but the physical need of touch and love from his dad. At home it wasn't a problem as all of the children had slept in a big puppy pile, but with most of the children gone, it became harder to deal with.

When asked how he would deal with being in the military alone, surrounded by people touching him, but not giving him what he needed, Aliah and Max had stood up and volunteered to go with him. They were close already, and trained together, making use of the smaller dragons' shadow abilities. They knew how each other moved, and flowed, plus Damien would need someone there who loved him to keep him sane and in one piece. Their parents reluctantly agreed that the three of them could go, but only together.

Standing beside her parents and their nestmates, Sara waved a tearful goodbye as they flew off into the sunrise.


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