Elizabeths Blood

BY : BlueRoze
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Author: This is my first story so please be good to me! I look forward to any good things you guys have to say.


"Hmm," she tapped the end of her pencil on her bottom lip, she was nervous at what the letter in front of her was going to say. She took a deep breath and slit one end open with her small knife and pulled out its contents. She opened a folded paper and read it to herself nervously, she slowly placed the paper down and jumped up in excitement.

She quickly made her way downstairs and stopped next to her mother who was cooking dinner for herself and Elizabeth.

"What is it love," her mother glanced at her before moving around the discounted hamburger helper so it wouldnt stick to the pan.

" I got excepted, they said one of the students dropped and since I was next on the waiting list the enrolled me."  Her mother turned to her and they both started jumping in excitement. 

St. Gabriels Academy was known not only for its beautiful campus but for its excellent academics and overall student score on the state exam. A school for the exceptionally smart and rich, "After all those years of studying I finally got into the school of my dreams! They even offered a scholarship to pay for the next three years! They said I start in two months, just a couple days before the enterance ceremony."  

Her mother smiled at Elizabeth and grabbed a serving spoon, "Now lets celebrate by eating this wonderful (cheap) dinner."  Elizabeth sat down at the dining table and waited for her mother to serve her, once she did she looked down at the hamburger helper with a side of salad and picked up her fork. She ate eagerly and by the time her mother sat down she already finished the salad. 

"Jeez louise, slow down girl its not a race," she smiled at her hungry daughter eating like she never ate before. 

Elizabeth shot up and excused herself and ran upstairs and grabbed her phone and began texting her best friend Stacey.

Elizabeth: Guess what?

Stacey: You got in?!

Elizabeth: Yes!! Im so excited!

Stacey: Thats amazing, we should go out and party! ;) I know a sick place we can go that they dont check our ID

Elizabeth: Well I dont know I think my mom will let me out but, you have to let me borrow some of your clothes.

Stacey: Deal! Im coming to pick you up right now with Dan.

Elizabeth: Okay ill tell my mom

Elizabeth turns off her screen and grabs an overnight bag, "What are you planning?" She turned to see her mother at the door smiling at her.

"Oh im going to spend the night at Staceys, her brother is coming to get me." Her mother nodded in approval and Elizabeth smiling and pushed her long blonde hair out of her face. She went downstairs with her mother and waited on the couch for the familiar honk.

Her mother was in the kitchen cleaning after them and once she heard the honk she yelled, "Bye mom! See you tomorrow!!" 

She ran outside and saw Dan and Stacey in their red convertable with the top down. She hopped in the back and they drove off, "God Liz what are you wearing?" Elizabeth looked down at her simple tshirt and straight jeans. "Normal clothes, you should try it some time Stace." Her blonde hair flew in all sorts of directions as the wind blows in her face. "You will never catch me in that outfit."  Dan looked back at Elizabeth and winked at her, "I think she looks great Stace leave her alone." Stace looked at her brother and then at Elizabeth and smiled at her. When they got to Dans house Dan helped Elizabeth out of the car by picking her up. She blushed when she felt his large hands at her waist and when he put her down Stacey winked at her. She walked next to her and they waited for Dan to open the door. They both walked in and Stacey dragged Elizabeth to her room.

"Wow wow, looks like Dan has a thing for you Liz." Stacey smiled at Elizabeth, "I accept you to be his girlfriend." Elizabeth blushed, "No way he is just teasing me, now lets get ready."

Stacey went to her closet and pullednout a cropped red top and a white mini skirt, "Here go put those on while I get the shoes." Elizabeth smiled and took off her t shirt exposing her bright pink bra holding her D cupped breasts. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off revealing her matching panties. 

"God Liz if I was a lesbo I would do date you for your body, why do you hide it so much?" 

"I dont I just wear comfortable clothes not super tight pieces of cloth like you," she slipped the red crop top over her head and tried to pull itndown but it stopped over her belly button on her flat stomach. She accepted it length and slid on the mini skirt and looked at herself in the mirror.

Stacey gasped, " Oh I didnt recognize you for a second Liz." She chuckled and slipped into a tight dress that revealed her back, she handed black strappy heels to Elizabeth and pulled on some heels herself.

As Elizabeth was bending over revealing her panties Dan walked into the room and and looked at her pink panties then looked over at his sister, "Ready?"Elizabeth shot up and pulled dkwn her skirt and looked at him blushing, he winked at her then looked back at his sister.

"Yeah come on lets go," she pulled Elizabeths arm and walked outside. When Dan caught up he put his hand on her hip and looked at his sister for approval which she willingly gave. Dan led the blushing Elizabeth to his side of his covertable and made her face him and leaned her against his car.

She blushed even more when he leaned close to her face, "You look sexy Liz." He touched her cheek and made him face her and Stacey interrupted, "Id like to go before the sun is up."  Dan moved away and let Elizabeth move out ofnthe way for him to unlock the door and get inside. Elizabeth sat in the back seat and kept blushing as they drove.

"God its too quiet! Dan did you know that Elizabeth is transferring to St. Gabriels?" Stacey threw her hands behind her head and streched, "Really now, so youll be leaving me?" 

Elizabeth giggled, "Yeah thats why we are going out tonight to celebrate before I leave in two months."  Soon they arrived in the night club and when they got out a vallet took Dans keys and drove to park his car. He put his arm around Elizabeths shoulder and walked towards the entrance with her and his sister. 

"Welcome to club Diablo," the bouncer let them in and they walked into the loud lounge filled with dancing people and a dj. Elizabeth smiled and looked at Stacey who was already being approached by some men.  Dan whispered softly into Elizabeths ear maming her shiver, "Im going to get some drinks, I will be back." He removed his arm and walked to the bar, Elizabeth walked with Stacey to the dance floor and began to dance with her, she was stiff at first but started to ease into the music clearing her mind focusing on the melody and matching her moves with each beat. Stacey grinded on a handsome man and soon their moves become more intimate as his hands began moving over her body.

Elizabeth blushed when she felt a pair of hands on her hips forcing her to grind on someone, when she turned her head it was Dan with a cup of a vodka martini, she took it from his hands and downed it, she went to put it down and began dancing on Dan again. She felt nervous and his hands began to shift and one hand groped her breast causing her to shiver and let out a small moan.

He moved her towards the wall of the club and faced her towards him, she looked in his eyes that were filled with lust and both of them eagerly pressed their lips against one another. They kissed passionately and he moved his hands all over her body, he slipped one hand under her skirt and began to rub her clit over her panties making her moan out in pleasure. His other hand slipped under her crop top and teased her nipple, when she moaned out he covered her sweet seductive sounds with his lips and teased her with his tongue.  She blushed and felt heat througbout her body then he stopped and grabbed her hand and took her to the back of the club that had a place where you could pay to have a private room and he pulled out his wallet and paid the super skimpy blonde girl and she gave him a key and they walked in.

He walked to a door and unlocked it and pulled Elizabeth in and closed the door behind him and passionately kissed her. He pushed her gently on the bed and bit his lip, removing his leather jacket and climbing on top of her, she got nervous, "W-wait I am a virgin."

He stopped and smiled, "I wont go any father then youll let me then." He kissed her and slipped his hand to touch her soaking went panties and rubbed her clit again. He got a cloth from his pocket and wrapped it around her eyes. She moaned out and he got on his knees in front of her and moved her psnties aside and revealed her pretty pink pussy. He smiled and she blushed and he licked her clit and stuck a finger inside of her, she arched her back in pleasure and moan out. He kept licking her and pumping his finger in and out of her. She moaned out more and he kept moving and suddenly he stopped.

She was confused and she heard him unzil his pants, when she tried to remove the blindfold he pinner her arms above her head and she began to panic, "D-dan please stop," he chuckled and kissed her neck, "My cock aches for you Elizabeth you should be flattered." She became scared at his sudden change from gentle to rough, she tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong.

"D-dan please get off me," he used his knee to spread her legs and she began to cry and scream out. He held her hands above her head and ripped off her panties with his other hand and she cried out, "Just relax or it will feelworse Liz."

He positioned himself at her slit and rubbed his head on it to lubricate it, she cried silently and trembled when she felt him rub on her. Suddenly he plunged himself into her making her scream out in pain, he sat for a little bit so she could adjust but she cried more. Soon her started to pump himself at a steady spead, each pump made her moan out in pain. He kept pumping and soont he pain began to turn to pleasure, "Stop."  

Her body betrayed her feelings, she moaned out in pleasure and felt his cock pulse inside her and he began to increase his speed. She knew he was almost at his limit, "Dont finish inside of me!"

He pumped faster and began to moan then pulled out of her and came all over her stomach. She trembled and he got up and pulled his pants up, she took off the blindfold and sat up, she looked at the bed and saw a red stain. She felt hate throughout her body and he looked at her, "You wont tell anyone or else."

He left the room and she began to cry uncontrollably,  her best friends brother raped her and her body enjoyed it. She felt disgusted and she got up and wandered out of the room and out of the club. She cried as she walked down the street trying to get away from the club and she felt dizzy and her eyes began to close and she fell forward. She waited for her body to hit the floor but instead she was caught by someone. It picked her up and carried her, she forced her eyes to open but her blurry vision got in the way of seeing who had caught her. 

(Later that night) 

She opened her eyes and saw she was in her bed, in her pajamas. She fpremembered what had happened with Dan and still felt sore. She turned and covered herself and cried some more, she heard her phone buzz and saw 22 messages from Stacey. She put her lhone down and closed her eyes, " I want to forget,."

(Two months later)

"Did you pack everything?" Elizabeths mother yelled out at her from downstairs.

"Yes,"Elizabeth hauled her last bag down the steps and showed her mother her new black and red uniform.

"Amazing darling it suits you!" Her mother was excited but sad at the same time to see her mother for the last time until vacation. A man stood next to her mother and smiled, "Hello ma'am I am going to be your driver today." He bowed and grabbed her bags and walked to the car. Elizabeth stood in front of her mother and they both smiled at one another. "Well mom." She said and her moms eyes began to water, "Oh my daughter im so happy for you."  They hugged for a long time and her mom let go, "Darling text me when you get there alright. Oh and take pictures of your schedule so I know." Elizabeth smiled, "I know mom I will." They walked outside and she picked up her last bag and put it in the back seat of the drivers car. She hugged her mom one last time and got into the passenger seat of the drivers car, they both waved at one another as he began to drive and drove towards the academy.












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