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BY : BeyondAbandon
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication

“Onan?” Rys whispered loudly into the dragons ear as he straddled his sleeping form. The large man had always been a heavy sleeper, but Rys was honestly surprised that Onan managed to sleep through him not only breaking into his place but clumsily stumbling into his room and climbing on top of him. Onan was in nothing but a pair of dark loose fitted shorts leaving his nicely muscled arms, well defined chest, and cut stomach as a feast for Rys uninhibited drug blown eyes.

“Onan, wake up.” Rys insisted impatiently before running his lips from Onans partially pointed ear across his roughly textured cheek bone to his lips. They were surprisingly soft, excluding the metal ring that went through his lower right lip, considering the rest of his body was rough and armor like. Rys let his lips linger there for a couple seconds before moving down to Onan’s neck to take in several deep droughts of his musky manly scent. Rys was beyond horny, his cock was a hot molten bar in his pants and in desperate need of attention.

It had been a long time since Rys had been with anyone sexually. Longer still since he’d allowed anyone to fuck him, and yet somehow his drug fueled mind had landed him on Onan’s doorstep. He wanted him. Rys continued to play and tease at Onan’s neck. Kissing, licking, and biting down his neck and along his collar bones. All the while his hands ran along Onan’s pecks stopping to tweak and pluck at his soft nipples, and then slowly running down along the peaks and valleys of his beautiful mouth watering abs.

Onan took a deep breath and finally began to stir from the depths of his slumber, but that didn’t stop Rys. He continued down to run his fingers languidly along Onan’s defined pelvic bones before hooking his fingers under his shorts, but before he could proceed Onan’s hands shot out and captured his wrists in a painful grip. Rys didn’t say anything instead he lifted his head up and met Onan’s eyes. His crystal blue orbs glowing ominously in the darkness of the room around them. “I wasn’t sure you’d wake up until I was sucking your cock.” Rys admitted to him unabashedly.

“You’ve taken something?” Onan questioned, his deep voice still thick with sleep, before yanking Rys’s hands toward his chest and bring them face to face so he could better examine his eyes. As expected Rys’s pupils were blown wide leaving a sliver of glowing blue around the edges. Rys smiled at Onan mischievously with a nod, “I have.” He admitted happily. “What was it?” One of Onan’s eyebrows rose in curiosity. “It doesn’t matter.” Rys whisper to him before closing the distance between their lips with a hard bruising kiss. Onan wasn’t immediately responsive, but once he began to move his lips it turned into something else. Something desperate and needy with teeth and tongue and moans of approval from Rys; The two only breaking apart to breath.

Rys tried to dive back in for more but Onan stopped him. “I’m not a good person Rys. If you think I’ll regret taking advantage of you while you’re like this you’re wrong.” Onan’s voice was husky with need as he warned. “I don’t care. I need this. Don’t be gentle. I want you to use me, hurt me.” Rys breathlessly pleaded with the older dragon yanking his shirt over his head to reveal a pair of smokey grey nipples that stood out against his black skin. His body was lean and strong, but not nearly as muscular as Onan’s.

Onan sat himself up so they were chest to chest taking the nape of Rys’s neck in one large hand firmly so he could easily manipulate his head. He forced Rys’s head back and proceeded to tongue at the hollow of his neck. Rys swallowed hard his adam’s apple bobbing in response, and his cock twitching painfully in his tight pants. He quickly busied himself with undoing the damn things as Onan went about kissing and biting his neck leaving it littered with painful marks. Once Onan was satisfied and without warning he flipped Rys onto his back and yanked his pants off in one swift motion before settling in between Rys’s moist thighs.

“I love it when you manhandle me.” Rys admitted still breathless, going immediately to Onan’s shorts and tugging them down under his ass so he could squeeze the strong muscular globes. Onan captured Rys mouth again as he ripped his own shorts off the remainder of the way his erect thick nine inch cock slapping back against his stomach pridefully. Rys continued to kiss Onan passionately his hands moving from Onan’s beautiful ass to his upward curved prick smearing precum along his length as lubrication. One hand continued to work Onan’s cock as they kissed, while he speared his own ass with several fingers of the other doing his best to loosen himself up in anticipation.

Onan moved away slightly before smacking both of Rys’s hands away. “Keep them at your sides.” He demanded simply and Rys reluctantly did as he was told. Onan replaced Rys’s fingers scissoring him for a couple moments before pushing Rys’s knees up to his chest and motioning for the younger male to hold them there. “Fuck me.” Rys begged wantonly and Onan eagerly obliged lining up his cock and leaning his full weight forward, his cock seating itself deep inside of Rys’s hot tight ass. “Mmmm.” Rys moaned, the pain quickly subsiding. He squeezed his ass around Onan’s thick dick and shifted his hips encouragingly.

Onan had every intention of meeting Rys’s wish list which didn’t include being gentle. He wanted it rough and Onan was more then happy enough to oblige. He leaned heavily into Rys, further shifting himself on top before he began jackhammering Rys’s ass ruthlessly. Rys didn’t try to muffle his needy drug fueled moans and whimpers, Onan grunted and groaned satisfied by the sound of his balls smacking repeatedly against Rys’s ass. The vein on the underside of Onan’s dick pulsed angrily sending sparks of pleasure radiating outward. He knew he’d cum if he kept this pace up, and he wasn’t quite ready for this to end so he pulled his cock out and pushed Rys’s legs off to the side. “On your knees.”

Rys’s cock was flushed an angry red color and dripping copious amounts of precum. The continual abuse to his prostate had him standing right on the edge and he was eager, no he was desperate to go over. As displeased as he was with being empty he didn’t voice it, and after hesitating for a second at Onan’s demand he twisted himself around spreading his legs wide and arching his back. Rys’s reward was being stuffed full of cock almost immediately. Onan used Rys’s hips as leverage pulling his firm ebony ass backward as he drove himself forward. His angle had him again stabbing directly into Rys’s swollen sensitive prostate.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!” Rys warned his voice as shaky as his body. Onan pulled Rys up by his hips then so his back was flat against Onan’s chest as he continued to fuck him. He snaked one of his large arms around Rys’s throat putting him in a tight choke hold and his other hand went about strangling Rys’s beautiful cock, that was now jutting out in front of him, to ensure he didn’t explode. Not quiet yet, Onan wasn’t finished with him.

“Not yet.” He whispered into Rys’s ear as he gradually tightened the choke hold on his neck making it very difficult for Rys to breath. Rys gasped, both of his hands moving up to the large arm cutting off his air flow, but he didn’t try to pry him off. Instead he dug his nails in what best he could with Onan’s thick skin and rode the wave. The minutes felt endless and with every one that ticked by the arm got tighter as Onan continued to pound into him. It couldn’t have taken very much of this before Rys vision started the blur and darken at the edges due to lack of air.

That had him nervous and gripping tighter at Onan’s arm. Onan wasn’t an idiot he knew if he kept it up for too much longer Rys would pass out. He was at his limit and with that thought he pulled that arm as tight as he could completely squeezing Rys’s windpipe closed. Rys’s ass clamped tight around Onan as he finished with several hard thrusts planting the finally one deep inside of Rys and shooting a massive load that filled the young fighter completely. At the same time as he came he completely loosened his grip on Rys’s neck and cock.

Rys’s cock immediately exploded he came harder then he ever had in his life as he gasped and coughed desperate to get air. All he could see for several minutes were stars in front of his eyes as he caught his breath. Onan just held him up quietly as he came down from his own orgasm. Once Rys breathing sounded normal he nudged him forward and slowly worked his softening cock from Rys’s battered ass. Rys collapsed onto the bed exhausted, cum leaking out of his ass as he did. Onan flopped down next to Rys on the bed; Both of them just lay there silently listening to each other breathing until sleep found them in the darkness.

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