Second Circle

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Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction any resemblance is completely coincidental, As such enjoy. This is a fictional story

 The music pulsed like dark drums on nightbound hunt. Powerful and dangerous.The flashing lights that lasted only long enough for it to be truly dark. The strobe lights swirled and numerous glowstick and jewelry did little to push back the darkness that the mortals where enjoying so passionately.

The smell of sweat,perfume and cologne was a pungent mix that mixed well with the violent throbbing pulses of the music. So little clothing. Alcohol and other substances were being handed off discretely. In a manner he was offering something similar.

It was the perfect place to do his work. He just needed the right will. It was rather amusing seeing all those petty ambitions dancing in thier heads.But, They were all... deficient. They hadn't the force of will to shape what he offered and that was a rather big shame.

There was a soft growl behind him. He was not alone. Four joined in. The threat was unmistakable.

He was not afraid of a pack of mutts masquerading as men. A valkyrie looked in his direction. She was broad as a barn and dressed in bouncer gear. He had no intention of fighting here at least. They were beneath his cloven hooves alas, he thought sourly. He was just a secretary and not more martial. He lamented internally. He wouldn't lay a hand on them. His associates had no such qualms.

He hoped their life insurance was up to date. He wasn't alone and his two business associates in the crowd their eyes flashed with a quick gleam of hellfire. Sooner than they'd like, just how low on the foodchain they truly were. He was not a blood drinking dead thing nor some whimsical fae. He was merely a lowly servant of the great infernal hierarchy. The hierarchy protected their own.

His chiseled feautres frowned.There was none here worth the ultimate thrill. He shook his head imperceptibly. His clubwear was soaked from alcohol. As someone drunkenly smashed into him.

"You are truly handsome." The man drunkenly stated. His clearly intoxicated eyes looked into his own. Those clever green eyes shone with awstruck reverance. He saw something far more important. The will to give shape to his ultimate intoxication. The one thing that had eluded him all evening.His prize beyond comparison.

He wrapped an arm around this unexpected but welcome surprise.

He purred into the man's ear.

"Live close by?, I can give you everything you've ever wished for." The body responded well before the man. Who gave an involuntary shudder something was certainly glad to see him. It pressed into him as he slowly ground their pelvises together. The man dropped his drink as he drunkenly pulled him along.

He peppered the man's neck with kisses so he could hide his hellfire lit eyes.. He had what he was looking for as they shambled out of the club. It wouldn't do for them to be interrupted.

Not at all. In fact, He would insist on privacy and for that he would call his loyal hound. The parking lot was dead at midnight and the party in the club was in full swing. Then his four stalkers decided to exit the club.

They past the doors to the club and struggled to make it past the parking lot. They past a lightpost that flickered and burst. The man jumped and he laughed and kissed behind the ear of his prize.Before his hand slid beneath the man's pants to grip the one honest thing that wasn't intoxicated.

"Relax, You are far too jumpy." The man exhaled in surprise and stopped as he lazily gave the man a couple cursory strokes. The man whined as he retracted his hand.

"It was just a prelude darling. Hurry up." He commanded. The man broke into as much a run as he could. As the ground cracked and glowed as something massive pounced out of the fiery chasm that vanished the moment his hound crossed over. It couldn't be seen by mortal eyes which was a good thing.

His hellhound dwarfed mere mortal horses and was covered in baleful hellfire as it thundered behind him. He was thankful the man was intoxicated and practically running so he couldn't feel his cheerful hound follow them. They entered the apartment complex and the fumbled in his pocket. As they neared apartment number six.

So close he could taste it. The man hobbled to his blue door and struggled to find the keyhole. Chomper pressed his nose into his shoulder and wagged his tail.  A loose piece of paper carried by the breeze incinerated instantly the moment it brushed his massive hound.

He slapped his head but was immensely grateful the man was focusing solely on finding the keyhole.

"Sit." He commaned and his hound sat on his haunches.

He was so proud. This was his hound first foray into the material world. He was so well behaved he was certainly going to get treats. Chomper's tail wagged excitedly and his tongue fell out of his mouth. He scratched behind Chomper's ears as he waited patiently for the drunken man to get the door open.

"Some mean little pups are coming. Why don't you play with them when they come." He ordered.

Chomper's ears perked up as there was a howl on the wind. The door finally swung open and he shoved the man through the door and he slammed the door behind him. It was pitch dark but he could see perfectly.

He felt fevered as the power built around him and he pulled his golden pen out of his pants. The man was already scrambling out of his clothes.

He had enough of this charade and his mortal disguise fell away to his full infernal glory he had no need of clothes. He gave a full sigh of relief. As his cloven hooves always ached wearing shoes. The man froze as he felt the room change.

"I am Bellis and I am here to grant your desires."

Bellis snapped his fingers and a contract burst into being with an explosive crackle. It glowed a dull red as the words changed so the mortal man could read it and understand it.

The man looked at him in total awe but the man's gaze was not affixed to his face. Bellis followed the man's gaze to his glowing piercing displayed prominently on his tip.

Bellis did a double take. This had never happened to him before. He was used to screams, A look of bewilderment or fear. Or even barely disguised greed. Lust was rather unusual at least in his general direction. Mortals were wierd.

He clutched the man's face.

"My eyes are up here." He stated excitedly as he pulled the man's gaze up. To meet his fiery own.

"Did it hurt?" The man asked concernedly. Bellis looked at drunken man's green eyes in confusion.

"Did what hurt?" He asked he clearly did not understand so the man pointed downwards to the piercing.

"Pain can add a delightful spice to pleasure." He responded. The unattended furniture began to rise coaxed to levitation by the sheer raw power clearly building as the wishes caused his body to throb almost painfully.

He pointed to the contract.

"I can grant three wishes." He offered his golden pen the man snatched the pen and uncapped it.

"Where do I sign?" the man slurred. Those intoxicated green eyes were alight with clerverness.

Bellis sighed.

"You have to say. Of your own free will and then your wishes will appear here." He tapped the blank contract.

"Of my own free will." He pressed a finger to the contract. Words began to scrawl themselves upon the blank contract.

Bellis quickly interjected.

"I have a fine record of being exceedingly fair. No where in any of my contracts are any misleading stipulations, unfair conditions or misguiding provisions. What you see upon the contract is what you get. Any purely punitive measures are solely for those who would try to weasel their way out of this more than fair deal."

He finished proudly. But the man was muttering to himself.

"That one movie was true after all...." Those clever green eyes. Looked at him.

"Is it true that demons and devils are locked in an eternal conflict?"

Bellis sighed. This was not going how he expected. Mortals were supposed to be wary or tricky. He had no idea what a movie was.

"Yes, The infernal heirarchy is in conflict with demons."

The man nodded.

"I wish that there was a barrier protecting this world so that the conflict between demon and devil never reaches this world." 

"Wait what?" Bellis asked in incomprehension as his knees buckled from the sheer raw orgasmic forced as the power tore free from his body.

Bellis was on his knees breathing hard as his body trembled from the violent rush of power that tore through him. His eyes unfocused.

The man had his eyes closed as he was thinking.

Bellis looked at the contract. There in the color of ember was the first wish. 

I wish that there was a barrier protecting this world so that the conflict between demon and devil never reaches this world.

"I wish not for a perfect life but a good life." The man stated swaying as more objects began to lazily swirl around them.

Bellis could barely speak as another orgasmic rush flooded through out his body and ended any attempt to speak.

I wish not for a perfect life but a good life. The second wish scrawled onto the contract

Bellis was barely on his knees he wasn't sure he was going to survive this. The mortal's will was already giving his wishes shape. The process was already well underway. He could feel them growing.

The man's lustfully looked down upon him.

"I wish for you Bellis, To be my lover for as long as I shall live."

"Wait-Wai-" Bellis cried as he was knocked to the ground from the third and most powerful of all the wishes tore itself free. The man's desire morphing his formidable will into something far more potent still.

I wish for you Bellis, To be my lover for as long as I shall live. 

The third wish inscribed itself upon the contract. In larger letters than the previous two wishes.

Bellis laid on the ground.

"Why would you do that?" He gasped out in surprise. The moment he could form coherant words he asked in a horrified whisper.

The man looked down at him

"The sex is going to be amazing but why settle for the milk when I can get the cow for free?" The drunken man rambled as he struggled to sign his name on the contract. The name formed and the contract blazed to furious life.

Bellis looked at contract in silence. There was a chance that the Archdevil. The Ceo, Godfather and Kingpin of the second circle would veto the contract entirely. Surely, He wasn't just going to let a mortal have a lowly secretary of his? The moment he formed this contract its twin formed itself upon the Archdevil's personal desk. Any moment the contract was going to disintergrate and he'd be dragged into the Archdevil's private office. Any second now. He thought.

The contract glowed brightly. Bellis looked hopefully upon it. A burning glyph appeared on it. It wasn't possible.

He stared at the glyph. The glyph was the personal signature of the Archdevil himself. The Archdevil had never ratified a contract before with his personal glyph. But it was unmistakably his.

Bellis's body shook as the wish took hold.  All the items in the apartment swirled around them in the sudden hurricane of power. There was a thunderous clap as the ground and the wall shook with barely contained rumble as the wishes took hold. And then Bellis fainted.

The drunken man looked down on the unconscious handsome devil naked on his floor. He grinned stupidly to himself .The sudden discharge of the wishes sent a chair careening into him with violent force. He swayed for a moment then he fell to the floor.He too was out cold.

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