Bubblegum Pop

BY : GossamerSilverglow
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The first time Killian Masters ever smelled watermelon bubblegum and lemons it made him sick. About a month ago he would have said the combination –and the new woman in town it was attached to—were sent from hell.

Her sole purpose? Pissing him off or confusing him... whichever came first.

It was her name that annoyed him first. Sunshine Powers. When she first told him, not wanting to be outright rude he'd tried not to snort at the revelation. Her name had to be something as equally ridiculous as her appearance. Her wind whipped honey blonde locks and a tiny chunk of hair braided with green ivy settled against her cheek when she'd walked into his garage that first day, claiming to be his new neighbor. Of course, that first encounter didn't give him much time to register much of anything, except that she was a little off the wall.


Killian turned at the boisterous feminine greeting. She pounded her tiny fist obnoxiously against the screen door to his garage—as if he hadn't already heard her—and then pushed it open.

"I'm your new neighbor! Thought I'd come over and say hi. You know, I've been here for almost a month and you've not once come over"

The excitement in her voice grated his nerves, but that wasn't what bothered him the most. There was something about her that made him feel restless and even a little over-agitated. Maybe it was the fact that she refused to be still—bouncing like a child on the balls of her feet, fiddling with her hair, and popping bright red bubblegum.

The loud snap of the exploding bubble echoed against the walls and he resisted the urge to cover his ears. His heightened hearing—something that had taken months after crashing to Earth to adjust too—had always found the sound of gum, and the things humans could do with it, obnoxious.

"Don't-" he started.

She shoved her hands into her jean short pockets and gave him a generous smile before interrupting him, "So, you wouldn't happen to have a phonebook would you?"

"I'm sorry?" he asked, trying to catch up to her train of thought. He was still preoccupied with that smacking noise she kept making.

"Or maybe you know of a window repair place? I kind of accidentally threw my new cast iron skillet out my kitchen window."

He opened his mouth to start talking, but paused and frowned. If he looked as confused as he felt he knew it wouldn't be long before one of them started laughing. "Why in the hell would you do that?"

Her helpless shrug made him want to shake her. "It was on fire!" she cried out as if throwing it out the window and not turning off the burner was the natural thing to do.

She licked her bottom lip, waiting for him to respond, but her darting tongue seemed to capture his attention more than her words. Killian tilted his head when a tiny spark ignited in the pit of his stomach.

'Well, that's new,' he thought, and resisted the urge to adjust his low-riding jeans.

"Hello? You got the part about it being on fire, right?"

He raised an eyebrow; feeling like his brain was dredging through sludge as he tried to catch up and avert his gaze from her mouth. "The kitchen window?"

She rolled her eyes but the tiny smirk forming on those plump red lips forced his attention back to the troublesome area. "Pft. No! The skillet," she said.

Killian scratched the back of his neck uneasily, blaming his distraction from the conversation on her incessant gum chewing after every word, because it couldn't be his own desire to nibble that bottom lip. He'd never felt any physical desire to be with a human...

He cleared his throat. "What about the skillet?"

She took a deep breath, and using her hands for emphasis she started again. "The skillet was on fire. So I grabbed a mitt and threw it out my kitchen window! "

"Why didn't you just open the window first?" he asked, surprised at his own coherency given the fact that his lower half was stirring in his jeans.

She tilted her head and her mouth dropped open and closed, much like a fish in water. She planted her hands on her hips and frowned. "It was on fire! I wasn't exactly thinking straight with my kitchen on fire, ya know?"

With a quick stride over to his garage window, he parted the shade with two fingers, glancing in the direction of the only place close to his house within ten miles. He saw no black smoke. Turning back to her, he frowned.

"Your whole kitchen was on fire?"

White teeth dipped into her bottom lip and she let out an amused chuckle. "No, just the skillet... I was gonna cook you a 'hi, I'm your new neighbor, please tell me you know how to cook' breakfast, but I forgot it was cooking and then wham! The scrambled eggs caught on fire."

Killian felt breathless as she continued to suck and nibble her bottom lip. "What?"

She didn't bother to answer him as she walked towards him, damn near making him swallow his tongue as she closed the distance between them. "Sunshine," she said.

His shoulders slumped in defeat as the smell of watermelon and lemons deflated his erection. It wasn't a super strong smell, but it was sickly sweet enough to turn his stomach. He scrunched his nose up and took a step back.

What did she say about sunshine? "Now sunshine is involved? Lady, what are you-"

"My name is Sunshine Powers. I'm your new neighbor. Do you know how to make scrambled eggs?"

He inwardly snorted. What the hell kind of name was Sunshine Powers. "Yes. Why?"

"So you can cook?" she asked, her sky blue eyes twinkling with a childlike happiness that made him pause. Not many human adults he'd seen were capable of having that look. They were all too jaded from life here. He knew because life on this planet jaded him too.

Sunshine continued, "Where did you learn to cook? More importantly, how did you have the patience to learn?"

"Patience isn't an issue with scrambled eggs."

Sunshine nodded, giving him a solemn look. "Must be me then. Mama always said I had the attention span of the length of an ant. Apparently, it was worse when I was a child though. Do you have tattoos?"

He glanced down at his arm and sure enough a black crow was showing. The white t-shirt he wore couldn't hide all his ink. "Yes."

She reached forward, but he instinctually jerked away, making sure she wasn't close enough to try and touch him again. What was surprising was his body's reaction to the attempt. Usually, when someone tried to touch him—if they could get past the smell of oil and gasoline—his stomach would turn, his knees would get weak, and he would break out into a sweat. It didn't happen with Sunshine. The only reaction his body had to her trying to touch him was spiking his internal temperature, which was already five degrees hotter than a human body.

"What's that smell?" she asked, clearly not hurt by his snub.

Her tiny nose lifted as she sniffed the air. She got closer and closer to him. He resisted the urge to step back, curious about how he would react to her close proximity again. She stopped just shy of touching him.

She exhaled slowly and her pupils dilated. Licking her lips, her gaze shifted up to his before she bent over and sniffed his hands. "There. I thought it was you. It's on your hands..."

"Have you never smelled gasoline and oil?"

Her palms rubbed at her thighs and a pink blush spread over her cheeks. She took a step back, and swallowed before she spoke again, "Not like that. It smells really good on you," she mumbled, sounding breathless.

She'd left not too long after that. It was later, he found out that it would be an everyday thing, her having some piece of nature in her hair and clomping around his place in the mornings with endless questions. She was a flower child—minus the drugs—born in the wrong generation with a curiosity that rivaled a two-year-old. That was the second reason Sunshine Powers was on his shit list.

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