Shadecrest Grove

BY : Ryoshan
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It was a foggy morning when a demon with long hair woven into thick braids unfolded his flame-torn wings. His ears twitched when he heard footsteps. He had already caught the scent of the man and he wasn’t worried because it was a familiar scent. He wouldn’t mind an early morning visit from him. Besides, he had made the request in the form of a discreet order.

Love was not encouraged in the military but he had no life outside of the military. Therefore, he had to bend the rules in order to get his desires fulfilled. He placed a hand on his sword when a shadow fell across the back of his tent then waited for the first glimpse of long blonde hair.

Suddenly there was a rustle of leaves from the tree in front of him and he unsheathed his sword.

“Identify yourself lest I run my blade through you!” he snapped and a male with long, mahogany colored hair dropped to the ground.

“I wanted to see you before Izo arrived, General,” he said then seductively raised his shirt. “I was hoping you’d use me this morning.”

“I made a promise, Yandel,” the general replied. “But find me after the morning drill. I’ll make use of you then.”

“It will be torture but I will withstand it.”

“Good man. Now go and make yourself ready for inspection.”

“Yes, General Kana.”

He saluted then pivoted and walked off. He smiled smugly when he walked past Izo and Izo watched him depart then turned his attention to Kana. He saluted and Kana returned the salute.

“Are you coming any closer?” Kana asked and Izo paused.

“If you give me permission to advance, sir,” Izo replied and Kana smiled.

“You may come forward. You’re as formal as always, aren’t you?”

“I have much respect for you sir.”

“You may stand at ease, Major. I can’t get personal if you’re standing at attention.”

Izo relaxed then folded in his bluish white wings. He watched Kana step towards him then sighed. This man was at least thirty years older than him but he still looked good. Kana placed a hand underneath Izo’s chin and raised it. He stroked Izo’s chin and Izo closed his eyes.

“You are so attractive,” Kana said then deeply kissed him. “I’m glad I picked you to serve under me.”

“You picked all your officers, sir. I don’t know why you chose Yandel though, sir. Does his type suit you?”

“He’s a different sort. I like change in my diet.”

“Does that mean you find me boring, sir?” Izo asked then blinked when Kana kissed him. He pulled away then stroked Izo’s fair hair.

“No. Why do you think I request you so often?”

“I’m honored, sir. Are we going into the tent?”

“We’d better. We are breaking regulations after all,” Kana said as Izo folded in his wings.

“I would never turn you in, sir,” Izo said then followed Kana into the tent. He closed the flap then paused. “Permission to strip, sir?”

“Permission granted but let me sit down before you start. I don’t want to miss this show.”

Izo blushed then pulled off his shirt. He took off his belt and laid his swords in a corner of the tent. He then proceeded to take off his boots and pants. He then stood up and glanced at Kana.

“Would you like to do the last bit, sir?” Izo asked and Kana shook his head.

“I will do a full inspection once you are presentable,” he replied then watched Izo unclasp his briefs. “Those aren’t regulation, are they?”

“No sir. They’re what you prefer me wearing when we’re in the field, however. I am ready for my inspection, sir.”

Kana stood up and walked over to where Izo stood. He brushed back Izo’s long, golden hair then ran a finger over his ear. He smiled when Izo’s ear twitched then ran his fingers down Izo’s cheek.

“You are so well-trained, aren’t you?” Kana asked as he ran his fingers over Izo’s lips. “Aside from that involuntary ear twitch, you haven’t moved. Let’s see how long you can stay at attention.”

Kana kissed him then licked his neck. He noted Izo’s subtle signals then ran a hand over Izo’s left shoulder. Izo was getting aroused but he was doing his best to hide his feelings.

“Sir…” Izo started to say then paused.

“What do you want, Major?”


“Don’t be evasive. You know better than that. If you’ve got something to say, say it. Communication is important.”

“I have been communicating, sir. You’ve been responding to all of my signals. General, how do you think the drill will go today?”

“Was that really your question?” Kana asked then moved a hand down to Izo’s groin.

“Well the king and Lendas will be observing things today and…”

“Your voice is trembling. Are you nervous?”

“No sir.”

“You still look like you want to say something.”

“Permission to express myself, sir?”

“Permission granted.”

Izo looked relieved then began to softly moan. Kana smiled then kissed his collarbone. Izo closed his eyes slightly then reached out and touched Kana’s leg. He pulled his hand back then looked ashamed.

“I’m sorry, sir. I wasn’t thinking. It was an impulse,” Izo said as Kana moved his mouth lower.

“Oh you were thinking. You were thinking of something else. I hope you’re just as beautiful when you reach my age.”

“I hope you’ll still want me when you reach a hundred.”

“When I pick my officers, I try to make sure they last. Unfortunately this is a risky business and I have lost a few over the years. One of those lives meant a lot to me.”

“I know, sir and I realize that I’m a poor substitute…”

Izo glanced up at Izo’s face with his dark eyes then smiled slightly He had a fondness for this man. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his youth or his appearance but he liked having him around. He ran a hand over Izo’s rear then squeezed his supple flesh.

“Sir?” Izo asked and Kana paused.

“Go on,” Kana said and Izo coughed.

“Have I passed my inspection?”

“It appears that everything is in order but why don’t you move over to the bed so I can probe your insides?”

“I would enjoy that, sir.”

Kana watched him walk over to his bed then stroked himself. Izo sat on the edge of the bed and watched Kana undress. He resisted the urge to stroke himself. He couldn’t deviate from his orders and the general had not changed his orders. Izo looked at Kana’s exposed flesh and noted the fading scars left by a whip. He could not understand why anyone would want to enslave the general.

“Why are you so quiet?” Kana asked as he pushed down his pants. “You’ve seen these marks before.”

“Why would anyone want to enslave another?” Izo asked as he watched his commander step out of his briefs.

“Power,” Kana replied then pushed back his braids. “I know you like running your fingers through my hair but breaking apart the braids would take too long.”

“I understand why you braid your hair, sir, but your hair is so soft. I shouldn’t be telling you this but your soft hair turns me on.”

“And here I thought there was another of my attributes that turned you on.”

“True but that’s standard equipment. Of course they were quite generous with your issue.”

“So you like them big and I like my men young. That’s one of the reason why I chose you. Now let me give you an order. Get into position.”

“With pleasure, sir. Sir?”

“What is it, Major?” Kana asked then placed a hand on Izo’s thigh.

“What position do you want me in? You weren’t specific in your orders, sir.”

“Given the fact that this bed is not designed for entertaining, I would think there’s only on position you’d be comfortable in.”

“Yes, sir.”

Izo stood up then paused. Technically there was another way to do it but he wasn’t sure if he should suggest it. Then there was also the option of riding. Izo looked up when Kana coughed then grinned slightly.

“We don’t have a lot of time you know,” he said and Izo nodded his head.

“I know, sir. I just thought that going for a ride would be easier. You could also squeeze my ass as much as you wanted. It’s merely a suggestion, sir.”

“It’s a suggestion worth considering but I don’t have the time to deliberate on a decision. Stand up, Major.”

“Certainly, sir,” Izo said then stood up. He stretched as Kana crossed over to the bed. Kana watched his slender body move for a moment then sat on the bed and began stroking himself.

“Does Yandel let you do that on your own, sir?” Izo asked. “After all, he is obsessed with sex.”

“Do you fault him for that?”

“In your case, sir, no. That smug look he gives me annoys me. I’d use my element on him but I think he’d enjoy it.”

“Who doesn’t like a gentle breeze every now and then?” Kana asked and Izo folded his arms.

“My element isn’t always gentle,” Izo replied. “The wind can easily rip a man’s flesh to shreds if it’s strong enough. Um, you won’t be tempted to use your element, will you sir?”

“I’m not cruel like that. I only use my element when I need to. Hand me that bottle. You’re participating in the drill today so I can’t have you injured. What do you think? Should I use some more?”

“May I have the bottle, sir? I can put some around my perimeter and that will make contact less painful.”

Kana handed the bottle to Izo then watched him raise a leg. He was envious of the major’s fresh skin. There were no lingering marks on his flesh. He had not been subjected to the tortures of slavery and Kana hoped he would never experience it. Kana observed Izo working the liquid into his skin with his slender fingers then watched him blush when he inserted his fingers into his body.

“I see that made you nice and hard,” Izo commented then grinned slightly. “I’m glad I’m so good at arousing you, sir. Shall I get in position?”

“Yes. It’s nearly time for the drill. We don’t have a lot of time.”

Kana watched Izo walk over to him then sighed when Izo placed his young hands on his shoulders. Kana supposed he shouldn’t focus so much on Izo’s youth—after all, he was not physically as old as Karu (whose life encompassed at least two centuries) but the events he had gone through had aged his mind considerably.

He grunted when Izo made contact with his groin then placed his hands on the fleshy area of Izo’s rump. He gently squeezed the skin as Izo began his stride. Kana watched Izo’s face then smiled at the pink hue that spread across his face.

“You blush sets apart your beautiful blue eyes. Don’t look away, Major. I like seeing what my body does to you.”

“Sir…” Izo gasped as he bobbed up and down. Kana smiled at the feeling of Izo’s crotch brushing up against his skin then squeezed his flesh again. “Permission to express myself, sir?”

“Just don’t be extremely loud. This is against regulations.”

“What do you think the king would do if you were charged? Ah…”

“Control it better, Major. I like the feeling of your rubbing against my skin. I’m glad you leaned closer. I can see your eyes better.”

“Sir, will you kiss me?” Izo asked as he tried to keep the excitement out of his voice. “Feeling you throbbing inside me is driving me wild. I…I am finding it difficult to maintain your order for silence, sir.”

Kana’s grew wide when Izo leaned forward and kissed him. He relaxed and pushed his tongue into Izo’s mouth then gripped Izo firmly when he released himself. He could feel Izo’s fluid running down his skin then closed his eyes. He pressed a claw into Izo’s flesh and Izo stood up. He pulled away and began getting dressed.

Kana stood up then twitched his ears at the sound of a horn. He hastily picked up his clothes and began dressing. They were running late. It would not do to make the king wait.

“I’m heading out. Do your best to hurry, Major,” Kana said as he smoothed down his jacket. He picked up his sword and sheath then affixed them to his belt. He glanced at his boots then frowned. They needed to be shined but there simply wasn’t time. He supposed it didn’t really matter since they were going into a drill but he didn’t want the king to say anything. Kana brushed back his hair then stepped outside (after giving Izo’s body a quick glance). He began running, hoping the king would not be too annoyed with him. He needed his morning ritual, after all.

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