Three's Company

BY : nailovesyou
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Disclaimer: This is based on events involving my personal life, I decided to write about it. However any resemblance to other actual people, living or dead is purely coincidental

There was a tingle going up my spine as I cast my eyes over each face standing around me. A small shiver of fear ran through me as well, I looked to Caden for some kind of explanation.

"Listen baby, I've been thinking about what we talked about a few days ago. You know, how we wanted to spice things up a little?" Caden spoke gently, his chocolate eyes looking directly at me while I only just nodded in response.

"Well, I got to thinking that if it really came down to it, there's only two people I'd trust enough to let them be with you under my attendance. Those people being Reese and Lucas." Caden explained, motioning to the other two men standing beside me, each of them smiling back at me lustfully, but not to where it intimidated me. You see, my boyfriend and I had recently discussed "spicing" things up in our love life. Not that our sex life was lacking in any shape or form (it was quite amazing) but sometimes it didn't hurt to add something a little extra to the experience. Well to my surprise, my boyfriend had confessed to me that of all things he wanted to do, it was to see me with another man.

I wasn't quite sure how to comprehend to his idea but as he went into further detail, I realized he was very interested in watching me have sex with another guy. This surprised me because usually Caden is a reserved person. He's very loyal and kind, but also territorial. He wasn't overly jealous or too protective of me, but he did take a lot of pride of letting it be known that I was his and no one else's. So you might understand why I was a bit hesitant at the idea he came up with. Even if I felt slightly uncomfortable, I had at least given it some thought. I'm quite your average one man kind of girl, but I'd be completely lying if I told you that since being with Caden, my usually calm sexual appetite had only increased over the two years of our relationship.

He unlocked a lot of things in me that I didn't really know I liked. Whether it was the way he could do the most incredible things to me, or make me submit to him, it never ceased in leaving me wanting more. By no means was our relationship dominant above the surface. It was nothing sexually perverted like that, only in the privacy of our own home would we engage in our own little games. It was something about him that made me voluntarily submit to him. I wanted to be touched by him, have him do anything he wanted to me, to which he happily accepted. When his dominant persona did kick in eventually, it usually left me utterly quivering in delight.

Back to the point, I was even more surprised that Caden was actually want to go through with it, at least so soon. I had come around to the idea, that perhaps if the right person came along, then it wouldn't be so bad. But to have that person be not one, but two of Caden's best friends, I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Despite Caden knowing Lucas and Reese way before we got together, I still considered them my friends too. They were over enough, it was only a matter of time where I'd learn to put up with them. However, to be involved with them in that "way" was a bit weird.

"I figured of all people, you could trust them. Plus, apparently they've been looking forward to this for a while." he added almost as if he could sense my hesitancy. I looked at Lucas and Reese briefly, an embarrassed smile spreading across my face.

"You know I wouldn't suggest this if I thought it would harm you in any way. It's just us, so no pressure right? You'd enjoy this wouldn't you?" Caden asked stepping closer to me to where he was able to wrap his arms around my waist. A hopeful look appeared on his face while I collected my thoughts. It seemed so strange and taboo, which is ironic since Caden had gotten me to do many strange things, but this time we were not alone. It wasn't as if I didn't feel safe with Lucas and Reese, for I knew deep down that if something did happen, Caden wouldn't hesitate to kick their asses. It was just forcing myself to open up to them (literally) on a whole new level. I couldn't deny the look on Caden's face and that it was obvious he really wanted this. Even if I was still unsure, I didn't want to disappoint him.

"Okay." I replied softly. "I'll do it..." I gave a firm nod. A satisfied grin spread on each of their faces, I figured it couldn't be that bad.

"You'll like it, I promise. But I want things a bit different you see, Lucas and Reese are each going to have their own time with you."

"But I thought you were going to wat-"

"Don't worry, I have my ways. But I assure you they will take great care of you." Caden cut me off with a small wink. I only half smiled back and let him decide what happened next.

"All right dudes, you already know how this is going to work. You can do what you like to her, but you cannot cum in her understand?" Caden confirmed although there was a hint of amusement to his tone. Nolan and Reese chuckled to themselves but nodded back in understanding.

"Okay then. Nolan, you first bro." Caden had concluded, clapping Nolan's shoulder in the usual male buddy way. Nolan's eyes sparkled a bit, as if he were a kid finally getting his cookie. I looked around our bedroom, still feeling like a stranger inside it. Caden and Reese walked over to the door, but there was no mistaking the way Reese looked back at Nolan and I. He smiled as he licked his lips, anticipating what was to come I presume. When they walked out fully and shut the door, I had no choice but to avert my eyes back to Nolan, who smiled gently at me. In a weird way Nolan was rather good looking if I were honest. Maybe not the type of guy I'd actually date, but I still considered him good eye candy. His muscled frame stood above me by a couple inches, my head reached just about his chest.

His lightly tan skin was visible in the white sleeveless shirt he was wearing, showing off his toned arms and large hands to accompany them. Nolan didn't have a particular style to him, but rather he just put on whatever was there in the closet. However I admit that if anyone could pull off a simple pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, it was Nolan. Looking back up at his face, his complexion was clear and equally tan. His almond shaped emerald eyes were quite something, the way they would seem to sparkle. Yet his dark brown hair cut into a fauxhawk completely clashed with his eyes.

"You okay?" he asked her in a polite manner, his lips shaped in an amused expression. I tried not to act as shy, but it was hard.

"Yeah." I smiled back. Nolan grinned and stepped closer until we were face to face, chest to chest.

"Don't worry, if you want me to stop, I will." he whispered into my ear. A small shudder went through as the whisper tickled it. I only stared up into his eyes and just decided to say to hell with it and do it. Nolan didn't hesitate to lean down and kiss me. His pout lips pressed against mine whilst his hands had now encircled around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I had to admit that his lips didn't feel so bad against mine, I even found the courage to lean into his face more, capturing more of him.

His tongue soon began to trace my lower lip, his hands moving down to my lower back, stopping at my rear and squeezing while a soft moan seeped out. His tongue had now invaded my mouth and twisted with mine. When he finished he pulled back briefly to grab the hem of my tanktop and lift it over my head, dropping unto the floor. Nolan traveled down to my neck where he began to nip the flesh, causing me to bite my own lip in amusement. He sucked the skin a couple times before suddenly his strong hands grabbed the back of my thighs and hoisted me up off the floor and carried me backwards to the bed, setting me back down on almost the edge of it. His frame leaned over me, staring intently into my eyes, his hands reaching behind me to undo the clasp to my bra. Once he unsnapped it and pulled the straps off of each of my shoulders, my skin had flushed slightly when my breasts were now bare and visible to his eyes.

A look of hunger flashed in his eyes and the intensity of his stare made my breathing picking up, my nipples hardened in response. He leaned his head down to capture one in his mouth, a small gasp escaping from me. The wet sensation of his saliva coating the nub as he swirled his tongue around it sent tingles down to my feminine area, especially when he began to suck it. His tongue latched on like an infant needing milk, wanting it so badly. I moaned as he squeezed my other breast, getting the full weight of it. When he finished he switched over to my other breast and delivered the same treatment, his fingers pinching the deserted nipple.

A small groan of satisfaction comes from Nolan's mouth, his hands are freely roaming my lower half, caressing my thighs. He pulls at my shorts next and having me lift my lower body up a bit, he slides off the shorts without a problem. I'm down to my panties and I began to get nervous again, having been so exposed to Nolan in a way unlike never before. He doesn't seem to mind as he eagerly reaches for my panties next, but instead his fingers tease my folds through the laced material. I chew on my lip once more at the way his teasing makes my core get more moist. I gasp when he pokes his finger inside my folds, teasing my clit. When he decides to stop torturing me through his teasing, his fingers hook inside my panties and pulls them down slowly. Almost as if he were dealing with fragile cargo. When my panties are fully off and my pussy is completely bare, it sends another shudder through me. Especially when I notice Nolan stares down on all of me, as if he were taking in each and every detail.

"You are so gorgeous Gia." he whispered lightly before kissing a trail down my stomach to my nether region and kissing the inside of my thighs. I can't help but giggle when his nipping tickles me a bit. It's not long before I let out a loud gasp when I feel his tongue enter me. The wet invader strokes me up and down, tingles are sent right back to my clit, I try my best to suppress a moan. Nolan spots my clit and begins to tease it, coaxing it out from under its little hood. He skillfully uses his the tip of his tongue to swirl around the sensitive bundle of nerves, which I admit he was rather good at. I'm unable to hide my moans as the pleasure increases. Nolan grips my thighs tighter, a small groan erupts from him as he savors the moment. He starts to touch a spot that makes me buck my hips slightly, wanting more. His tongue speeds up and laps at my clit more quickly, causing me to moan louder and my hands grip his shoulders.

I feel myself get even wetter with each stroke, an itching sensation coming onto me, one that I love the most. The itching causes me to move faster, knowing that's where I'm usually close to reaching my goal. Nolan's head continues to bob up and up down as he licks me, his grip never loosening on my thighs, a hungry growl seeping out of his mouth. His eyes looked glazed, yet so focused, determined. It soon becomes a little too much to bare and I can't contain the spasms of my lower region. Biting my lip and moaning when the sensation picks up, I'm close so close. But just when I think I hit my prime, the pleasure stops and I'm left to sit there looking down at Nolan with a confused and annoyed expression. Nolan simply chuckles and stands up before he takes off his shirt and undoes his jeans.

"Don't want the fun to be over just yet do you?" he smirks as he stands there in a pair of red boxers, an obvious bulge pitching a tent inside them. He slides down his boxers and I can't help but blush at the sight of his erect penis. I was not used to seeing any others besides Caden's, although Nolan was somewhat equally impressive. Just an inch shorter than Caden's, but was a bit wider, I was good at knowing these kind of things. Nolan stepped out from his boxers and pants, leaning back over me while spreading my legs out more. He grabbed the tip of his dick and rubbed it up and down my folds, the hard fleshy feel of him tickled my clit. He slid inside my hole slowly, watching me with every inch being put in. I moan at the feel of another penis that didn't belong to my boyfriend. It was foreign and still a bit strange, but that didn't keep my body from naturally reacting the way it had.

When he's all the way in, he pulls out and pushes back in, a pleased moan erupting from both of us. He repeats the motion and begins a steady rhythm of pushing in and out me, taking one of my legs and hooking it around his midsection for more access. I pant softly at the sensation of him stretching my walls, as he thrusts into me I can't help but wonder what Caden and Reese are doing, and what Caden meant by he "had his ways." Was he still watching us? My train of thought is interrupted when I gasp, Nolan has sped up his space,  thrusting in and out to the point where the slick sounds of skin hitting skin could be heard. I involuntarily buck my hips up against him, wanting him to fill me to the brim. Nolan grunts while bringing the leg wrapped around his waist up over his shoulder, resulting in a whimper from me in the process. I didn't have time to react before he suddenly flipped me over, pulling my legs out from behind me, forcing me on all fours. He shoved himself back inside me and I gasped once more, clenching the soft bed sheets as he resumed his work.

His fingernails dug into my hips while rocking me back and forth, hitting a spot inside me at new angle while I shuddered. I shook my hair out of my face and thrust back into him with need, feeling like I was on fire.  I wanted him to touch me, to ravage me, anything to get to that breaking point. I grounded against him more fiercely, giving the hint for him to pick up, to which he happily obliged. Soon he was pounding inside me, sending me into pure bliss while I gasped loudly over and over, I wondered if Caden and Reese could hear me.

"That feel good baby? You feel so nice, so tight." Nolan grunted, perhaps he was getting close to his release soon as well. My stomach tingled and that familiar itching sensation had once again appeared. I was so desperate to make it this time, I let him take full control with those final thrusts.

"Uh, that's it baby." he moaned. I squirmed under him when my muscles began to contract and my stomach felt a bit more fuzzier. I let out a throaty moan as I felt my climax take over and that lovely high that came with it surged through me. Nolan continued to thrust into me until he also came to his climax and he quickly pulled out of me soon before I felt something warm and wet sliding down my back. I looked back at Nolan who was rubbing the last of his seed out his now flaccid dick. A tired yet satisfied expression spread across his face. I closed my eyes briefly to steady my heart beat and breathing, still a bit lost in my high.

"I'll be damned..." I heard Nolan sigh blissfully, pulling out of me when he was fully done. He sighed once more as he took in all that had just happened. I felt the bed dip as he leaned back over me to reach for the tissue box on the nightstand. He grabbed a handful of them and kindly cleaned both of us off. When he finished, he tossed them in the nearby trashcan.

"That was amazing." he said when he turned his attention back to me, leaning down to whisper in my ear. "Thanks sugar, maybe if I'm lucky, we could do this again sometime." Nolan whispered with a wink before kissing my cheek softly, causing me to blush. He smiled at me one more time before he dressed quickly and walked out the bedroom door. I sighed as I didn't know what to do next, I had no idea where Caden was, but I wasn't sure if I should remain on the bed. I didn't have to wait long because before I knew it, Reese was appeared in the door way with an impatient look on his face.

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