Tainted Love

BY : LennyLakshmi & Manta_Ghost
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A/N: I had this up mostly written for a friend, but he requested I keep it up so I'm re-posting. I tried to re-edit it this time.


  A giggle filled the air as he threw the petite girl on the bed. She moaned a bit as his large hands forced her upper body to the bed and her full and supple ass perched in the air. Her long brown hair draped down her back like silk. 

Caden grabbed her ass and positioned her moist and ready sex on his dick. A moan escaped her lips as he began to plunge in and out of her. He grunted in total ecstasy his hand grabbing a fistful of her hair.

"Caden, oh god Caden." she moaned repeatedly as she clutched the sheets. He thrust faster, her screams filled the air. 

It was only when she turned her head to see his face and smiled, the scenery suddenly went back.

Caden gasped as he woke up and panted heavily. His eyes were filled with shock and horror, but aroused. It had been the same dream for the past couple nights. He didn't understand why it occurred but it was beginning to worry him and part of him felt like a creeper. This couldn't happen, he couldn't think about her this way. What was wrong with him? 

He shook the thought away and with a heavy hand pushed the off button to his alarm, forgetting it. He sighed as he got up out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. It was finally senior year and Caden was ready to live it up. He had football, his friends, and all the girls at school wanted him. He had it all and he was not ashamed about it. He loved that he essentially ruled the school. Now that he was for sure a shoe in for captain, he knew this year was going to bend at his will. 

He walked to the bathroom and yawned, reaching for the door knob but as he did it opened before him and a figure bumped into him harshly. The petite girl stared back at him in pure annoyance. 

"Watch it dip shit." She hissed. 

"Oh go change your tampon Liv." He retorted as she rolled her eyes and stalked back to her room, her ass swinging in the process beneath her black mini skirt before she slammed her door. Caden watched her carefully as she disappeared, his dream coming back to mind and he shuddered as he made a disgusted face and walked into the bathroom. 

He wiped the excess moisture off the mirror and stared intently. He was not ashamed to admit he was attractive and fit. The muscles bulging from his skin had shown proof of the extra workouts he put in during the Summer for football. He had confidence and he knew it. He turned on the shower knobs and waited for it to get hot. When it was to his liking he stepped in and let the warm spray scatter across his body. As he lathered hair with shampoo his mind drifted to Liv. He repeated in his head her walking away and how good her legs looked in her wedges accompanied by a firm ass. He felt a funny feeling in his stomach and cursed at himself ashamed switching the water to slightly colder, attempting to get rid of his erection. 


Liv huffed as she tried to make her hair look presentable, but no way had pleased her. She studied herself in the mirror and frowned at the many imperfections that happened to be herself. She smoothed her skirt out and huffed again in annoyance. It was junior year for her and she was not ready. It was another year closer to picking a college, deciding what to do with her future, be an adult. She was not ready for the life choices that came after. She liked her life, even if it wasn't as glamorous as her brother's, she liked it. 

She looked at her clock and realized there was no time to change so she would just have to do with she had on. She slung her backpack around her small frame and walked out her room and into the kitchen where the smell of coffee and pancakes filled the air. 

"Good morning honey, are you excited for today?" her mom cheered with a soft smile. Liv nodded and sat down at the table where her brother sat  stuffing his face with pancakes, she made a face of disgust. 

"Sweetie are you still trying out for cheer leading?" their dad asked while sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper. 

"Yeah I think so." she answered. 

"It'll look good on your college applications if you actually played a sport in school." he replied while her brother snorted.

"Yeah since you suck at sports, I guess holding pom poms yelling 'go team go' will have to do." Caden retorted amused as she glared at him.

"Still a lot better than slapping guys asses."

"Get bent."

"Kids." their mom chimed in as she rolled her eyes at her older brother. He annoyed her so much but that was his job wasn't it? 

"It would be nice if we could have civil meals with each other once in a while." 

"With the gremlin you birthed first, I don't think so." Liv replied coolly while Caden just smirked and blew a kiss. Her phone began to ring loudly and she quickly answered it. 

"Yes I'm ready. Okay see you outside." she spoke into the phone and hung up. "I'm going. Riley's here." she announced standing up. 

"Don't embarrass me." she added looking at her brother who simply smiled.

"Me? Never sister dear." he mocked as he also stood up to grab his bag. Liv waves goodbye to her parents and walked out the front door to where an overly giddy Riley sat in the driver's seat. 

"Hey Ry." Liv said getting into car. Riley's attention was too focused on Caden walking to his Mustang. 

"Man your brother is so hot." she sighed deeply while Liv cringed. 

"Do you have to do this every time?"

"What? Sorry I can't help it, he's just so-"

"Stop! It's too early for this, I'm gonna puke." she replied while Riley rolled her eyes and put the BMW in drive. Liv watched her brother carefully, their eyes had caught each other from across the way. She stared at him coldly while he gave her a smirk before driving off, sending a flutter in her stomach...


The first day of classes had been decent, Liv was happy with her new classes and teachers. Except math, where Liv thought Mr. Smith was nothing short than unworthy for he felt he could challenge her. 

She was greeted by many faces as she and Riley walked into the lunch room. Even though it hadn't meant that much to her and even if it was because of her brother mostly, she liked being popular. 

"I can't believe we're finally juniors! We can finally do all the fun shit." Riley beamed as they walked through the line to get food. Liv nodded absentmindedly. 

"I can finally focus on getting into college."

"Ugh you always have to ruin the moment with being the responsible one." Riley sighed reaching for a banana. 

"Well excuse me that I want a good future."

"You have so much time to worry about that later! This is where we enjoy ourselves."

"You just want to party." Liv scolded. 

"And? What is so wrong with that, I mean do you know how many hot guys we're entitled to now?"

"Keep it in your pants Riley." Liv rolled her eyes this time at how childish her best friend could be sometimes. They were really polar opposites, Riley was the social butterfly and Liv was more reserved. She didn't partake in most of antics people do in school, she actually cared about her grades. 

"I'm trying but it's not easy with all this testosterone." Riley replied adoringly at the many males in front of her. They sat down at their usual table since freshman year and began to eat their food. 

"Besides, you should have no problem in the men department." Riley pointed out the few boys staring at Liv who brushed it off. 

"Meh." She replied unimpressed. 

"Would you at least hook me up with your brother?" Riley smirked as Liv huffed. Caden had sat across from them with the football team and laughed about stupid things. In a way Liv envied her brother for he was easy going and everyone liked him immediately. People only acknowledged her because of him, not because they genuinely wanted to known her. She was popular by association. 

His smile caught her attention and the way his eyes sparkled in the light was distracting to her. She stopped the thoughts and shook her head. What was going on with her, why was she caring about her brother? 

"Liv, Liv? Liv are you okay? Hello..." Riley said waving a hand in front of her face as Liv snapped out of her thoughts. 

"What?" she replied blankly. 

"I was asking you about cheer leading tryouts then you zoned out on me." 

"Sorry I lost focus." Liv explained taking her eyes off her brother and focusing on try outs. She scolded herself to stop acting so strange...


Long after the day had ended Caden sighed in relief while washing away the events of the day. He had imagined this year would be a good one. He smiled to himself proudly that even Marie, the most popular girl had flirted with him today. 

He stepped out the shower and wrapped a thick white towel around his waist, using a smaller one to dry his shirt black hair. As he was preparing his night regime, the sound of a fist banging on the door interrupted him. He sighed as he opened it. 

"What do you want?" 

"Jeez shower hog much? I need to shower and do my hair." Liv whined. 

"Well wait your fucking turn Queen Elizabeth."

"Oh my god I swear you have to be adopted."

"Aww didn't mom and dad tell you? It was actually you they found in a trash can."

"Go fuck yourself."

"Every night." Caden winked while Liv snarled. He was so damn annoying. Yet the sight of him in nothing but a towel caught her attention. The little beads of water dripping down his chest to his toned stomach entranced her. She fought the urge to touch the smooth olive toned skin. It was amazing how well defined he was. 

She became flustered when she realized he noticed her staring. He looked back intrigued. She felt her body flush and the redness spread across her ample cheeks. Caden looked her up and down and instinctively she put her arms under her chest. 

"Just, h-hurry up." she stuttered nervously and scampered back to her room where she closed the door behind her and leaned against the frame. She inhaled sharply and felt a feeling of disgust when she realized in between her legs she was moist. 

Caden sprawled across his bed and closed his eyes. Trying to shut out the images in his mind, but they would not subside. It was late and he was exhausted, yet he couldn't sleep. 

The thought of her standing there in skimpy shorts and top piqued his interest. He did not miss the sight of her nipples hardening through the thin material either. He inhaled a deep breath as he felt himself harden once more and the need was too strong. His right hand crept into his boxers and met his own anatomy. He delicately stroked the smooth flesh, still breathing deeply. 

He moaned softly as his thumb circled around the tip, creating steady strokes. Images flashed through his mind of his hands touching her body, grabbing her ass and tits, picking her up onto the bathroom counter and stripping her naked. Her waiting so anxiously, wanting him just as bad. 

He pumped faster imagining his head between her legs, her hands grabbing his head as her face scrunched up in pleasure. He felt himself get closer, needing it so bad. 

He moaned repeatedly as his stomach tightened just as she began to orgasm. The sound of her releasing sent him over the edge. His hips lifted off the bed as he came, a jet of pearl colored fluid splashed into his stomach. He sighed as the feeling began to lessen and his heartbeat relaxed. 

When he was calm, he sat in horror realizing what he done, unable to deny the reality. 

He wanted his sister and he wanted her bad.    

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