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This is the next story in the HusbandWife series. 

Just a review, the alphas had a different set of pronouns. Hi = he. Hes = his. Thyme = them. Thyre = their. Thy = they. I have heard the complaints from HusbandWife from a few people who found it confusing, yes, I understand it can be confusing when a writer alters the terms of a world, but it is far too late to chime in. 

That part of the world will not be changing. And really, the rest shouldn't be changing either. 

Updates could be long and between, as I've moved into publishing for money and much of my time is focused on that. I have several chapters already written up for this and will write it as a break. Basically. If you want updates on what I'm doing or have questions of any sort, you know where to reach me. Or Just go here http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php/topic/56697-g14-review-and-discussion-thread/ for the discussion thread. 

Read, Review, and Enjoy.


The man tied to the chair, he kept telling himself, was not a man at all. Reddish blond hair, blue-grey eyes, and the ravishing good looks that his kind were known for. Tied and beaten, the man hardly looked the part of the victim as eyes roved over the room and settled on him once more.

Which sent a tingle of fear up his spine. He lowered his eyes to the keyboard and continued entering as much information as he could. On where everyone was standing, what was being said, how everyone was taking in the questions. No one else in the room noticed him, they wouldn't even recall that he existed unless the videos failed. He was simply a fail safe, a back up in case everything else broke. Like so many fail safes he wasn't ever noticed but he was everywhere.

No one ever noticed him, especially not those being questioned.

“Let me ask again. What is your role in the underground?” the state official, whose only job was to question the detainee, “who is the leader of the underground, we know there's a lead alpha in the city, who is hi?”

“Paul,” came the sure, smart assed response.

He peered up and met those cold, cold eyes. The fear turned to something different, something more that roiled in his stomach. He had been by, around, and right beside alphas before, but none of them had ever noticed him. In turn he had barely noticed them, but then, no one ever made eye contact with him. Not the alphas, not the other agents, not his family members.

“Paul was broken seven years ago,” the state official responded, “by Abraham, who then ascended to become the lead alpha of the western nations.”

“Continent.” the alpha purred out, rolling his head towards the state official in annoyance.

“What was that?” the state official leaned forward.

His own fingers flew across the keyboard, tapping out everything he saw, the small twitches in the alpha's fingers, the way the chair rocked because they hadn't had the time to bolt it to the floor. Most often capturing an alpha had to be carefully planned, thyre history was reviewed, thyre associations and properties were scoured for information. Alphas were not always smarter than the average person but many of thyme were. Thy were not always stronger than the average person but had been raised to fight from the moment thy began walking.

Plainly put, even the stupidest alpha was a danger.

“Abraham is the leader of all alphas on this continent,” the alpha said in a bored fashion, tired of having to repeat and explain himself.

“Do you know the leader of another continent?”

“The southern continent is led by a young man named Migel.”

There was a flurry of activity in the room as the fact checkers attempted to link the name to anything, anything at all. It was new information, something they hadn't had before. Alphas were cropping up on the southern continent, in the southern most nations where thy hadn't seemed to be able to thrive before and thy were led by an alpha.

The difference was not even subtle. When one alpha stepped up to dominate the others, to take on the role of leader, the petty squabbles died down, the in fighting nearly stopped entirely. Alphas began working together and there was a change in the people too, it was harder to control the alphas or enforce new laws.

“Don't tell me that's new information to you,” the alpha rumbled, “The government should at least know who the leaders are.”

“Why do you say it like that?”

“The... leaders...” the alpha said slowly, looking around the room as if hi were expecting someone to understand what he was saying, “there are more than two. There's Abraham and Paul and Migel and Hammond. Many others. Do I need to give you a list of alphas who might be gunning to kill you because you. I don't know. Took away thyre rights and removed thyre estates to do with as you pleased?”

“The law states-”

“Fuck the law!” the alpha stood suddenly, toe to toe to the state official, “the law states that I have no rights, that I am not a human being because I am a carrier of two distinct genetic markers, I was sold off to the highest bidder, confined against my will and broken for the pleasure of an alpha, made to look like thyme, to feel like thyme. And then what do you do? You declare those who have been helping you to be beneath you, to be less than human because men like men and women like women and that's too much for your small, pathetic fucking minds to wrap around.”

No one had moved, why had no one moved?

“Uhm,” came out of his mouth, causing everyone in the room to look towards him. Half of them seemed to look around him, but the alpha locked eyes with him, lips twitching upward.

The alpha jabbed a finger at him, “come.” hi commanded.

No. Nope, no. He would not.

His fingers clenched into his hands, digging into the palms of his hands as he fought the urge that was instinctual. This was why they were less than human, those who carried the G14 genetic marker. They could be ordered, they could be controlled with the right tone, the right words.

Sometimes he won, but sometimes it just hurt too much.

The door to the room opened and closed, someone new stepped into the room. As one everyone turned towards the new entrant, a general of third rank who likely was coming to investigate how an alpha had been caught.

“What in the hell is going on in here?”

And the spell over everyone broke. It was too late, however, as the alpha moved faster than any of them, snatching up the chair and breaking it over the head and shoulders of the state official that had been questioning hime. The fight that ensued was short and lethal. Four men ended up dead, more crippled and the alpha cornered by others with guns pointing at hime.

Alphas didn't surrender at the sight of guns.

The corner the alpha was stuck in was right by his desk. The alpha even had the audacity to grin and wink at him as if this was some sort of joke.

“I said come,” the alpha said out the side of hes mouth to him.

“I'm not like that.”

“Suuuure,” the grin got larger, “but I'd still like to bring you home. When I give you an order, you follow it.”

“You're an alpha, I'm a commoner.”

The alpha's hand darted out and dragged him out of his chair, holding him close, as a shield. Lovingly, like an old friend, the alpha sighed out quietly, “wrong on both counts, I'm afraid.”

“Wh- bu-”

“Questions later. Do as I say now or you'll be seriously injured,” the alpha hissed, barely above a whisper, “do whatever you people are supposed to do when you're used as a human shield.”

“I never received any training,” he protested, “I'm just the historian person!”

“Everybody receives training.”

“Not me!”

“Huh, well then,” the alpha cleared hes throat, “new plan.”

He was shoved into the middle of the room, tumbling into the guns that were pointed at the alpha. It was a blur as he fell forward and ended up on the floor as others thumped down around him. He barely realized he was down when he was yanked back up by the alpha and put onto his feet, barely.


“I am-”

“I don't care,” the fingers that had been steadying him dug into his arm and dragged him along, “I'm taking you home with me.”

“I'm a common person, nothing to do with your petty squabbles with the government!”

The alpha stopped suddenly, just short of the door and looked at him, considering carefully. Thrusting him face first against the door the alpha yanked down his pants to expose his buttocks, which made him regret not wearing a damned belt like protocol dictated, and gave him a hard slap before yanking the pants back up.

“Lie again and I'll whack you with my belt instead of my hand,” the alpha snapped before hi proceeded to drag him out of the room.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked.

“Home.” insisted the alpha, stopping in the hallway to look this way and that. Confusion played over hes features, “why is this hallway empty?”

“The general was third rank, they clear the halls before him just in case. Only necessary personnel are allowed in the building when he's here,” he managed to get out as he was yanked down the hall.

“Good, fewer people in my way. Come on. This way, and this way.”

“The front doors are-”

“We're not going out the front,” the alpha snapped, “the front is for morons and suicidal bleeders or whatever thy're called. Smart people go out the back because everyone expects you to go out the front, therefore the back,” hi opened a door and pulled his captive outside, “is a good deal less guarded. There's a car, I'll hotwire it and we'll get on our way.”

“You'll what?” he snapped.

Because that was his car the alpha was pointing at.

“Hotwire it, isn't that what it's called? Stealing?” He fumbled in his pocket and the alpha sighed, dropping him to the asphalt, “now is not the time to get squeamish, I've made up my mind and you had best just follow along with me.”

“Keys?” he wheezed out, holding them up to the alpha.

“That's your car? Since when do they allow G14's to have a license?”

“They don't.”

“But you're a G14 and dear god I hope an R66,” the alpha growled, snatching the keys from his hand, “get up. Why do you have a license? What if you broke while driving? Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be behind the wheel of a car? Especially at your age, just out of school, just into work, there's so much new and unscheduled about you, you need to have something steady or you'll snap like a twig, especially in a job like this.”

Following the strange man with his keys, he felt he had the right to protest, “you're one to talk, alphas are the number one killer amongst the ranks of people. It goes alphas, drunks, homicidal maniacs!”

“I'm not an alpha!” there was a slight shift and for a moment the alpha was gone, replaced by a frustrated man. Unlocking the car, the alpha glowered back at him suddenly, “get in the car.”

He got in, but only for the sake of getting his keys back on the other end of this ride. He didn't have insurance because insurance required a third party genetic test and he knew that he wouldn't pass the testing. Which meant that if the alpha ran off with his car he would have to replace the vehicle himself and he couldn't afford to do that.

“We'll drive there and then you give me back the keys and I go home, alright?” he asked the alpha.

“If I was an alpha you wouldn't be bartering with me,” the other snarled, slamming the keys into the ignition. The car sputtered to life, “we're going home and that's that. You shouldn't be driving.”

“You shouldn't be driving,” he snapped back, “do you have a license?”

“Licenses are purely a government money grab, they don't prove a person is capable of actually driving.” was the snarled response, “I've had a good deal of practice. What kind of idiot drives? No G14 drives, none, except the alphas. Those who have already been broken sometimes learn how to drive but with great difficulty. No insurance company will even insure-” there was a pause as the other looked over at him. He glared back, “you don't have insurance, do you? How have you not been arrested?”

“The colour of the car is only pulled over one out of one hundred cars pulled over, the make and model is unattractive and goes so unnoticed that the used car salesman I bought it from didn't even realize he had it on the lot,” he explained as the car pulled into a drive of an estate.

Once, the nation had been speckled with just such estates, all over. They had been inhabited by alphas, each and every one of them, one or two alphas in each. Usually a father and a son. Seven years previous the alphas had fallen out of favour with the government due to a bit of legislation that was being brought around so that the alphas would be supplied with husbandwives. There had been much concern about young men being 'kidnapped,' taken from their homes and indoctrinated. To control this the government voted in a law that stated that those who carried both the R66, the genetic marker for homosexuality, and the G14, an unnamed genetic marker that all husbandwives of the alphas had carried, could not hold rights.

The point, the government had argued then and all the years throughout, was that those who carried the G14 genetic marker could, and did, break. Sometimes at strange times and sometimes violently. Almost eight years ago to the day there had been a protest against the law and those involved had broken and become violent, attacking both supporters and police present.

“Wait,” he said as they passed the fencing, the working electronic gate and the sign from the government, declaring this the house of a legitimate alpha, “wait, this is an alpha's house, this is an estate.” In his mind he struggled for the alphas who were legitimate in the eyes of the government, there was only one name that he knew for certain remained after the great migration.

“Yes, this is home.”

“But you aren't-”


“But this is.”


“But. No. I can't have any involvement with alphas, especially not legitimate alphas. Especially, most especially, not hime of all of thyme,” he protested.

The other stopped the car at the front doors, pulled out the keys and held them up pointedly before stuffing them into a pocket. His mouth fell open as he watched the other climb out of the car and practically skip up the few steps to the front door.

“Asshole,” he said to himself, then opened the passenger door and followed.

Through the entrance and up a flight of stairs, to the one side and then he got lost through the place. He wasn't certain he'd be able to find his way back out once he had his keys. Finally the other stopped outside a closed door, hesitating just long enough to glance back at him, as if wondering if this were the right thing to do. Then the door was opened and they were stepping inside.

“Blane!” the one who had kidnapped him rushed towards a taller, handsomer man standing in a white lab coat, a clipboard in hand.

“Alex...” was the curious answer as arms lifted almost out of habit. The one named Alex slammed into Blane but hardly swayed the taller man. The one named Blane frowned at Alex and then peered him, curious, “who's this?”

“I don't know,” Alex said dismissively, “you know how I get when you tell me to act like an alpha. He was sparkly so I brought him home with me.”

“Does he have a name.”

“Blane,” Alex snapped, head rising to glare at him, standing off by the door and just wanting his keys, “me.”


“They beat me and swore at me and called me things and kept asking the same thing over and over and over and then when I did speak they didn't hear me and I had to repeat myself,” Alex's strong voice changed, fractured to a weary weakness.

“Yeah. You're sleeping with Jaime tonight,” Blane sighed out, “he's had years of practice handling this sort of thing and that will give you enough time to heal up before morning.”


“Alex, you've got broken ribs, I can hear them grinding. Sit.” Blane motioned to a stool and walked towards a cupboard. From within Blane withdrew a vial and administered a dose to Alex, which made the smaller man whimper, “tomorrow, when you've healed, come back and see me. I'll be off my tangent and can focus the attention on you that you deserve. Alright?”

Alex nodded, wiping tears from his eyes.

“Go on, straight to Jaime.”

Blane watched as Alex rushed out the door.

His keys still in Alex's pocket.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

“Fuck indeed,” Blane purred out, focused on him, “what have you gotten yourself into?”


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