The Psychic

BY : SerafintheGreat
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, situations, or locations are coincidental.

In two days time, he’s in full health, and so am I. In that time, we’ve taken to acting like a normal couple, and by normal couple, I mean we never speak. I just go wherever he wants me to go and do whatever he wants me to do.  Mostly, I feel like a stuffed animal. I’m just there to be held, not so much engaged. He hasn’t even tried to fuck me, which makes me believe he’s trying to pull some shit where he gets me super comfortable and then goes in for that kill.

Most people would accuse me of being an over thinker back in the day, but I think my level of thinking in terms of what he’s thinking is correct. He’s a schemer, this is a plan, and I’m going to watch myself.

He told me the men will come back soon, but he didn’t warn me in any sort of vicious way like the last time. Now that he’s returned to health, I’m not sure what that means in terms of our “relationship” when the men return.

I’m deeply ashamed to admit it, but it seems like we have a quiet comfort with one another. Like, he understands I’m in pain, and he feels for me, so he’s trying his best to make things comfortable for me. It isn’t his fault that I’m here. It’s the Doc’s fault I’m here. It’s thanks to the Psychic that I’m still alive.

No, I’m not stupid. I need to say these things to myself to accept what is happening.

The men come back and things return to their strange normal. I repel them like the bum car on a subway. While I don’t think I smell bad, the Doc manages to wrinkle his nose at me anytime he has to be in the same room as me.

Yet, while the Doc puts on this show, he manages to catch me while doing laundry, and linger in the doorway staring at me, waiting for me to acknowledge him.

“Do you want something?” I ask him.

“Enjoy your week?” He asks me, his eyebrows wiggling.

I ignore him.

“You know, I saw your parents on the news,” he presses.

I get very quiet, pretending this isn’t effecting me.

“They miss you. They’re holding out hope that you’re still alive. For no reason, really, because I have a hard time imagining that you’d stay alive for much longer. Maybe I’ll send them a message that you’re dead already.”

I ignore him still.

“You shouldn’t ignore me.” He starts twirling hid scalpel in his hand, “You’re a clever, clever girl. You’re playing a very clever game. Try to stay alive for long enough so that he gets killed or gets really stupid. He might fall for your pussy, but I won’t. Classic. Selling your body for your life.”

Finally, I go to attack him, but he manages to grab me and slam me against the wall. He looks really self-satisfied, until I let out a blood-curdling scream.

He lets go, looking at me, shocked. The Psychic enters the laundry room and looks right at Doc and catches the Doc standing close.

“What’s going on here?” the Psychic asks.

The Doc looks at me, dumbfounded, then at him. The Doc is waiting for my next move, but instead I’m silent, unsure of what to do myself. Then, I can feel the Psychics eyes on me, but I don’t want to engage him.

“Margot, look at me.” I slowly look up at him, and his eyes are burning. I feel the familiar burning, but it quickly goes away when the Psychic looks at Doc and reaches into his pocket. He finds the scalpel. He jams the scalpel into the Doc’s thigh and uses it to push the Doc against the wall.

“You are not to look at her, speak to her, or touch her. The only way you communicate with her is through a grocery list. That’s it. If I see you two alone again,” he twists the scalpel, “I will get rid of you.”

The Psychic leaves the scalpel in Doc’s thigh and leaves the room. The Doc rips the scalpel from his thigh, and puts pressure on his leg as the blood oozes. He limps away.

That night, I sit with the Psychic as he eats dinner. I hate the Doc with a burning passion, but I can't say the events of prior did not distrub me.

“Why aren’t you eating?” He asks, breaking the silence.

“Because I never eat when you’re eating when things are normal.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know. I assumed you didn’t want me to, that it would be disrespectful or something. I don’t know. That’s just the way it’s been.”

“You eat with me now. That’s an order.”

I nod, "okay"

“Well?” He presses.

“I only made enough food for you.”

He looks at his filet. Then, he pushes it toward me and slams his silverware onto the table near me, “Finish it.”

“I’m okay, I made it for you.” I push it back toward him.

“Why do you refuse to share a meal with me?” He asks, the anger seeping into his voice. I now realize how lightly I must tread.

“I don’t. I just thought you didn’t want me to. Like, I was too far beneath you to ever do something like that. I’m the help, you know?”

“You’re hungry. You’re always hungry. I don’t understand why you’re always hungry. Then, I see you eat. You eat like you aren’t sure when your next meal is coming. It’s unhealthy. Always eat when I eat.”

I nod, and I take a bite of his steak. He sits back in his chair, and I can see his leg shaking impatiently. His arms fold across his chest, and he watches me with his burning eyes, breathing very carefully.

He hasn’t left me much, luckily, so I’m done quickly.

“Clean the dishes then come upstairs, immediately.”

He leaves, and I shoot up and wash the dishes as quickly as possible. I go upstairs, and I wait in my room. 

I sit on my old bed, trying to keep myself calm, not quite understanding this situation. I hear a pounding on the door. I almost fall off the bed it’s so loud.

“Margot! Are you in here?” he asks from the other side of the door.

“Yes,” I go to the door, and as I’m opening it, it flies open. I fall back into the room landing hard on my back. He straddles me, pulling me up by the collar of my dress.

“Why are you in here?” He growls at me.

“You told me to come upstairs.”

“You don’t sleep in here anymore. Ever. Tomorrow, you are going to move all of your belongings into my room and you are going to stay there with me, or without me, every night from now on. You understand?”

I nod.

He gets up and pulls me with him to his room down the hallway. He stops and punches in the number combination. He pushes me in.

I barely maintain my balance in the room when I hear the door slam. Then, I feel him behind me, unzipping my dress.

“No!” I push him off of me.

He grabs onto me, and I fight him, scratching at anything I can reach until he’s pushed me back on the bed. I struggle as he pushes me entirely onto the bed and straddles me.

He holds my wrists in one of his hands and grabs my face with the other. I kick my legs and try to buck my hips, but it’s like he can anticipate each and every move.

“You can’t make me have sex with you!” I scream at him.

“Silence!” he screams, and he looks into my eyes and everything stops.

Something happens and this time, I cannot look away. I try, but I can’t. I’m locked.

“You have to calm down. You’re very calm, you’re very tired, very sleepy…” Then I feel the sleepiness overwhelm me, just as he said. He continues, “You’re getting very tired, very sleepy…”

Then I realize what’s been happening this whole time.

He’s a hypnotist.

A powerful, powerful hypnotist. And I can’t believe it as I realize it, but it’s happening to me right now. I cannot look away. I feel the tension in my body slip away, but I’m resolved. I don’t want to succumb to this.

But I can’t look away.

“Stop struggling, just go to sleep. Relax…” He continues, and I feel my eyelids flickering, barely able to keep them open any longer. It’s either sleep or his eyes, and then I decide to release myself from his spell. I close my eyes softly and pretend to sleep.

I feel him stroke my face, “good girl.”

My entire body feels warm. He didn’t make me sleep, but his words must have already had their effect on me. As I lie still, I feel his hands stroking my entire body.

“You see, sweetheart, there’s no need to fight me. This is nice. I want to be nice to you, and I want to do very nice things to you.”

He talks to me now like I’m an insolent child. I feel his lips on my neck. He moans between each kiss.

“Oh, sweetheart, you drive me crazy. I didn’t want to do that, but if I have to, I will. You look so peaceful and lovely when you’re asleep like this. So simple.”

He rolls off of me and lies to my side, draping one arm around me still.

“We shouldn’t hide things of such beauty.”

I feel his hands on the top buttons of my dress. One by one, he exposes me.

Then, I decide my sleeping body could be acting outside of itself so I “sleepily” push his hands away.

“Oh, darling, darling, relax, shhh, relax. I’m not going to hurt you. I want to make you feel nice while you sleep. Relax, in fact, open your eyes.”

I hesitate.

“Come on, open your eyes, let me look at you again.”

No other choice, I open my eyes slowly and look at his.

I feel an overwhelming sense of relaxation. I make my eyes roll back, and I pretend to fall back asleep.

“That’s a good girl, I don’t want any fighting from you. Not tonight, not any night. I won’t use my power every night if you’re a good girl. Good girls get rewarded.”

I feel his hand snaking up my thigh, and it stops on my vagina. He starts to rub sensuously in that area. I bite my lip, and I moan with his touch, which in conjunction with the state he’s put me in already, makes all of his touches feel heightened, even without the trance’s full effect. That, and he already knows everything about how I work down there, now I realize why.

I’m not allowed to resist him now. To reveal myself would expose me to an entirely different kind of wrath. Instead, I must take it.

He rubs that area with one hand and sucks on my exposed nipples at the same time. Soon, it’s all too much, and I feel the build up. I don’t want it to happen.

“Come on sweetie, let go, I’m going to take good care of you. Just let go.”

His words have their effect, and it overpowers me. I cum on his hand.

After I ride it out, I lie there, vulnerable, waiting his next move.

I don’t want him to have sex with me. I don’t want to think he’d have sex with me while I’m sleeping, like this. I know he doesn’t want to think of himself as a rapist, but having sex with me while I sleep would make him one definitively.

He moves away from me, and I listen for any signs or signals that he’s stripping or getting the condom ready, “Darling, Margot, I want you to take your dress off very carefully.”

That’s a command. I have to do it or else. I rise slowly keeping my eyes closed. I unbutton the dress and I lift it off my body throwing it to the side. I sit there, still “asleep,” waiting for his next command. I feel his hands on my body, “let me help you with these.”

He arm is around my back, and I let him support me as he rolls my stockings of my legs and removes my garter. He hugs me close to his body and unsnaps my bra. He removes it from my body and holds me upright, looking at what must now be exposed to him.

He lays my body onto the bed. Then, he gets up from the bed, and I can hear him taking his own clothing off. I try to keep myself calm because I know he can sense my energy. I can’t give anything away. I’m even afraid to think for fear of him reading that too.

He lies down next to him. He wraps one arm around my shoulders and lies on his side next to my body.

He’s naked.

I can feel his erection next against my hip. He wraps his hand around his penis and starts jerking off. He rests his dick against the side of my stomach and rubs the top of it. His chest expands against the side of my body, and finally he tenses and I can feel his semen shoot onto my stomach. When the seed is all spilled, his lies down next to me, breathing heavily into my ear.

He kisses me on the temple and rises. I feel a blanket cover my body, the semen still on my stomach. He goes under the blanket and cuddles up against me again.

“I know you weren’t awake to experience that, but you will feel wonderful about it in the morning, and you will welcome my touch. Good night, darling."

I feel him kiss my lips, very gently, and then the lights go off.


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