The Psychic

BY : SerafintheGreat
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, situations, or locations are coincidental.

The next morning I wake up at 6am, as per my usual time. I have to chose between my latex outfit or my old Beer Garden shirt, and I chose the latter. I go downstairs to the kitchen, and I see the Psychic is sitting there already with a cup of coffee he brewed himself. Averting eye contact, I open my mouth to make an apology, when he holds up his hand, stopping me, as if knowing.

"I don't need breakfast this morning. You can go back to sleep, but wake up and meet me in my study at 11."

I nod, and I leave the kitchen nervously. What could he want with me at that time in his study, where I've never been? I can't imagine that he'd want to have a conversation with me about what had happened last night. Regardless, I set my alarm and I welcome the sleep.

I wake up in time, and I go downstairs to the Psychic's study. I stand outside the door mustering up the courage to knock. When I finally brace myself to knock, the door opens before I can knock, and the Psychic stands on the other side. He opens the door and extends his arm, indicating for me to enter. I enter nervously and jump back when I see a masked man seated in an armchair in the corner of the room.

I jump even more when I feel the Psychic's hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry. I brought him here. This is my tailor. He's going to measure you and fix you up with a more presentable wardrobe." 

I look at the man, whose eyes I can barely see behind the white Halloween store mask. He approaches me with a tape measure.

He avoids eye contact with me as I'm measure, and I do the same to him. The Psychic now sits in the armchair and watches as everything happens. We exchange no words unless he's asking me to lift my arms or turn around, which he more or less indicates without speaking.  As I'm measured, I wonder who he is, and how much he is getting paid to make this worth it. I also wonder how horrible he feels for me right now. 

The tailor finishes, and the Psychic unceremoniously tells me I can go away.

The next day, I already have a few new essentials: a few dresses, some shirts, leggings. I can almost cry when I see them spread out in the dining room. 

As the days go by, I'm presented with more and more clothing items: more dresses, shirts, sweaters, coats, shoes, stockings, undergarments. I can see the custom made stuff mixed in with the store bought. As I finger through everything, I can see the cut of each dress is an old fashioned Betty Draper type dress. The fabric feels very sturdy, and I can't believe I now have all of these beautiful things.

The clothing accumulates over the week, and as it does, I feel myself approaching some type of humanity again. The Doc has left me alone, mostly, and I figure it's a result of the Psychic, and the men flat-out ignore me. 

I look at myself in the mirror wearing a slip that’s been added to my wardrobe. My skin looks grey, likely because I haven't seen the sun in days. I'm not allowed outside. The only sun I can sneak is when I open my window and feel it on my face. I put on one of my new dresses. This one has a full plaid skirt attached to mauve blouse, an obvious ode to the changing seasons. I look in the mirror again, and I see the faintest hint of a smile as I admire my gorgeous custom-made clothing.

I leave my room with a new bounce in my step and go downstairs. As I go to the kitchen, a goon rounds the corner. He stops when he sees me, and I’m caught in his eyes. He looks me over, and I suddenly feel so insignificant when I see his eyes are filled with rage and disgust.


I settle into a normal there. I get up, make him breakfast, which is probably his dinner, and I make his dinner, which is actually his breakfast. Aside from that, he’s out all hours of the night doing whatever it is he does. Doc and him would talk shop, and I would try my best not to listen. It was rarely spoken about in front of me anyway.

After I prepare his food and do the dishes, he leaves as per usual without saying 'thank you' or acknowledging me. I get it. We aren't friends. I decide to spend the evening taking a long shower. I go to the bathroom in my towel. I assume someone is in the house, but no one has spoken to me for at least two weeks, giving me some sense of security. 

The shower feels heavenly, and the bathroom has improved considerably since my tenure started there. That’s because I’ve cleaned it. I turn the shower off, and I grab a towel and dry off. There’s nothing I can do with my hair, but let it air dry. I do my nightly ritual, and when I open the door to leave, there's a man standing on the other side. 

He’s skinny, missing a tooth, and has clearly been waiting for me.

I back away from him, gripping my towel tightly.

“Hi,” he says to me, and he sniffs loudly.

“Hello,” I respond, carefully.

He stands there, a wild look in his eyes and a strange smile, revealing even more missing and rotting teeth.

“Can I help you with something?” I ask.

He laughs to himself, for too loud, a very wild look in his eyes. I don't think I've ever seen this one before, but I've never really looked too closely at any of them. I can see his ribcage protrude, even when it's covered by a t-shirt. His skin sags all over his skull, and he has blemishes all over his face. He sniffs loudly and licks his lips.

“May I leave?” I ask, again, very carefully.

“Can I see your booby?”

“No, you can’t,” I respond.

“I bet they’re nice. Are you a dancer?”

“Yes, I was."

“My sister was a dancer. Till I killed her.”


He laughs again to himself. I figure this one isn't a joke. I realize he doesn’t operate on any logic I understand.  He approaches, walking me into the bathroom, and I decide to stand my ground, puffing my chest at him. My heart beats wildly in my chest. 

“You aren’t scared of me?” He asks, narrowing his eyes, “You should be.” He grabs my neck, squeezing as hard as possible. I kick him hard in the balls, and it’s very hard. He loosens his grip, and it’s enough for me to kick him again and render him useless. I run out of the bathroom straight into the arms of a fatter goon.

“Where you think you’re going?” The goon asks. I flail, but this one hugs me close to his body. He puts me in a choke hold from behind and presses me against his fat stomach. Skinny approaches from the bathroom, sniffing broadly, now the devil in his eyes.

“She kicked me in the nuts. That really, really hurt. Say, I don't know why the Doc calls you ugly all the time. You aren't bad.” 

He leans in and kisses me. I have nowhere to go except into the kiss. I keep my lips closed, vice-like.

“Where should we do it?” The fat one asks, still keeping me in the choke hold.

“Her room,” Skinny responds. They drag me into my room. I flail as best as I can, to make it as difficult as possible for all of them, but I’m easily overpowered by the duo.

They stop me in front of my room and open the door. My eyes widen is horror as I see there are two other men waiting for me. I’m thrown onto the bed by the fat one, when Skinny comes in wielding a pocket knife.

“No, do it on the floor. Much easier to clean blood and shit off of that.”

The bigger guy shrugs and throws me onto the floor. Instantly, one man mounts me, pinning me to the floor.  I still flail,wildly. I might as well try till the very end. In the struggle, my towel falls open revealing all of me to the men.

Skinny looks down at my naked body, "Well, thanks for making it easy."

One man holds onto my arms, while the other two each take a leg, spreading me wide open. Skinny stands over me and points the switchblade at me. Skinny looks at me, tilting his head, and he laughs. 

“Such a big struggle for such a stupid slut.” Then he punches me in the face. The shock of it all stops me from struggling any longer. 

Skinny stands over me, proud of his accomplishment. He unbuckles his pants and unzips, revealing his boxers. I realize now struggling is futile. As he’s about to reveal himself, I look away.

“What? Don’t wanna watch?” Skinny grabs my face. He straddles me and taps my face with his now revealed dick.

“Make her suck it!” the man holding my arms screams out.

“Nah, I don’t want her to bite it off," Skinny responds.

“She won’t if you threaten to kill her.”

“She knows she’s gonna die. She has nothing to lose. Not gonna risk it.”

"Please," I manage one more time, "you'll be in trouble with him if you kill me," even as I say it, I don't believe it. Clearly by the look on his face, neither does Skinny.

"Ahh, no honey, we're just going to throw you out the window and make it look like you killed yourself. Then Doc will bring us another slut, and we'll do the same thing to her."

Skinny adjusts his body and brings his face close to mine. He kisses me deeply on the mouth. When I try to move away, he grabs my head and forces me to take the kiss. He stops and spits in my face. Then, he searches for my entrance with his cock.

“Found it.” He smiles, and he penetrates me.

I scream out in pain.

He thrusts wildly, laughing, forcing my legs apart with his body. I don't want to accept it, but the struggle against it is so painful.

“Gee, you sure are tight, little one. Maybe you aren’t such a slut after all. Or maybe the Physic’s dick isn’t that big.”

Suddenly, Skinny stops. He looks over his shoulder.

“God Damnnit, you’re supposed to be keeping watch.”

I manage a glance over Skinny’s shoulder. A fifth man stands in the room, dick out, jerking himself off.

“What? No one’s coming,” the man answers.

Skinny shrugs his shoulders and resumes what he was doing.

Then, it happens; I start to cry. The tears stream down my face endlessly. If these are my final moments on earth, I do not want to experience it, but my brain is preventing me from blacking out.  

“Put her on all fours," one of them commands.

The men push me onto all fours. Skinny stands in front of me. One man slaps me across the ass, and Skinny slaps me in the face with his dick over and over again.

Suddenly, I scream out in pain and collapse onto the ground, but am pulled back up to all fours by my hair. I realize now I’m being fucked up the ass by one of the men behind me, as Skinny jerks himself off in front of me.

The man behind attacks me mercilessly, as I feel the warm fluids of another man release onto my back.

Now my senses are finally overwhelmed. I feel myself slowly fading, when suddenly everything pulls away from me, and I collapse onto the floor.

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