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A/N: I needed to do this. After years of trying to craft tough, atmospheric stories, I was getting discouraged. This is my escape: depraved, violent, and most importantly, fun. I hope you enjoy it too.


A Dirty Job

Warning: Orgy: anal, oral, violence, death during intercourse, drug use, implied rimming, Oh and crude language!

There were screamers that night. I could hear them over the floor-quaking dubstep. Moans filled the pauses in the bass, and under the shuddering strobe light, a throng of naked bodies writhed and bucked in a drug-fuelled frenzy.

I stood in the doorway. Each breath came more shallow than the last. I was already beginning to sweat and no one had even touched me yet. Man, I wanted to just dive right in and get every orifice stuffed with cocks, fists and god-knows-what-else they had thrusting around in there.

Fingers gripped my leather-clad ass. A wanton gasp escaped my throat before I could stop it. I looked back to see the bouncer inspecting me.

Unlike the small guys with white t-shirts and clipboards outside, this guy was big. All the bouncers inside were. They wore glossy harnesses that were so tight, the fat on their massive bodies bulged between the straps. Their shorts were tighter. I could distinctly see the butchered bits of meat they carried between their legs.

Full castrations. And whoever did it, did a messy job.

My eyes narrowed impatiently at him. “What are we waiting for? Let me in.”

The bouncer dipped his head down to my ear so he wouldn’t have to shout. “You think it’s a coincidence there’s no trolls in there?” His fingers ran around my side and began to slowly unzip my leather vest. “You haven’t been approved yet. Smile for the camera.”

I followed his pointed gaze up to the ceiling. A red pinpoint of light stared back at me.

“Most guys blow a kiss or strike a pose,” The bouncer suggested. “Might move this process along.

A half smirk twitched onto my lips. I rolled my eyes and turned to face him. Did they scoop out his brain as well as his prick? As if I had convincing to do. “The dumbass behind the camera should be begging me.”

Bouncer man snorted. “Great. Like we ain’t got enough narcissistic little bitches alrea-” He paused. His hand lifted to his ear to press something. He listened for a long moment, and then sobered and cleared his throat. “Okay. Only two rules. No clothes allowed and you can’t leave that room ‘till the sun comes up.”

He uncapped a bottle and filled a small shot glass. The shimmering fluid flashed blue under the stark white strobe.

I lifted it to my nose and sniffed. Smelled sweetly of chemicals, like a mix of maple and nail polish. “What is it?”

“Just a little something to keep you going. No one likes it when the twinks go soft halfway through the night.”

I bristled at the word. I was no mindless, cum-guzzling twink, but the last thing I cared to do was argue. I had to get across that damned threshold.

I downed the drink in one gulp. It flooded my mouth with a icy bitterness so opposed to its scent, I choked.

The bouncer chuckled. His brazen hands pulled the vest off my shoulders as I struggled to recover my breath. There was nothing slow and teasing about it now. He unceremoniously yanked my belt from its loops, then pushed my leather pants and thong down to my ankles.

“Birds,” he muttered. “I fucking hate birds.”

I rubbed my burning throat. He was busy eyeing my bird tattoos with a disdainful grimace, so I set the shot glass on his little table and headed in.

I strolled through the room real slow to take in the scenery. A few scattered couples were away from the heart of the party, happily moaning and humping like little vanilla dogs. The whole damn room, though, was a shameless sea of bulging, violent testosterone; a lot of ripped, manscaped bodies with the rare appearance of a slim, hairless pretty boy or two lost in the fray.

As I neared the action, my fingers slipped into my black tresses and withdrew the four-inch pin knife I had clipped behind my ear. There was only one place I could keep it undetected in a party like that: I enclosed it in my fist.

Fingers stroked my thigh. Someone’s hand brushed over my jaw and grasped the back of my neck. I was pulled into the tight space between three slick, grinding bodies. Breath tickled my shoulder and someone groaned loudly against my back.

A warmth spread deep in my belly. It ached with a gnawing hunger impossible to deny. Chills raced across my flesh, making my hair stand on end and goosebumps prickle over my arms.

Lips smashed against mine before I realised I was being kissed. A frenzied tongue invaded my mouth as three hands blindly explored my body. I panted through my nose and gripped the nearest piece of flesh with my empty hand. As the kiss broke, I saw the kisser thrusting into a young, mindlessly blissful face below as his hand dropped down to grip my swelling erection.

Insatiable greed surged through me. Fuck him. I needed more than his useless, sweaty palm. I needed something hot, wet and tight. I was just about to go for his ass when a hard weight slammed into my back. I gasped and fell against another, who welcomed my tumble by grabbing a fistful of my hair and forcing my head down.

I let out a growl as my knees hit the sticky floor. One cock thrust into my mouth, another slapped at my eye. I squeezed my eyes shut and grabbed at flesh, but it was all too damn oiled up. My hand just slipped off until someone grabbed it by the wrist and a hungry mouth sucked my fingers right in.

Two hands of different sizes tugged and pulled at my hair. I growled at the stinging pain that tore across my scalp. Ear-piercing screeches broke out next to me. I couldn’t see a damn thing, but I had no doubt by the way it kept cutting off, that they were enjoying a good fucking. Lucky bastards.

The cock abandoned my mouth and another took its place. It thrust in one sharp, deep stroke, hitting the back of my throat. I gagged against it, but it just thrust in again and the rough hands held my head firm. Tears stung my eyes. My throat burned. I choked and my stomach twisted. Someone above me moaned through a pause in the music and a splash of hot, thick cum hit my cheek in long, seemingly endless spurts.

I couldn’t stay on my knees forever. I was still on the edge of the crowd - I needed to get deeper. There was someone in there I had to find.

So I chomped down.

“Shit!” The body jerked. “Fucking biter!”

The mass tore out of my mouth and left me gasping on my hands and knees. A grin played across my face. I spat out a salty wad of blood to join the countless puddles of other bodily fluids on the textured tile floor, then staggered to my feet.

My knees shook. The room began to spin. I was an active guy - my legs were the strongest part of my body. Them feeling like gelatin was very fucking unnerving, but I had to keep going.

I scanned the faces in the flashing lights. They were mostly just blurs of O-shaped mouths and grimacing teeth. Just a sea of pulsing flesh. If I found the asshole I sought in this mess, it would be a goddamn miracle.

I wiped the cum from my cheek as I forced my way between a pair of rutting pretty boys. They started to grab at me, but when I kept going, they were more than happy to latch back together.

A pair of hair-covered hands grabbed me by the hips. I yelped as I was yanked back against another body. Heavy breath panted into my hair. The tip of someone’s oiled-up cock pressed between my cheeks with slow, increasing pressure until I felt the sting of it pushing inside. There wasn’t enough lube between us to make it go smooth, but my erection perked and my knees trembled as it filled me.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I pressed against him, but he shoved my back away and forced me to bend forward. I grasped at the closest human body. I growled as the guy began to thrust in frustratingly slow, gentle reps. Fucking vanilla bitch. He rocked back and forth like he was trying to lull me to sleep. I wanted to break away and find someone who could handle me, but it felt so fucking good to have someone inside that I couldn’t bear to stop him.

My heated glare darted over my shoulder. Just as I was looking away, the strobe light hit a shitty anchor tattoo that adorned a sweat-soaked collar bone. My eyes snapped up to the owner’s face and sure enough, it was the man I’d been looking for: the party’s gracious host.

My blood boiled at the sight. He wasn’t so goddamn impressive. He was just a weasel who took more than he deserved. I’d never met him before, but I knew one of his sins all too well. Not all his parties were these mass consensual orgies. Sometimes he liked to lure young straight men back to his place with promises of employment and ridiculous salaries, only to drug them up and spend the night passing them around to all his friends.

Like my eighteen-year-old brother.

I yanked away from Mr. Vanilla. He didn’t seem to notice; he quickly found someone else’s ass to lull to sleep.

Other hands began to grab at me, but I moved as briskly as I could through the slick, muscled bodies that separated me and the anchor tattoo.

He was in a tangle of twinks. Two demanding mouths fought for the honour of sucking him off and someone was behind him with their face buried in his ass. His eyes were glued to a little monitor mounted barely a foot above his head, where some new piece of eye candy was undressing for the bouncer.

I shoved the cock-sucking twinks out of my way. One of them shouted at me in a language I didn’t recognise, but like a good little spineless worm, he gave up his protest and found another pecker to gag himself on.

The host looked down in surprise, as if he’d never seen his own dick without a mouth on it before. Then he looked at me and smiled.

Hungry?” He mouthed.

Damn right I was.

I pressed my body up against his. My arms slid slowly over his shoulders. I rose up on my toes for barely a second before he got the hint. His hands slapped to the backs of my thighs and I jumped on him.

He stumbled backwards. There was a shout as a couple guys behind him scrambled out of the way. He fell back into a pile of big, over-sexed beefcakes. Our mouths mashed together. I forced his head still as I roughly explored his mint-flavoured teeth with my hot tongue. I felt his member slip into me and his fingers dig painfully into the meat of my backside. He was already beginning to thrust before he caught his balance.

His back and my knees hit the floor so hard, we grunted at the pain into each other’s mouths. The throng of sweating bodies enveloped us. Hands and dicks were everywhere. His length was so short it kept slipping out and slapping me, but he pushed back in hard and fast each time.

He easily buried in to the hilt. His body shuddered. He stayed in and held it. His fingers curled and his nails broke my skin, but I could barely feel it through the hot, numbing ball of bliss building between us. Another tip pressed against my backside. It felt bigger. I liked bigger. Any other day, I’d have left the host and jumped that bone instead, but not now. Not until I was done with him.

It was dark. The bodies were so crowded, the flashing of the strobe didn’t reach us. I felt the host twitch inside me and fill me with a burst of hot fluid that seeped out around him. As if that were an invitation, the bigger piece behind me forced its way in.

Pain shot through me. A scream tore from my throat as the invading mass pushed in deeper. The host howled happily under me and his fingernails scored my ass cheeks with eight long gashes.

A massive arm hooked around my shoulders and throat. Teeth bit down on my earlobe as the invader pushed in further and further, tearing me more by the second. I cried out again. My muscles clenched involuntarily against the pain, but that just made them both begin to thrust. I grasped the invader’s thick elbow and tried to pry it off, but it was too damned solid.

Their speed and intensity built. They went at it like they were competing. Like there was a fucking prize to be won. I screamed with every fresh burst of pain as the intruder slammed in over and over. My voice ran hoarse. I squirmed against the body behind me.

I couldn’t hear the music. Had it stopped? All I heard were their grunts, lustful chuckles and my own cracking screams as two cocks rammed mercilessly in.

“Fucking whore,” a deep, mildly accented voice growled into my hair. The arm released its lock, but before I could get away, the big guy shoved me down against the host and leaned on my shoulder blades with all his crushing weight. “Fucking cum dumpster piece of shit.” He slammed in full force, fast and violently, inciting sharp, trembling yelps I couldn’t hope to stifle.

The host grabbed a fistful of my hair. He stopped moving his hips, apparently conceding defeat and content to let the invader do all the work. He moaned into my mouth as he shoved in his tongue. I gasped against it. I sucked hard at it as if hurting him would take the pain away from me, but he just purred like he was enjoying every second of it.

My fingers loosened around my concealed blade. I ran a finger down his Sweat-soaked jaw, across his neck. His pulse drummed furiously under my touch. Just as our bodies began to momentarily slow, I chomped down on the fucker’s tongue, stabbed the blade in the side of his neck and pushed it in as far as I could.

Muscles all over his body contracted. He screamed against my mouth, but it was lost in the sex sounds around us. The host bucked and clawed at my hair and back. Thick blood flooded my mouth. His legs kicked. I felt a depraved purr against the back of my head as the intruder drilled into me.

I groaned through my nose and yanked the blade out. A spurt of hot blood soaked my hand. I blindly felt his neck again and thrust the blade in, tilted up through the front to make sure I got his windpipe if not his vocal cords. Didn’t want the bastard crying out for help.

I let go of his tongue and spat the blood out on the floor. I yanked out the blade and re-enclosed it in my fist. I gasped into the air as I tried to collect my thoughts through the ruthless pounding and the host’s nails digging into the back of my neck and scalp.

“More,” I croaked over my shoulder. A hot tongue dragged up my cheek to my eye. “I need more!”

The intruder’s violent assault paused. His hard frame shivered against me. He pushed in all the way, but real slow as if he wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or turned on. “... What?”

“I need some fucking air and a bigger fucking cock.”

Someone laughed. The host’s fighting hands weakened and I easily swatted them off. My broken flesh stung like a bitch, and my throbbing ass was in agony, but knowing that fucking asshole was dying beneath me added a new level of pleasure to the lust-numbed pain.

The intruder grabbed a fistful of my hair as he slid out. Our gracious host’s useless pecker came out with him. He roughly pulled me along as he climbed to his feet, making my already-sore scalp sting angrily. I hissed through my teeth and desperately grabbed at that dick's fist to pry his thick fingers open.

The crowd parted just enough to get out of his way. The strobe light broke in, and so did the music, but some symphonic shit had replaced the manic dubstep. No wonder I couldn’t hear it.

I got my first good look at my well-endowed intruder as he towered over me. His massive frame rippled with oiled muscles. He seemed to be getting a good look at me too because he had stopped what he was doing. His eyes shone. His free hand ran down my back and grabbed my mistreated rear. He hooked his fingers in and sent a spike of delicious pain through my body that made me gasp like a little bitch.

He let go of my hair to grab me under my jaw. He forced me closer and peered down at my face. I glared up into his flashing eyes. His head slowly dipped and I felt his inhale as a cool caress of air on my nose.

Then a freakishly long tongue stretched out of his mouth and dragged up my chin. I panted and mindlessly parted my lips for it, but he didn’t kiss me. Another finger slipped inside me and probed deeper. My knees trembled. I grasped his shoulder. He was holding my jaw too hard - if I collapsed, it was going to be damned painful.

“You’re bleeding,” he hissed, then licked my chin again.

I gulped. “You should see the other guy.”

A smirk pulled at the intruder’s lips. His hand left my jaw, slapped onto the other side of my ass and two more fingers pushed in. With a shallow growl, he shoved me against a pillar. I yelped and grabbed at his shoulders with both my free hand and my fist.

“Fuck!” He jerked.

His head snapped to the side to look at his shoulder. I looked too. We both saw it at the same time: my tightly closed fist and the short gash in his thick broad shoulder. From the side of my fist, a tiny point of metal glinted in the flashing light.

Our eyes locked and my stomach sank. "Shit..."

To be continued...

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