My Son's Baby

BY : Ramrod300
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Disclaimer: This story is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental

I'm sitting on the living room couch while you're laying on your stomach in front of me, watching some kid's movie on the TV. You're wearing threadbare pajama pants that are tight around your prominent little buns. My 6 inch cock is hard and wet under my own shorts with the glistening tip just barely peaking out under one of the legs.

I've been lusting for you for months and my balls are churning with fertile, baby-making cum eager to escape into your tight little anus. You've seen my erect cock hundreds of times when we bathed together, oblivious to the impure thoughts in your father's head. Tonight, I've decided that I can't take your teasing any more.

I take off my shorts, letting my cock spring freely. I quietly come up behind you and gently ease your pajama pants down, revealing the beautiful round buttocks you inherited from your mother. Despite your age, each is already the size of a melon. You remain silent, unaware of all the laws and taboos your father is breaking.

I line my cock up with your too-small butthole. You giggle and squirm a little at the funny wet feeling between your buttcheeks. I pause for a moment to enjoy your last moments of innocence before I turn your life into an incestuous hell.

I seize your hips and my rapist cock begins its long, painful journey up my toddler son's ass.

"No, Daddy! It hurts! NOOO!"

Your screams are music to my ears as I force my member into your tight virgin anus. I push until I feel my cock bottom out in your rectum. My precum and your anal grease are barely adequate lube and I can only manage the tiniest thrusts but the brutal pleasure of raping my own son's slutty ass is worth it.

"I'm raping you, baby," I grunt at you. "Daddy's raping is baby boy's ass."

Your ass feels so good that I barely last a minute. With one last moan, I release what feels like a gallon of cum into your ass. Millions of potential babies invade your rectum, searching for an egg.

My climax lasts almost as long as the rape that produced it. Finally, I collapse on top of you. I leave my softening cock in your ass, bathing in its own ejaculate.

I look down at your face and I see your pain, your confusion, and your questions. I put my hand on one of your your fleshy buttocks and knead it softly with my hand. "I just raped you," I explain. "Your ass is so big and round that Daddy just had to stick his dicky inside and squirt his cum into you."

"What's cum?"

"Cum is the stuff that Daddies squirt inside of Mommies to make babies."

Your eyes grow wide. "Does this mean I'm going to have a baby?"

My cock throbs in your ass at the thought of a four year old boy with a big 9-month baby bump. "Yes," I lie to you. "Yes you will."

It could never actually happen, of course, but the look of fear on your face is worth it.

Over the next few weeks, I rape you every night, sometimes two or three times a night. Your little asshole is as tight as every and shows no sign of getting used to my cock. Fine with me. Your screams and cries only throw gasoline on my incestuous lust.

As the months go by, I introduce you to every depraved sex act I can imagine. I lose count of how many of my loads you swallow or take up your ass. One thing I notice is your belly steadily growing bigger. At first, I assume that all the extra cum in your diet is making you fat. But your belly grows bigger and soon I feel kicking inside. There's no denying it. My four-year-old son is pregnant with my baby!

Noooo!” You let out a cry when I reveal what is happening to you. My lust goes into overdrive and I rape your ass harder and faster than ever before. My cock can feel the baby squirming in your ass-womb. At first I wonder if my thrusts might hurt or even kill the baby but it feels too good for me to stop. Finally I groan in pleasure and let a big load shoot into your pregnant ass. I count eight thick spurts of cum but when I pull out of your ass, none of it leaks out. I realize that our unborn rape-baby is eating all the cum I shoot inside your ass.

"I better be sure to rape you even more from now on," I say to you. "Our baby needs lots of cum to eat."

Around your seventh month of pregnancy, I notice your balls swelling and your dick leaking a white substance. You're too young to produce white cum so I taste it and realize that it's milk! You'll be feeding our baby by letting it suck your little dick!

Two months later, the big day arrives.

"DADDY!" You call for me.

I run into your room to find you doubled over in pain with the seat of your pajama pants completely soaked. You're clutching your baby belly.

"Daddy," you groan, "the baby's coming!"

You scream as another contraction hits and I nearly cum in my pants. The baby I raped into your ass has gotten too big for your womb and is forcing himself out. My baby will be the biggest thing you ever painfully pushed through your tight little ass.

I lay you down on your back with your legs up and knees bent. "Push," I said. "Hurry up and shit out my rape baby." You squirm and cry as the baby makes its way down your anus. Your penis is repeatedly cumming and squirting milk from the massive pressure in your loins.

I realize that this will be my last chance to fuck my pregnant little son. I want to prolong your labor and your pain so I grab your ankles to hold you in place and shove my cock up your laboring ass. Your pained screams are music to my ears and your labor contractions feel like heaven around my cock. I feel my cock ramming against my rape-baby's head as I fuck its mother. I grunt like an animal as I cum abundantly, soaking our baby in my jizz as it makes its way into the world.

After hours of painful labor, our son is born. I clean him up, cut the cord, and put him at your little dick to nurse.

I feel my cock harden as I watch you nurse our son. It's clear that you're getting off on this sick ritual as much as I am. But I also see a motherly affection in your eyes for the product of your brutal rape. This gives me an idea.

For several weeks, I stop raping you entirely. Slowly the spark of happiness returns to your face. I watch you gaze lovingly at the rape-baby nursing at your little cock. Sometimes I cuddle you as you nurse our child the way a loving father should. Perhaps the birth of our child has turned your daddy into the sweet, gentle, non-pedophilic man you once knew. I let you believe that. All the better for when I steal that last bit of hope away.

We're just a few weeks shy of your 5th birthday when I spring my trap. I bring our baby to you. You lower your pants and free your erect little cock, expecting to nurse. Instead, I pull off the baby's diaper and spread his asscheeks for you. "Rape him," I order you.

For a moment, you're horrified. "No, Daddy. Please."

I slap you across the face. "Rape your son."

"My cock is too big for his hole. It will hurt him."

I slap you again before releasing my much bigger cock. "Your cock is too big? If you don't rape this little bitch, then I will!"

"NO! I'll do it," you sob. You obediently line your cock up with our baby's asshole. "I'm sorry," you whisper before you stuff your cock up his ass just like I did to you all those months ago. Our baby screams and cries at his mother/brother's sudden betrayal and struggles feebly against you. You reluctantly begin thrusting in and out of his ass. Soon the pleasure builds up in your balls. Your thrusts grow in speed and enthusiasm. I see you shamefully begin to enjoy causing your baby boy pain. Soon your face scrunches up in pleasure and you release a thick mixture of sperm and milk into your baby's ass.

You carelessly collapse on top of our screaming baby as you catch your breath.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked. I know the answer but I want to hear you say it.

You lower your eyes in shame. "Yes."

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