Taking Lyncey

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Disclaimer: All characters are mine, original and created by me. Any resemblance to anyone currently or previously alive is purely my bad.

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Additional Disclaimer: Slavery, in all its forms is evil and cruel. No human being has the right to treat another human being like property. This is simply a fantasy… my fantasy. The author neither condones nor endorses any practices mentioned herein.


I rolled down my window, and took the paper cup, smiling at the way it was instantly warm in my hand, which was cold from the snowflake-saturated air.
“Have a good day sir,” the woman at the window said.
“Thanks,” I responded, “you to.”
I placed my coffee in my cup holder as I pulled through the drive-thru and pulled to the end of the parking lot exit. The pre-dawn, morning was eerily quiet and still. As I waited for the only other car on the road to pass me, before making a left turn, I closed my eyes just briefly. Her smiling face floated in my mind’s eye. Lyncey…her husband was a pastor at a church in town. I smiled again. Today, she would meet the devil and her god rolled into one! I drove through town to an abandoned warehouse I had bought a year ago. Ironically, it was a block from her husband’s church. After making the preparations including my video camera, I left and climbed into my utility van. All my tools and equipment were ready. Zip-ties duct tape, knives, rope, handcuffs and chains.

Twenty minutes later, I was sitting across the street watching the house. The car was running so he was nearly ready to leave for the office. I knew her mother was visiting so I had no problem taking Lyncey away from her kids. I couldn’t wait. Thinking of my plans for her made me hard. The front door opened. Her husband was stepping out the door as she came to kiss him goodbye. She was wearing jeans and a green T-shirt that didn’t quite reach her wonderful childbearing hips. Her husband backed out of the driveway and passed me on his way out. The tinted windows in the back hid me from view. I waited for a moment or two, just to make sure he was out of sight. I quickly backed up into the driveway. After taking another moment to get my breathing under control, I slipped out into the cold and made my way to the front door and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door opened.
“What’d you forget?’ she asked smiling as she opened the door. Before she could register, that it wasn’t her husband, I drove my left fist, into her face, following it up with my right. She collapsed backwards into the house, I followed, quickly closing the door behind me. I quickly bound her wrists behind her with a zip tie, securing her ankles the same way. I pulled two pieces off the duct tape roll and, with one, I gagged her, the other was wrapped around her head as a blindfold. I went back to my van and removed a big box on a dolly. Nobody would pay attention to a repairman moving a big box on a trolley to and from a utility van. Back in her house, I loaded her into the long box, wheeled her out, back to the van. I closed the van door, smiling at the attractive young woman walking her dog. She smiled back. Climbing into the driver’s seat, I started the engine and took off across the snow-laden city, back to my lair.

Chapter 1

There were more cars on the street as I made my way to the warehouse. She had awakened as I had pulled onto the main street, which their street ran off from. After trying to get out of the thick cardboard box, secured with duct tape, she had resigned to crying, albeit somewhat muffled behind her duct tape gag. Though there were still only a few cars, I was annoyed that so many of them seemed to forget how to drive in just 3 inches of snow. This is Canada after all. I had a remote and opened the bay door, quickly closing it behind us. I sat a moment, excited at the thought of what I was going to do to the woman in the back of my van. As I struggled to get my breathing under control, I turned my thought to the one thing I had overlooked. She would be free for several seconds, while my hands were occupied. While I’m average for a male, she’s taller than I am with long legs, she could outrun me and that would be problematic. I got out and went to the back of the van. I opened the back doors; grabbing the box at the end her feet were toward and pulled her out. The plan was to keep her disorientated then threaten her, knife-to-throat. Still, it was a calculated risk. I dragged her upside down, till I got her into position. I dropped it, quickly slicing the box open and bending over. She was still blindfolded. I made sure she could feel the knife but was careful not to mar her lovely skin.
“I’ve put a lot of time in planning this, but, if you make trouble for me, I’ve no compunction against killing you,” I said. Then, grabbing her hair, I hoisted her up, and out of her box. “Let’s go,” I barked. Her hobbled ankles didn’t have the range of motion I desired, so she tripped landing hard on the concrete floor. I grabbed her around the upper arm.
“We’re gonna’ roll you ont’ah your knees, then rock back ‘till you get your feet underneath ya’. Ya?” she nodded and moments later, she was back on her feet. I could hardly wait ‘till she would be back on her knees. Bending over, I placed my right arm behind her thigh, underneath her amazing, mesmerizing ass, and leaned my shoulder against her waist. I carried her around the corner and placed her on her feet. I released her wrists from behind her back and walked her backwards to a weight bench with some modifications. Her wrists ere quickly restrained under the bench. Her ankles likewise were restrained underneath the bench. I admired her, bound and helpless as she was. I removed the gag and kissed her. Not gently, no affection or warmth, just a cold hunger. My tongue darted into her mouth and I savored the taste of her hatred and fear. I broke the kiss and reapplied the gag. I wanted her to see the next part so I removed her blindfold gently. I didn’t care if it hurt, but I wanted her hair to be as untouched as possible. I enjoyed the pain and fear in her eyes. I smiled as I produced a large knife. Her eyes widened in fear, causing me to smile wider. Slowly, methodically, I began to cut the arms of her green T-shirt; she begged and pleaded into her gag, which only made me hard. When I had divested her I was surprised at the black lacy bra.
“Hmmm, the pastor’s wife’s a little slut,” I commented aloud. She shook her head vehemently.
“We’ll see about that,” I said with an even bigger smile. I cut away her jeans after undoing her leather belt and tossing it over my shoulder. Sure enough, she had matching panties. I cut her panties and bra away. The beautiful captive Lyncey lay in front of me in all her naked glory.

Chapter 2

I smiled down at my beautiful, naked captive. Her beautiful green eyes stared up at me. I went over to where her discarded belt lay and, after looking down at it for a few moments, picked it up then turned to face her. I watched as the confusion on her face turned to fear. She knew what I was planning on doing to her. I swung it down catching her toned stomach. She grunted in pain, into her gag. I moved over and, again, removed her gag.
“I’m gonna’ whip you. You’re gonna’ count every stroke. If ya’ miss one, or loose track we start over at ‘one’ again. Gottit?” I asked. She nodded. Good girl. I swung as hard as I could, catching her on her inner thigh.
“One,” she grunted. I swung again, this time, connecting with her upper thigh. “Two,” she said. As I wound up, a sadistic thought hit me. As I swung I stepped into it and turned. The belt flicked as it struck her left nipple. “Three” she nearly screamed. I smiled and wound up, aiming and striking, her right nipple. “Four,” she screamed.

With one last swing, I struck Lyncey’s right nipple.
“A hundred ‘n one,” she screamed between sobs. I tossed the belt away again, glaring down at the beautiful, naked, woman, whose chest, stomach and thighs were a mass of angry red welts. I slowly, gently, starting at Lyncey’s knee, my fingertips barely touching, ran my fingertips up her thigh, making goosebumps appear. With my left, I undid my own belt and my pants dropped. I swung my right leg over the bench, my knees almost touching her shoulders, my 7” manhood almost touching the tip of her pretty nose.
“You know what I want,” I said slapping her face with my cock. Defiance shone in her tear-stained, green eyes. I shrugged, and reaching behind me, I grasped a tender nipple, and squeezed and gave it a yank. She screamed in pain and I slid my cock into her mouth.
“I feel a single tooth and I’ll remove all of ‘em, one by one. Y’understand?” I said through gritted teeth. Sighing, she nodded. “You know what to do.” She started flicking the head with her tongue a few times, before kissing it. She suddenly, leaned forward and took all of me in her mouth and I felt my cock bump the back of her throat, surprising me. She began sucking and running her tongue up and down my shaft. Within minutes, I could feel myself starting to stir. I pulled out, then savagely rammed it back in, causing her to choke and sputter. Over the next half-hour, I played this game a few times. Her tongue and beauty conspired to force me to have to pull out more than I would have liked. Eventually after the 5th time, I knew the next time; I would fill Lyncey’s belly with my spunk. I grabbed myself with my right hand, and rammed it forward in Lyncey’s mouth. It didn’t take long, before I felt myself ready to climax. I grunted, as Lyncey screamed. I felt my spunk, explode into Lyncey’s warm, inviting mouth. I pulled out and slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth. I grabbed her nose; she struggled, and eventually swallowed my spunk. I didn’t let go of her nose and she began struggling to breathe. A moment later I let go, tearing the tape off at the same time. She lay there, gasping for air. I pulled up my pants, but I didn’t do them up. I climbed up back so Lyncey’s shoulders were again between my knees. I gave her a stinging slap across her face, admiring my handprint for a moment. I grabbed her face in my left hand in a vice like grip, pinching her jaw, forcing them to pop open. Grabbing my cock, aiming at her open mouth. A moment later, I let loose a stream of piss, which I’d been holding for a while. Although I was surprised at Lyncey’s strength, I was able to hold her face in place and got most into her mouth, which I, again, clamped closed until I was satisfied; she’d swallowed it. I jumped off the bench she was on, and looked down at her. She was a pathetic sight, her face and hair were soaked, and some had gone up her nose, gotten in her eyes, and dribbled down her chin. I picked up her torn panties and wiped her face. I smiled and retrieved a small box with the words ‘Toys” stenciled on the side. One of the toys was a 13” long 3” wide black plastic dildo. Returning to her, I attached a pair of vertical bars to her bench beside her wonderful childbearing hips. The bars had shackles at the top, which I used to fasten Lyncey’s ankles in, after I’d unchained them from where they were held. Finally, I blindfolded her again. I stepped up behind her and with a cruel smirk, I shoved the phallus in as hard as I could. She gasped in pain, causing me to smile. I pulled it out so only the crown was inside, forced it back in. I continued with my cruel sport for some time. It didn’t take long for a bit of blood to ooze out of her ruined rectum, past the dildo. After a while I pulled it out completely. There was some blood on the toy, as well as trace amounts of shit. The bottom of the dildo had a small screw that was the perfect size for a small hole in a wooden bar about five feet long. I assembled the toy, then set to work, changing Lyncey’s position.

Chapter 3

I was amazed at my ingenuity; my cruelty. Lyncey was lying on the cold, concrete, floor. Her hands were bound underneath her ass and were attached to a pole. Her lower body was flipped up and was attached to a post at the other end of a piece of rope. Her blindfolded face was peeking up from between her legs. She wore an ‘O’ ring between her teeth. I snatched up the rod and plunged it into her rectum. After ‘pistoning’ it into and out of her ass several times, I plunged it into her mouth.
“PZZZZZ NAAAAH!” was what came from her mouth.
“Like that bitch? That’s your ass you taste,” I said as I pulled it out of her mouth and plunged it back into her ass. After a few more plunges, I shoved it back into her mouth. And so it went for over an hour. I untied her and carried her, in my arms, to the bench. There was no resistance as I shackled her wrists and ankles under the bench and slapped a piece of duct tape over her pretty mouth. I wasn’t done yet though, by a long shot. I laid three long needles beside her head so she couldn’t see what I was doing, until I was doing it. The first, was brandished in front of her face
“Guess where this is gonna’ go?” Curiosity turned into horror as I slowly inserted it through her left nipple. When the second one appeared she was still screaming from the first one. Her scream reached a new pitch. A moment later, her right nipple also sported a big needle as well.
“Almost done honey, just one more!” I announced. Her screams were something to behold. As soon as the third one began its way through her clit, she passed out. I dumped a bucket of icy, cold, water on her face.
“Don’t go passin’ out on me jus’ yet,” I said slapping her on her cheek. I slid a vibe in her ass. She hissed in pain as her body weight shoved it even farther up her anus. I set up my MP 3 player, duct taping it to her ample rack, and with ear buds in her ears. Each song on this particular playlist was excessively aggressive, overly loud, remarkably explicit and extremely cruel. I made sure the light was on in her face when I left her. As I closed and locked the door behind me, I could hear Lyncey’s sobs and for a brief moment I wanted to burst in and end her misery and take her far away…almost. I smiled. Who was I kidding? I was enjoying her suffering, and it had only begun.

All of this had taken a little over two hours; I had almost six more hours before her husband would get home. Though she had given me a blowjob already, she had two other holes for me to explore. I decided to relax and let her fear and curiosity eat away at her. I knew, that, would be the worst thing, I could do. I was working at trying to keep her off balance anyway. I flopped down in the ‘office’ area. There was a news report about a missing woman in…
“SHIT!” I exclaimed.
As I made my way back to where my prisoner was, I began to thing logically about it. In a little over two hours, her mother would have called the police to report her daughter missing. I know someone could identify me, that bitch walking her dog as I had climbed into the van. I was fairly sure nobody had seen me knock Lyncey out. I quickly released her from the bench. She was blindfolded, gagged, and hog-tied, and loaded into the trunk of the car, I had left there so I didn’t draw attention by going shopping in my company van. I quickly doused the work van in kerosene and lit it. I walked over to the car and left the warehouse, the beautiful captive in my trunk.

Chapter 4

We arrived at the large farmhouse I owned outside of town. I had no animals and a trapdoor that locked from the outside. I helped Lyncey out of the trunk. She meekly clambered down the ladder. The ‘room’ was comfortable, but cool, as it wasn’t insulated. The bucket with the chain on it was obvious, and needed no explanation. Along the far side of the room was a soft bed.
“I’ll come back and check on you later sweetheart,” I said before leaving her in utter darkness.

The rest of the day was spent, cleaning and preparing for the nest stage. Thinking about Lyncey all day made my cock ache. I checked my watch. It was 4:30. Based on the time he had left for work, I assumed her husband was at work until 4:30 or 5:00. Presumably, his mother-in-law had called to tell him about Lyncey’s disappearance. Whatever the case, I wanted him to be home for the next stage of my plan. This was generally the humiliation stage. When everything was set, I got in my car and drove for about an hour, driving past his house. Sure enough, there were two police cars outside his house, and the car he had driven away in this morning, was in the driveway. I drove back to my farm. It was nearly 6:00. I went to the trapdoor.
“Honey, can you come here please?” I made sure there was nothing in my voice that could make her misunderstand and think it was a request. She came up the ladder. I took her to a chair, to which she was bound. The whole room was non-descript, covered with a white sheet; floor to ceiling, and windows were boarded up. I gave Lyncey a copy of the newspaper from a few towns over to throw the police off my scent. I took a few stills of her bound and gagged in all her naked glory. I imagined her husband seeing her naked would enrage him and debase her, knowing others would see her in her state of undress. I loaded them from the camera into the computer. I sent the e-mail from her account with the video and pictures as attachments. I also sent an encoded program that would alert me when he opened it and read it. Finally, I called and leaned back.
“Hello?” I heard after the third ring.
“Listen carefully. I’m only saying this once. I have your lovely wife. Before you ask for proof of life, check your e-mail,” I typed, pleased at the voice the computer used in its text program. The alert came up on the screen. He had just seen his beautiful wife, naked.
“What’d’ya want?”
“One million dollars. Cash.”
“I don’t have anywhere near that much…”
“Then I’m gonna flood the Internet with your wife’s death. I’m gonna’ send the video to your wife’s parents, your parents, everyone in your church, then the world. Imagine some guy in China getting his rocks off watching your submissive little cum-whore getting killed,” I said and severed the connection. Now, let me be very clear. I, in no way, was planning to kill her. No, I had other plans for her; plans that required her to be very much alive. I didn’t really want a red cent from them. This was all about them chasing their tails. I moved Lyncey over to the bed. Strapped down and spread-eagle, I took her, there and then. With a groan, I painted her pussy walls white. Ungagging her, I sat on her ample chest. I didn’t have to say a word; the little slut knew what was expected of her.

Just before dinner, I released her from the bed and let her usr the washroom. When she was finished, I took her across to the barn. I guided her to the central rafter of the barn. A length of rope hung from the crossbeam running perpendicular to the rafter. She thought I was going to hang her, I suppose because she collapsed to her knees and screamed in fear. I used the end of the rope to tie her ankles together. I bound her wrists in front of her and tied that rope to the rope just above her ankles. After blindfolded and gagged her, I picked up a rather long weather worn board. Lyncey was given another hard, blistering spanking. I tossed the board away and rammed my throbbing hard-on into Lyncey’s red and anus. I enjoyed my cock being between the ass cheeks that I had often dreamed and fantasized about. I came again…hard and nearly fell backwards. I cut her down and used her velvety tongue to dry myself. I took her back to the house and locked her in the cell. I was spent so I grabbed a beer and went to bed. I slept soundly, with a smile on my face. The next phase was going to be better.

Over the next two months, I carefully monitored Lyncey’s diet and what information she got, when and how often I allowed her to sleep, and what her time was occupied with when I wasn’t using her holes, or as a human toilet or cum receptacle. On the three-month anniversary of her being my guest, I told her I had a surprise for her.
“What kind of surprise?” she asked.
“Well, if I told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it?” I said with a laugh. She smiled a little bit.
“Yeah, I guess,” she said with a sigh. I gave her something to wear. She was utterly stunning! The dress had a plunging neckline showing a little cleavage but not too much. After a belt around the hips, it continued down, ending, about half a foot below her pussy. The purple thong I gave her to wear was just barely visible when she sat down. While she ate her breakfast, I made a phone call. I cleaned the kitchen, and grabbed my keys. I helped her up into the passenger seat of the cab. We headed back into town. I pulled into the parking lot of “Logan’s Park”. As we exited the truck, a clap of thunder followed a flash of lightning. We walked past the treeline and into the dense forest. It was a natural forest protected by a fence. Near the entrance, was a sign warning that the forest was natural, so it wasn’t patrolled. ‘Enter at your own Risk!’ it warned. Lyncey and I headed down by the lake. By the time we made it to the spot I wanted, near the boardwalk over the river, the rain was heavy. The canopy mostly covered us so we stayed surprisingly dry. Over the rain, we heard footsteps on the boardwalk. Lyncey gasped and took a step over so she was behind me, placing my body between her…and her husband!
“Lyncey? Sweetheart? What’s going on?” he looked at me, a mixture of anger and confusion, “Who are you? Let my wife go, now!” he snapped.
“Of course, by all means.” I stepped aside so she was no longer behind me and now beside me. I gently placed my left hand on the small of her back.
“There’s your husband,” I said giving her a tiny nudge. He started coming toward her. Lyncey turned and looked back at me then back and forth between him and me a few times…


I woke with a start, without any idea what had awakened me. The dream I was in the midst of, still relatively fresh in my head. I padded into the kitchen to get a glass of water. My eye caught the microwave time. It was 4:32. I leaned on the counter, drinking half of it in three gulps. I carried it up to my room, placing the rest of it on my end table. I sat down, turning my back on the window. I leaned in and kissed the lips of the gorgeous woman lying next to me.
“Good night beautiful one,” I said softly. She stirred but slumbered on. I gently, ever so gently, pulled the covers back. Lifting the hem of the T-shirt she wore to bed, I kissed her belly.
“Good night little one,” I said. I rubbed her belly gently imagining my daughter could feel it through her mother’s skin even though her mother wasn’t even showing yet. I slipped under the covers.
“Couldn’ sleep?’ I heard.
“Nah’ just needed some water. You know nothing could keep me away from you for too long.” I said softly into her ear. She laughed as my breath tickled her ear. I slid my left arm under her neck, around her shoulders and pulled her in and kissed her on her forehead. She wrapped her arms around my waist and melted into the kiss. Her beautiful face was the last thing I saw before closing my eyes as we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was succesful in taking Lyncey!

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